[3.1] Highwind's LOOTFILTER

This loot filter is large and comprehensive, but it's organized well enough to be modified. It was written from scratch with some inspiration from some popular filters. If you like the filter or find bugs I would appreciate the feedback.

DOWNLOAD v3.1.16: http://pastebin.com/k5q2b570
MAPPING FILTER: https://pastebin.com/tLDx72Jr
STRICT FILTER (Groups): http://pastebin.com/7Cs2bQ8k
VERY STRICT FILTER: https://pastebin.com/gCZvWtUg

HOW TO INSTALL: Instructional Guide

You can test out the latest filters from your web browser using FilterBlast. Select the filter categories from the top menu. Hover over items to see their details and click on them to hear their drop sounds. Use the ALT button on the top right to toggle hidden items.

Old Screenshots
The screenshots are slightly oudated. Check FilterBlast for changes.

Filter Details
▻ Hides worthless items based on zone level and rarity.
▻ Increases the font size for items you want to pick up.
▻ Distinguishes sub-categories of items for vendor recipes or items of higher value.
▻ Generates loud sounds for valuable items.

Mapping Filter
The mapping filter is almost the same as normal filter. The difference is that it hides wisdom scrolls, low essences, and non-quality gems sold in town. Wisdom scrolls are not worth picking up because you can get them more efficiently selling transmutations, whetstones, and armourer's scraps to NPCs.

Normal Shows all currency except low value scraps. Plays a sound for currency worth 0.25c+.
Strict Hides currency worth <0.03c. These include scrolls, transmutations, augmentations, whetstones, and armour scraps. Plays a sound for currency worth 0.4c+.
Very Strict Hides currency worth <0.1c. This includes chromatic orbs and alterations. Plays a sound for currency worth 0.4c+.

Normal Shows all useful rares. This includes DropLevel 50+ weapons/shields/body armour and 40+ gloves/boots/helmets while mapping.
Strict Hides most rares while mapping. Rare accessories are shown for chaos/regal recipes. Ilvl 83+ rares are also shown.
Very Strict Hides all rares in maps except very valuable ones like Steel Rings.

Normal Sound removed from T1-7 maps progressively.
Strict Sound removed from T1-8 maps progressively.
Very Strict Sound removed from T1-8 maps progressively. Hides T1-5 maps progressively.

Normal Shows all uniques. Plays a sounds for all of them.
Strict Shows all uniques. Plays a sound for any potentially worth 1c+.
Very Strict Hides uniques worth <1c. This is never guaranteed to be accurate so use at your own risk. Potential valuable league-specific uniques are usually shown but many do not make sounds.

Divination Cards
Normal Hides worthless divination cards. Plays a sound for valuable cards.
Strict Hides common divination cards that are worth <0.25c. Plays a sound for shown cards.
Very Strict Hides common divination cards that are worth <0.25c. Plays a sound for cards worth 1c+.

Normal Shows all gems. Plays a sound for 10%+ quality gems.
Strict Hides worthless <5% quality gems and and worthless Drop-Only gems. Plays a sound for 10%+ quality gems.
Very Strict Hides worthless <10% quality gems and a few more Drop-Only gems such as Added Chaos Damage. Plays a sound for 17%+ quality gems.

Normal Hides magic jewels in T6+ maps. Plays a sound for rare jewels in T1-5 maps.
Strict Hides magic jewels in maps. Hides rare jewels in T6+ maps. Plays a sound for shown rare jewels.
Very Strict Hides magic and rare jewels in maps. Plays a sound for shown rare jewels.

5 Links, Chromatic RGB items, Chisel items, and Flasks also vary slightly.
Optional Filters
Many features can be enabled with FilterBlast or by uncommenting code. See the image below for how to enable Shaper's Voice for currency drops. You can also highlight rares by item class, which should help solo self-found players. Other optional features include magic jewels, chance bases, and vendor recipe items (chromatic orbs, chisels, and glassblower's baubles).

