[2.3.0] Bauer's "Son of Kaom" Oro's Sacrifice and Infernal Blow build (SC, endgame & Atziri viable)

Ill start the build. It looks awesome and i am looking for some tanky setup after my poor-survivality witch. I have Ice Nova Witch after me. I am a little experienced, that's why i have question - isn't it better to have increased AoE instead of faster attack on sword? I believe single mobs around the map are pain in the ass and AoE would kill them. I believe faster attack is important to kill bosses but we can use diffrent skill for that purpouse.

I am asking becouse i saw some films on youtube and all the time maruders killed only strict group mobs, rarely IB goes further and kills all the monitor. Is it possible to spend some DPS to have more area damage and what's the most important, can IB kill monsters outside the monitor screen? Is it possible to get a chain kill to any after-monitor area? I had such big Ice Nova, that it killed mobs out of the screen ind it was fabulous - 60k DPS with 85% crit :)
Last question was stupid. AoE is veeery good.

However can someone explain me how is that possible i am dying with:
1. 75% all resistatnces.
2. 19k armour.
3. 75% damage reducion.
4. Lvl 75.
5. 4.2k life.

How is that possible i am dying in magic middle maps tier 6-10. Hey guys, something is wrong here.
Do you have life leech? My Duelist version is level 92 and has less phys damage reduction than you. Or be more careful.
Yep. I have 5% life leech. + additional life gain from Anger skill. Anger + life gain on hit. When i leap slam i start fortify skill so i have about 80% damage reducion as well :)

I have've done my poe play. I made 90lvl ice nova witch and 90lvl maruder and booth characters suck. I cant do high corrupted maps, uber lab and artziri so i gave up :(
Care to explain how this works since infernal blow converts physical damage and oro's doesn't have physical damage?

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