(3.2) [Lighty] Bladefall Totem's - Better Every League Since 2.1

Completed 9 ChallengesAze_Aze wrote:
Hi guys, I made it more tanky over the last few days.

6.1k HP + 900 ES. From 90 to 91 only one death due to me doing something wrong rather than survivability.

Been leveling 5 blade falls in my offhand and one of them went 21level. It is huge improvement.
Really worth it, 3-4k raw dps extra from that 1 level.

Still got to exchange two jewels for %life and %dps but they are too dear atm.

Hey could you post your Passive Tree?

I am interested how you managed to get so much dps and a the same time a big health pool.
Completed 25 ChallengesPooDamage wrote:
I'm using a 4 link helm Rimes and was think of going Kaom's chest as I want to be tanky. Currentlying have a lightning coil but not really liking it. Would Kaom's be the best option?

I'm also looking to making this change. Also I replaced faster attacks with added chaos damage support (in the helm setup), and so far it's pretty great. Not sure if that's the best move, but I'm enjoying it. I'm also getting used to having 3 totes now, so that also may be tough to give up. Granted, kaoms will give us a big dps boost AND life.
Scratch that, you still have 3 totems :) I just equipped the Kaom's and it's pretty awesome. Up to 5.9k life, and 12.3k dps per tote, with 937-1405 chaos dmg. Super smooth on T10 maps so far.


These are my equips and my skill tree.

My damage is very good, but my survavibility is horrible at Tier 7.

What Should I change to improve it? I'm trying to save to go low life, and may or may not be relevant i have a heretic veil on the storage, to use when I go low life.
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hi guys i made my build more tanky and play with enduring cry.
im lvl 91 at the moment with 5,4k life 500 shield and 44k totem dps without buffs.
now i want do switch to the life crit build get 2 void batterys use frenzy greater multiple projectiles crit chance and powercharge on crit as generator and use a volls devotion amulet to generate endurance charges that i can stay more tanky. what you guys think?
here is my gear at the moment good enchants missing:
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How is this "CHEAP" if you need 6L ?
Thanks for the guide, I've been having fun with it and I'm almost 70 now.

* I've been using a golem while leveling, no mention seems to be given to them anywhere in this thread, am I missing something or do they just die too much end game to be mentioned? (my highest character is a witch with all the minion nodes, so typically my elementals survived a lot better than they do now).

* I'm still using a tabula rasa at the moment, and I'm not sure if now is the best time to transition, it's getting hard to grab important stats while compensating for lack of resists, armour and health.

* Are there any unique items that work well for this build? I've only just started playing again and I'm not familiar with that many.

* I'm not sure what to have as the 4th gem with cast when damage taken. warcrys don't work (although still shown in the guide?) Molten shell seems too weak past a certain level, as you're not going to be able to level the gem past 10-12 depending on if you keep CWDT at level 1. Arctic Armour? Vaal Grace? Phase Run? I've seen some using a curse, but I've already gone with double curse on ball lightning. I could just try them all out, but typically other people have already done that, so I'd love some feedback from recent testing.

Any advice appreciated.
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Just curious

why didn't you pick up shaman dominion and the crit bonuses around it?

Just curious

why didn't you pick up shaman dominion and the crit bonuses around it?

If you check out the crit build he does take them, but in a non crit version with controlled destruction they aren't worth the points.
do offerings apply to totems?

for instance, can i use flesh offering and give my totems increase cast speed??

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