Custom Colors
You can customize the colors by modifying the color theme in FilterBlast, testing it by hitting refresh, saving the result as a new filter, loading it into Filtration and then creating a master theme. It's possible to edit themes using Filtration but it's MUCH harder to do.

Default: https://pastebin.com/TSFSZdry
Neversink: https://pastebin.com/KTk1iiBJ
Greengroove: https://pastebin.com/ettTnViS

All themes can be viewed and installed using FilterBlast or Filtration. If you want to share a color theme then I will consider hosting it for you and updating it over time.
Loot Filter -- https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1490867
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Last bumped on Jan 6, 2018 4:14:07 PM

▻ Change the highest ilvl body armor to 86 (life/es) instead of 84 (resists).
▻ Add rare Stygian Belts to the Strict filter once the league is over

▻ Added uniques: Carnal Armour (Shroud of the Lightless). Sorry I didn't do this earlier.
▻ Removed duplicate uniques: Vaal Sceptre, Arcanist Slippers
▻ Reorganized uniques by price to make parsing easier.

▻ Splinter of Esh/Tul are now hidden in the Very Strict filter.
▻ Increased the size of Chayula splinters.
▻ Modified uniques: Nubuck Gloves, Sadist Garb, Elegant Sword

▻ Modified unique value: Necromancer Silks
▻ Yellow maps in the Very Strict filter are no longer hidden.
▻ Removed Utility flasks from the Strict/Very Strict filters in maps.
▻ Added a blue border back to 70+ drop level 84+ ilvl mid-value items (Fingerless Silk Gloves, etc).
▻ Fixed some typos and minor copy-paste errors.

▻ Added Rebirth divination card.
▻ Maps are no longer hidden in the Strict filter.

▻ Removed the blue border from DropLevel 70+ low value items (Spiked Gloves, etc). I'm debating moving Crystal Belts here.
▻ Reduced the border brightness of Jewels, Belts, Rings, and Amulets.
▻ Increased the size of low currency in the Normal filter (not Mapping).
▻ Fixed the blue border for 3-link wands/sceptres. Reduced the highlight range to ilvl 7.
▻ Maps in the Strict filter are hidden even later. T8 maps are no longer hidden in the Very Strict filter.
▻ Removed the background color for <84 Stygian Vises and reduced their size.
▻ Removed ilvl 60-83 Stygian Vises from the Strict filter.
▻ Removed the sound from rare jewels and Abyss jewels in yellow maps and above.
▻ Removed rare jewels and Abyss Jewels from the Very Strict filter in all maps.
▻ Removed rare jewels (not Abyss) from the Strict filter in yellow tier maps and above.

▻ Maps are now hidden 2 tiers later in the Strict filter.
▻ Updated uniques: Carved Wand, Sadist Garb, Assassin Bow, Eternal Sword, Void Sceptre
▻ Added uniques: Demon Dagger, Ranger Bow

▻ Increased the size of some Shaper/Elder rares.
▻ Added more color customization to Shaper/Elder rares.

▻ Added purple coloring to Shaper/Elder rares.
▻ Added all Shaper/Elder items to the filters. Higher tier items are larger with a border. The Very Strict filter hides some ilvl <75.
▻ Removed <83 Harbinger Bows from the Strict and Very Strict filters.

▻ Updated Divination Cards: The Dragon, The Throne, Coveted Possession, The One With All.
▻ Added uniques: Carved Wand, Nightmare Mace, Nubuck Gloves, Sadist Garb, Mirrored Spiked Shield
▻ Updated uniques: Great Crown, Serpentscale Gauntlets, Pinnacle Tower Shield, Necromancer Silks, Rawhide Tower Shield, Close Helmet, Steelscale Gauntlets
▻ Added Moon Temple unique map.
▻ Reduced the size of magic jewels in maps. Now they match the Abyss Jewels.
▻ Fixed white maps in the Strict filter.
▻ Added the Very Strict filter but it currently shows all uniques like the Strict filter. The wiki is broken so I can't fix this yet.
▻ Fixed Prismatic Jewel coloring.

