Rapid Decay

sharkh20 wrote:
So I guess this doesn't work alongside the new poison support gem. Can't seem to use it on a skill that doesn't typically apply damage over time supported by Poison.

Wait what? That's really dissapointing..

Im doing all i can to create a fun physical/poison archer, but i keep running into ideas that don't work..

no luck for herald of ash either then i suppose.

(edit: dont really worry about my fun though, im still having enough of that figuring things out, at least rapid decay works for puncture for instance. Expectations though..)
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Rapid decay why you no work with Herald of Ash?

Because Herald of Ash is not a Duration-based Skill.
hmm so it doesn't work with Poison gem? even though Poison itself is 'duration' damage?

does it work with Puncture too?

I have an idea to put it on Knotted Horror's Puncture - Poison - Rapid Decay - Minion Damage, will it work or not?
Vipermagi wrote:
Because Herald of Ash is not a Duration-based Skill.

I guess you're right, the burning damage is just the same as the burning status ailment. Still, sad :)
i was also hoping this would benefit herald of ash, but ya the gem just says it raises the DoT damage of only duration skills.

its a little deceiving at first glance however when it raises DoT damage, you figure it should raise all DoT damage and not just those with a "duration" tag
Will the damage bonus, apply to the bleed caused by Earthquake in Atziri's Disfavour?
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Wait, you sure it works with all duration skills? So does it means Rapid will work with Explosive Arrow? At least ignite part from that EA?

Or i missed something?
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I find it hard to figure out what active gems this works with.

Does it work with any skill that is linked to poison?
- Lacerate + poison + rapid decay only shows 1 support active on the skill.
- EQ with poison and rapid decay shows 2, but that seems to be for the duration part only (duration of EQ goes down).

Does it work with Disfavour and the bleed that it applies? I am pretty sure no, otherwise it would show up in "Offence" (?)
Still sane exile?
cause lacerate doesn't have the duration tag liek earthquake. aka another reason EQ is the best melee skill by a masive factor. They really should have put the attack tab on rapid decay they way you can use it with skills like lacerate. really dissapointed when i realized this

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