Talisman and Poison Questions and Answers

This is fantastic, really clarifies several things about the Talismans.
BoXXoR wrote:
This is just the worst league ever.

You definitely seem to be in the minority with your thinking here based upon all of the positive posts I've read elsewhere, but then again, GGG, knows that they can't please everyone. So why even try?
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Love the fast responses, really glad GGG isn't afraid to admit when there is a mistake and they often explain their thinking in the process. Hardly any games have this level of transparency and community attentive devs imo.

Of course it's arguable but if you played WoD you'll see how a gigantic company with 1000x the resources hardly ever corrects anything until sub numbers plummet to near Vanilla level. Yet here we have GGG with a hell of a lot less manpower that just finished working on an entire league, additional pack items (began to correct initial packs within the hour of announcement), & even working on Ascendancy, and they're still attentive and quick to act. Wish some of the more negative community members would put away the hatchet and give praise when it's deserved.
Good to know. I was wondering if MF char would have an insane advantage given the extremely limited rare talismans drops I was seeing.
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Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
worst league and talismans are useless as fuck,even more then divination cards

not yay
Thanks for explaning some of the mechanics and implementation of Ctrl click to the stone circles :D
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Thank you, Bex. Excellent clarification. This is above and beyond, really.
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Why Morten Morsu apply poison on hit to physical/chaos spells on off hand and dont work on main hand? :(
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I have one more crucial question about poison:
Can stack applies multiple times at once ? For instance using Viper strike + adder's touch from tree + poison support gem ? That should result in 2-3 stack per hit depending on proc of adder's touch.
You can add Snakebite to those.

I didn't really like the Talismans yet, but who knows, maybe at higher levels it will get better.
And yes, everyone is loving some of the new skills and the balance changes, not necessarily the league itself

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