▻ Fixed Shaped map colors. DropLevel on Shaped maps acts differently than last patch. This is considered a bug by Neversink. FilterBlast currently shows incorrect coloring, but that may change in the future.

▻ Moved Elder/Shaper to a lower priority than highlighted rares.
▻ Removed the border from Elder/Shaper items. They already have +/* symbols so it's redundant.
▻ Changed the mapping filters. You should now see more maps. See "Filter Details" more information. The new map tab and Shaper/Elder randomization makes low tier maps worth picking up.

▻ Removed Stygian Vise from 70+ drop level bases. This was useless code.
▻ Added sceptres to the 3 link wands. Reduced the shown level range from 13 to 11.
▻ Reduced the size of magic jewels and magic Abyss jewels in maps. Abyss jewels are now treated like normal Jewels and hidden in higher maps.

▻ Increased level range for 3 link wands from 9 to 13. I never saw one.
▻ Reduced level range for normal items from 13 to 10.
▻ Removed the background color for Abyss Jewels again. I may give them a very subtle background color in the future.
▻ Removed magic Abyss Jewels from 73+ (yellow) maps in the mapping filter.
▻ Added Whispering/Muttering essences to the normal filter.

▻ Fixed an error with Abyss Jewel(s). The class doesn't end with an s.
▻ Removed T8 maps from T11+ and T9 maps from T13+ in the Very Strict filter.

▻ Added a slight grey background to Abyss Jewels.
▻ Changed the Shaper/Elder rare border color slightly.
▻ Fixed a few bugs in Shaper/Elder rare colors (ilvl 75+).

▻ Abyss Jewels are shown the same as the normal jewels. If they are valuable enough then I will change this.
▻ Added New Divination Cards: No Traces, The Realm, Left to Fate, The Ruthless Ceinture, The Blazing Fire, The Eye of the Dragon
▻ Updated 72+ section (Crystal Belts, etc) to 70+. This may result in some 71-72 drop level items being shown that are not supposed to be.
▻ Changed maps in the Very Strict filter to be the same as the Strict filter. There's too many changes to the atlas to know what to hide.
▻ Added Stygian Vise belt base type. I'm assuming this is drop level 70+ and valuable. If it isn't then it will be detected as a normal low value belt.
▻ Added a purple border to Elder/Shaper rares, but I may need to brighten it. These have a higher filter priority than other rares. I don't think I am going to highlight normal/magic Shaper/Elder items because it adds too much code.


▻ Reduced the level range for 3-4 link normal/magic items. The blue border ends at level 10 and are hidden after level 20.
▻ Reduced the level range for highlighted 3 link rare items. Weapons highlights now stop at 20 and armor stops at 25.
▻ Removed some low drop level 3-4 link normal/magic items below level 35.
▻ Added a blue border to 3 link wands below level 10. This is for the +1 gems recipe.
▻ Removed white weapons above level 13.

▻ Added chance bases: Null and Void, Seven-League Step, Feastbind, and Faminebind
▻ Removed Engineer's Shard from the mapping filter.
▻ Removed most low Harbinger currency from the Strict filter.
▻ Moved Chance Orbs down a tier.

▻ Reduced the value of Uniques: Assassin's Garb, Crystal Belt, Fiend Dagger, Vaal Regalia, Auric Mace, Broadhead Arrow Quiver, Eternal Sword, Fiend Dagger, War Sword

▻ Changed the 83+ rares range for gloves/boots/helmets slightly.
▻ Fixed some block switch names.

▻ Swapped the blue/green colors between chaos/regal recipes rares. This makes 75+ and 83+ rares stand out more.
▻ Removed 50-58 body armours from 75+ rares. There were far too many body armours shown compared to other rares.
▻ Fixed the color of 75+ hidden rare armour.

▻ Added Chaos/Regal recipe differentiation again. Chaos recipes are now blue.
▻ Changed 72/73+ highlights to 75+.
▻ Changed flask background color slightly.
▻ Added a highlighted rares section for top tier rare bases.
▻ Removed the default border from most 60-83 rares.
▻ Added a border to some top-tier valuable 83+ rare bases.
▻ Added sound to 6 Socket items in the Very Strict Filter.
▻ Removed the blue border from more leveling normal/magic 3-4 links.
▻ Reduced the size of low value 5 links.
▻ Removed low value 5 links from the Strict filters.

