[2.4] Bucket Down CoC LL Elementalist (CoC still alive)

I am also still waiting on the tree update, picked up ascendancy and wondering if the full ES stun immunity would change anything because it looks like it's saving a lot of passive points not having to go down to Unwavering.

So confused~~~
The real hardcore PoE players and the elites sit in town and zoning in and out of their hideouts trading items. Noobs that don't know how to play PoE correctly, kill monsters for items. It's pure fact, it will never change.

Welcome to PoE.
Updated to 2.2.

- Attack and Spell DPS Calculator (view-thread/977942)
- IIQ/IIR balance guide (view-thread/725812)
Updated with a T15 Conservatory video. Not the best quality, but still decent.
- Attack and Spell DPS Calculator (view-thread/977942)
- IIQ/IIR balance guide (view-thread/725812)
Nice guide, made me change from shatterchuck to this.

However, if I may suggest 6L from chest should be Barrage - CoC - EK - Bladefall - Increased Critical Strike - Empower/Increased Critical Damage (Empower worked out better for me)

Skyforth is probably an upgrade, but will need to solve the resists with Rings I guess. Saving for Skyforth = )

Total Jewels: 6

Jewels other than the 2 Volley Fire, I went with: 3 or 4 of the (Spell Dmg/ Spell dmg While Shield/ Attack Speed/ Attack Speed with Wand/ Physical Damage)

From 4 Jewels alone I got 35% increased attack speed and 107% Spell Dmg

Barrage Aps : 3.01 & 77.7% Crit (self buffed in Hideout)
With Frenzy Charge + flask APS = 3.5 & 95%Crit

Lightning Golem Attack Speed > Ice Golem Accuracy + Crit Chance with my setup I believe.

Self Buffed in Hideout:
EK = 29k
Bladefall = 19k

In fights, w charges/flasks

EK goes up to 50k (avg 40k+ w no flask)
Bladefall up to 33k (avg 29k w no flask)

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Try out removing 2 spells glacial cascade/arc

(I guess arc is pretty good, 20% shock for 50% inc dmg)

But with Hatred and your wand same as mine. We have no issue leeching cold dmg.

and with Physical dmg pretty high, our belt is BiS as well. triple resists, phy dmg, n leech.

Empower/Inc Critical Strike/Inc Critical Dmg/Arc

2 of this 4 should be best after Barrage CoC EK Bladefall

Inc Critical Strike + arc might be good = )

4G 1B 1R is hell. 4G 2B also hell.

However as an estimate. In Hideout, 1 level of bladefall increase avg dmg by 1.5k, 17.5k - 19k (lvl 19 to 20) still waiting to get a lvl 21 Bladefall.

Empower lvl 4 = +3 lvl. So you will have lvl 24 EK + Bladefall.

Just my 2 cents.
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Hi Neyeah.

Thanks a lot for your comments. Was nice to read your post cos I've been testing a lot of things this past week.

After so much changes in both a level 95 Scion and a level 95 Witch, spending hundreds and hundreds of regrets and swapping gems like a folk, I left my Scion with this tree.

Ascendancy classes: Berserker + Assassin. Planning to recover the double curse at level 98. Removed Haste from the aura setup.

Gear is the same as the OP plus the addition of your wand:


10100 ES

2,73 APS. 95% crit. chance. 93% Accuracy.

40038 EK AVG dmg. 82,18% crit. chance.
28833 Bladefall AVG dmg. 68.64% crit. chance.
12066 Arc AVG dmg. 68.64% crit. chance.
14853 Glacial Cascade AVG dmg. 68.64% crit. chance.

Calculations made, DPS per target should be around 1,8M without taking into account the shock from Arc and the overlap from BF and GC.

All damages with 6 power charges, Atziri flask and Ice Golem (will test with Lightning Golem).

About APS, 3 APS is a good value due to the CoC cooldown and the way Barrage distributes the "launch time".

Still playing with four spells instead of two buffed spells. The reason: Damage reflection.

With my current setup was near death many times playing alone. "Near" became "insta" playing in party, even with 1,7% phys leech + 0,2% cold leech. The EK damage is incredible and I need to be far from phys reflection mobs to hit them with just the other 3 spells if I want to avoid bad stuff.

Playing with 4 spells gives me the same protection as the Chain gem for a ranger. Still great damage output but distributed in more different hits so life leech can work in a more effective way.

For bosses may be a bit (but only a bit) better two full buffed spells. If you want max damage output, test the Controlled Destruction gem. More than 60k EK with Empower/Increased critical strikes. I just leveled up so I'll give another chance to the destruction. Even self-destruction.
- Attack and Spell DPS Calculator (view-thread/977942)
- IIQ/IIR balance guide (view-thread/725812)
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Yup ! i just wanted to share.

ALmost everything remaine the same.

I swaped to Barrage - COC - EK - Bladefall - INCstrike - Controlled Destruction !! way more.

Fully buffed 60k EK, 39.6k Bladefall.

10.3k ES

Scion will be lovely with the Leech indeed.
I tried Arc, dmg dropped. but not as if we are lacking dmg. (without considering shock dmg) but slower start (due to loss of ICS)

I just avoid reflect maps. Rarely meet reflect mobs pack somehow. HAHA !....

What I don't get is... If you remove 2 SPells Support such as ICS/CD.. You do lose substantial Physical damage but + some from Glacial cascade to maybe not die in 1 shot/pack depending on pack size? I guess. But with our 2 fire/ice aura that adds so much From physical to Elemental, + Arc + Glacial Cascade Total elemental dmg, Do you not die to Elemental Reflect ? (or do you lose enough damage from losing aura effectiveness from nodes to not push it to death ?)

As for right now, physical reflect is a no go for sure, Elemental reflect is no go as well even just from converting physical - fire/ice Auras.

But I feel Increased Critical Strikes is really good... Because it adds to Barrage itself.

Standing in HO at 3.04aps & 77+% crit.. makes it so much easier and faster to proc first COC after power charges drops n etc.

even boss fights where we start with 0 charges n etc. ICS gets the CoC going much faster I feel.

3 frenzy charges from curse, while mapping gets me to 3.52 ASPD w Onslaught Flasks. Very high uptime with all Flask in fact. Flask nodes 3 of em near witch is definitely a go to for by lvl 100.

btw warlord's mark's endurance charges + inc duration immortal call, you still 1 shot urself to phy reflect ?

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I think I found the most balanced way with this tree:


Running again Haste and double curse. Just removed Glacial Cascade, current 6L is:

Barrage + CoCS + EK + Bladefall + Arc + ICS

43k DPS EK fully self-buffed and way over 3 APS. Attacks and all spells crit capped. Mob reflection is a problem just if I tank a single reflection with my 3 spells and no other mobs near to leech.

Tested Lightning Strike CoC with dagger, Templar Sparker, Ranger Kinetic Blast... fun and destructive builds too, but nothing as funny and crusher as this CoC.

Happy playing with this char. Thanks again for your tips and comments, Neyeah.
- Attack and Spell DPS Calculator (view-thread/977942)
- IIQ/IIR balance guide (view-thread/725812)
what about void battery or 2x for sofrcore ?

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