Rapid Decay

Here's some weird Interaction with things like Firestorm. Like obviously Firestorm is a Duration-Based Skill that can Ignite, and Ignite scales off Damage over Time amplifications. However when I link a quality Rapid decay to my Firestorm, only the increased dmg over time (from quality) shows up on the skill, and while the duration of the firestorm decreases the more dmg over time amplifier does not show up anywhere.

Now is this working as intended? I mean I am sacrificing firestorm duration so I would guess I should get the more amplification? Maybe I do get it and it just doesn't show up? Needing clarification on this Interaction from GGG's side as it's very counter-intuitive.
ya honestly im still unsure what i can use rapid decay with. for instance, i want to raise my burning damage with this support. i have 3 scenarios, which ones does this support work with?

1. Burning arrow. burning arrow is not a duration based skill, but it specifically works towards ignites and its quality is even ignite duration. however because it isn't tagged "duration" i assume rapid decay won't have any benefit with linking to this skill, correct??

2. Ice Shot. what if i use ice shot and pyre ring, or ice shot and three dragons. ice shot IS a duration skill (duration just referring to the duration of ground ice laid down by 2ndary effect). converting its damage or making my cold damage able to ignite...does rapid decay augment that damage?

3. explosive arrow. same thing. it is a duration based skill and it can ignite, so i assume rapid decay can and does work with explosive arrow, yes?
Gem tags and the ability to apply Damage over Time are both irrelevant. The only factor to look for is a modifiable Skill Duration.
1. No, unless you link Ranged Attack Totem, Trap or Mine.
2. Yes.
3. Yes.

Also worth noting: Ignite doesn't scale with Skill Duration.

@SageArts: it works, it just doesn't show up.
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Fire Storm + Rapid Decay, still have this question..
When linked it's:
- Shows a mousover link
- Shows additional colored letter on a skill
- Shows recalculated reduced duration
- Doesn't show any changes in dmg.

Is it a bug?
Or it's just half working(as intended) gem?
Or maybe description bug?
It's not bugged, it's working as intended, and it's not a broken description.

Firestorm deals Spell Damage, meaning a flat amount of Damage per Hit.
Rapid Decay grants x% More Damage over Time, which naturally does not apply to Hit Damage.
When your Firestorm deals Damage over Time, normally Ignite but potentially Poison, that Damage over Time is increased by Rapid Decay.
So, first off, the Swift Affliction Support Feedback page doesn't exist. It got renamed to that, but this hasn't been switched over.

And second, I feel like this support needs reworked, or DoT does. This support reduces duration of damage over time to gain some damage. The damage is fairly decent, but the duration decrease kills a fair bit of damage from DoTs that aren't re-inflicted, especially in the case of stacking ailments like Crimson Dance Bleed and all Poison. It's only ever worth it in extreme cases, most of the time abusing the duration tag on Arcane Surge to gain the damage from Swift Affliction while suffering no important duration losses (on continuous DoTs like Righteous Fire and Death Aura).

I feel like increased duration should NOT be increasing damage of DoTs so that Reducing duration likewise doesn't effect damage. It would also be wise to knock off weird fringe uses of Arcane Surge just to gain duration-based supports on non-duration skills. I feel like there's some spaghetti logic involved in the whole process, but something's gotta give. If DoT still needs help after duration stops improving skill damage, tag on some Damage over Time boosts to the Duration clusters, like on the Entropy Notable.

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