▻ Changed the unique map sound again. It's now the same as low value uniques which is less confusing in groups.
▻ Removed Engineer's Shards from the Strict filter.
▻ Added better differentiation between Harbinger currencies.
▻ Removed some useless code, renamed some block filters, and fixed comments.

▻ Removed the solid white background of 6 sockets.
▻ Removed the background and added a border to very low Harbinger currency.
▻ Moved Breach Blessings to their own filter.
▻ Added different sounds for high and low value unique maps. Most unique maps now have the same sound as normal maps.
▻ Changed the sound of unique jewels to the same as rare/magic jewels.
▻ Changed the sound of 1-2c uniques to mid value instead of high.
▻ Reduced the size some 83+ normal/magic crafting weapon bases.
▻ Slightly increased the brightness of nearly worthless currency.
▻ Updated color themes and some comments.

▻ Removed low value 5L items in the Very Strict filters.
▻ Removed sound from low value 5L items in the Strict filters.
▻ Removed rare jewels from T6+ maps in the Very Strict filter.
▻ Removed T6-7 maps while in red maps in the Very Strict filter.
▻ Removed sound from T1-5 maps in the Very Strict filter.
▻ Removed sound from T6-9 maps while in red maps in the Very Strict filter.
▻ Removed sound from T1-8 maps while in red maps in the Strict filter.
▻ Removed very low Harbinger currency in the Very Strict filter.
▻ Removed sound from low Map Fragments in the Strict and Very Strict filters.
▻ Added an error check for new Map Fragments.
▻ Fixed some inconsistencies between the filters.
▻ Updated the Neversink color theme a little.

▻ Reduced the background of low value 5L items.
▻ Reduced the background of 83+ rares slightly.
▻ Removed 84+ ES normal/magic crafting bases from the filters.
▻ Removed the blue border from low crafting bases. It was too hard to see anything when holding ALT in T15+ maps and the crafting bases are mostly useless.
▻ Increased the number of items highlighted for some armour classes.
▻ Moved some pre-filter code so it doesn't interfere with highlighted rares.
▻ Split the 84+ crafting base accessories up into their three classes.
▻ Fixed a typo with highlighted one hand maces.

▻ Changed the sound of Map Fragments again.
▻ Reorganized the uniques section in preparation for potential changes.
▻ Reduced the size of valuable rares (Titanium Spirit Shields, ES Bases, Astral Plates, etc).
▻ Removed <83 valuable rare bases from the Strict Filter.
▻ Reduced the border brightness of crafting bases and low level accessories.
▻ Removed 83+ normal/magic crafting bases from the Strict Filter.
▻ Increased the size of highlighted shields/quivers to match the other highlighted weapons.

▻ Changed the borders/backgrounds of 60/72/83+ rares slightly.
▻ Added a new sound for mid/low Map Fragments.
▻ Changed Divine Vessel to a mid tier fragment again.
▻ Added a new Mapping Filter. It is almost the same as the normal filter but removes non-quality purchasable gems, wisdom scrolls, and weeping essences.
▻ Removed <10% quality gems from the Very Strict filter.
▻ Removed sound from low yellow maps while in red maps.
▻ Added Spider Forest to the Very Strict Filter.
▻ Removed the sound from 6 sockets and <16% quality gems in the Very Strict Filter.
▻ Removed the dark background from some 83+ normal/magic items.
▻ Added more chance bases: Sapphire Flask, Glorious Plate, Deicide Mask, Ritual Sceptre, Siege Axe, Ebony Tower Shield, Raven Mask, Close Helmet, Moonstone Ring, Goathide Boots

▻ Reduced the size of very low Harbinger currency.
▻ Added Alchemy Shards to the strict filters.

▻ Reduced the size of low Harbinger currency.
▻ Increased Perandus Coins size in the normal filter.
▻ Reduced the size and border of worthless Divination Cards.
▻ Changed Piece uniques to be much easier to see.
▻ Added Harbinger uniques: Callous Mask, Arcanist Slippers
▻ Removed uniques: Sadist Garb (Tinkerskin)

▻ Changed map fragment tiers for Divine Vessel and Mortal Grief.
▻ Brightened 83+ weapons slightly to match highlighted 83+ weapons.
▻ Comment updates.

▻ Added background for 84+ shields/quivers.
▻ Added toggled highlights for shields.

▻ Increased the size of Divination Cards.
▻ Increased the brightness of Perandus Coins.
▻ Massive overhaul of the rares again. I am really considering adding differentiation between 60+ and 75+ recipes again. If I do then I will be changing 72/73+ highlights to 75+.
▻ Removed the default border from 83/84 rares.
▻ Added toggled border highlights for rares 60+, 72/73+, and 83/84+.
▻ Reduced the blue border brightness of 3-4L and low/mid crafting bases slightly.
▻ Fixed a potential issue with rares in the strict filters.
▻ Fixed a bug with optional highlighted 73+ bows and sceptres.

▻ Fixed an error in optional highlighted DEX and INT armour bases.

▻ Changed mid value DropLevel 72+ normal/magic items. (Spiked Gloves, Gripped Gloves, Fingerless Silk Gloves). Increased the size of ilvl 84+ items and decreased for the rest. Removed ilvl <84 items from the strict filters.

▻ Removed ilvl 6+ 1-2 Socket normal/magic items. Starting from Ledge you will see a lot less normal/magic items. This is to help with item spam, especially while doing prophecies at high level.
▻ Added magic RGB items while leveling to the normal filter.
▻ Added smaller normal RGB items to low level maps in the normal filter.
▻ Removed the white border from quality chisel recipe items.

▻ Added color themes to low/mid Harbinger currency.
▻ Added more Harbinger currency to the Strict filters and enlarged them.
▻ Changed the background color of low Harbinger currency.
▻ Enlarged chromatics/alterations in the strict filters, again.
▻ Added Divination Card: The Visionary
▻ Fixed a recent bug in the normal filter where whetstones were hidden.

▻ Fixed a bug in the Strict filters related to 72+ rares. This was an optional filter so the odds are nobody experienced the bug.

▻ Removed nearly worthless currency from the strict filter again (whetsones, transmutes). I ran Beachhead with a full party today and there was too much clutter.
▻ Removed most 83+ rares from the Very Strict Filter.
▻ Added <1c divination cards back into the Very Strict filter but removed sound.
▻ Changed value of divination cards: The Cataclysm, The Formless Sea, The King's Heart, The Lich
▻ Fixed a minor Divination Card bug: The Wolf vs The Wolf's Shadow

▻ Changed the border of 72+ armor and 73+ weapons to be toggled instead of always on. You can now enable it to highlight specific item classes that you're looking for. This should help solo self-found players a lot. I'm personally using this to search for one-handed axes. The feature has been implemented in the strict filters as well.
▻ Decreased the border brightness of 72+ rares, slightly.
▻ I am not adding positional sounds. The sound gets quieter when an item drops further away which is the exact opposite of what you want.
▻ Reduced the volume of most drops by 50% to compensate for the low Shaper Voice sounds. You may need to turn up the filter volume in the options menu.

▻ Removed the border from some 3-4 link normal/magic items.

▻ Changed uniques: Varnished Coat, Sorcerer Gloves
▻ Greatly reduced the background of most hidden normal/magic items.
▻ Added custom coloration for Harbinger Uniques and hidden normal/magic items.
▻ Fixed a small bug related to 6 socket uniques being colored incorrectly.

▻ Updated the uniques list to prevent the Very Strict filter from hiding valuable ones. I make no promises so use it at your own risk.
▻ Updated uniques: Abyssal Axe, Amethyst Ring, Auric Mace, Close Helmet, Despot Axe, Eternal Sword, Exquisite Leather, Great Mallet, Hubris Circlet, Imperial Claw, Legion Sword, Opal Wand, Tornado Wand, Vaal Hatchet, Vanguard Belt, War Sword
▻ Added uniques: Arcanist Slippers, Blunt Arrow Quiver, Corsair Sword, Crystal Belt, Cutthroat's Garb, Military Staff, Throat Stabber, Vaal Sceptre, Zealot Gloves
▻ Some of the uniques are highlighted as a lower price than their actual value.
▻ Removed leather belts from chance bases in normal filter.
▻ Removed Two-Toned Boots from the crafting bases.
▻ Adjusted league currency values.
New Values
Nearly Worthless
Binding Shard = 0.015c

< 0.1c
Engineer's Shard = 0.04c
Horizon Shard = 0.04c
Chaos Shard = 0.05c
Regal Shard = 0.05c

< 0.25c
Annulment Shard = 0.15c
Harbinger's Shard = 0.22c
Ancient Shard = 0.22c

< 0.5c
Orb of Binding = 0.33c

< 3c
Orb of Horizons = 0.75c
Engineer's Orb = 0.75c
Exalted Shard = 2.5c

Orb of Annulment = 3c
Ancient Orb = 4.5c
Harbinger's Orb = 4.5c

Mirror Shard = 500c+

▻ Increased the size/value of some very low tier currencies. Transmutation/Alteration shards are intentionally not being shown. Hold ALT to pick these up as they are only worth picking up while leveling.
▻ Removed some level ranges for leveling normal/magic accessories (now 15 for highlights, 30 for hidden).
▻ Confirmed that the new sounds work properly but are quieter than other sounds.

▻ Added support for the new orb sounds. These can be enabled using Filtration or FilterBlast.
▻ Fixed color themes of lower currency colors in the Strict filters.
▻ Changed low value Breach splinters to have a consistent color scheme across all filters.

▻ Fixed a bug with 72+ DropLevel items from last patch.
▻ Fixed some gem colors.
▻ Fixed Two-Toned Boots and some other bases from being shown/hidden correctly.
▻ Reduced the background of low gems and currency.

▻ Reworked the Crafting Bases section. All rare 72+ DropLevel bases have been moved here (Spiked Gloves, Bone Helmets, etc).
▻ Changed the look of high value crafting bases (Steel Rings, Crystal Belts, etc).

▻ Updated to Harbinger League specifications. See the patch notes for more information (1)(2).
▻ Added Divine Vessel to valuable Map Fragments.
▻ Added Pantheon Souls.
▻ Added new "Piece" item class for Harbinger uniques.
▻ ! New sounds and positional sounds have not been added yet (1) (2)! I have heard that these could be bugged so I am leaving them out for now.
▻ Added new league currencies (1) (2).
Currency Values

Regal Shard = 0.05c
Chaos Shard = 0.05c
Horizon Shard = 0.05c

Engineer's Shard = 0.1-0.25c
Binding Shard = 0.1-0.25c
Harbinger's Shard = 0.1-0.5c

Orb of Horizons = 0.5-2c (Chaos? Perandus Manor?)
Ancient Shard = 0.1-2c
Engineer's Orb = 0.5-2c (Chisel for boxes)
Annulment Shard = 0.25-3c
Orb of Binding = 1-2c (Alch + 1-4 Fuses)
Harbinger's Orb = 1-5c (< T16 map)

Ancient Orb = 0.5-6c (Chance? Flasks or Piece uniques?)
Exalted Shard = 3-6c
Orb of Annulment = 3-30c (inverted Exalt)

Mirror Shard = 500c+


▻ Added more colors themes to currency.
▻ Fixed Splinter of Chayula in the Very Strict Filter from a couple patches ago.

▻ More tweaking of color themes.

▻ Increased value of divination cards: The Twins, The Sigil, Might is Right, The Throne, The Gemcutter, The Dragon, Grave Knowledge, The Sun, Shard of Fate
▻ Reduced value of divination cards: Rain Tempter, Prosperity
▻ Added more flexibility to color themes for gems.
▻ Tweaked color themes.

▻ Added more flexibility to color themes.
▻ Added toggling for Shaper's Orbs.
▻ Added text color to Leaguestones.
▻ Added Greengroove/Neversink color themes.

▻ Added an alternate color theme.
▻ Added toggling for Chisel/Chromatic recipes in low/high tier maps.
▻ Added Pale Court keys and Shaper fragments to mid tier map fragments.
▻ Moved Breach League currency including Splinter of Chayula to a Large League category.
▻ Added Offering to the Goddess as its own filter and color theme.
▻ Added a sound for errors.
▻ Added Two-Point Arrow Quiver to valuable quiver bases.
▻ Changed Low/Mid/High Item Level descriptions to Leveling/Mapping (Low/Mid/High).

▻ Added more color theme support for currency.
▻ Added disabled blocks for certain features (disabled chance bases, Pantheon Souls)

▻ Added more color themes.
▻ Added sound themes.
▻ Minor comment and color changes to support the themes.

▻ Added Filtration Theme support.
▻ A few colors were adjusted to reduce the total number of themes.
▻ Changed all 235 opacity backgrounds to 230.

▻ Brightened the tan text of low value currency slightly. This makes it more legible.
▻ Added a background color to Perandus Coins and low Essences. This seems far better than a border.
▻ Reduced the size of 3-4L normal/magic items. Reduced the blue border brightness of 3-4L items including rares.

▻ Fixed a small bug related to magic 84+ Unset Rings.
▻ Moved Vaal Fireball up a tier.
▻ Reorganized and renamed some block switches (comments).

▻ Removed some 73+ one-hand weapons.
▻ Reduced the size of most worthless uniques.

▻ Reduced the border brightness of the 72+ and 83+ rares.
▻ Reduced the background color of 83+ rare one-handers.
▻ Added a slight border to Perandus Coins and Wailing/Weeping Essences.
▻ Added block switches to the pre-filter (first pass on equipment).
▻ Added New Uniques to the filter. Speaker's Wreath and Ahn's Might are bad. These are currently listed as 2-10c, so this may be reduced later. Tinkerskin and Soul Tether are potentially useful so they're listed at 1-2c.

▻ Added some more one-handers to the valuable list since Sunder seems like it will be somewhat popular.
▻ Added more semi-valuable rares to the Strict Filter but not the Very Strict.

▻ Removed most of the useless 83+ crafting bases. You have to hold ALT to see most of these.

▻ Changed grey border to blue for 3-4L items.
▻ Added all 56+ DropLevel bases to rare weapons. This is to simplify the filter and reduce errors.
▻ Added some low drop level 5L bows to the strict filters. Low level bows are used by casters for SRS and Decay since they're easier color.
▻ Minor optimizations and comment updates.

▻ Massive overhaul of the filter.
▻ Rares and Crafting bases have undergone major changes. The border and background colors have been modified.
▻ Optimized the filter to run 2x as fast on equipment but ~25% slower on Uniques, Divination Cards, and Maps. This significantly reduces the load times with FilterBlast and should be better in game as well.
▻ Prepared the filter for 3.0 (Pantheon Souls). This just needs to be uncommented to work.
▻ Added a light blue border to Crafting bases.
▻ Increased the brightness of 3-4 link low level items.
▻ Changed low value Divination Cards slightly.

▻ Changed the opacity/brightness to some divination cards and maps.
▻ Minor adjustments to certain divination card prices.
▻ Breach Rings of ilvl 68+ have been added back into the normal filter and have been reduced in size.
▻ Reduced the size of some hidden magic/white items.

▻ Increased opacity of maps slightly, especially unique maps.
▻ Changed low level 3-4L and accessories from a grey background back to the default. The grey border has been increased to compensate.
▻ Changed the sound of ilvl 1-67 low value uniques to be equal to yellow border mid value uniques.

▻ Fixed a recent bug that was preventing most rare accessories from appearing.
▻ Changed the sound of Misc Map Items and Breachstones.
▻ Edited some comments.

▻ Modified the Misc Map Items to be more blue instead of purple. It was too similar to currency (pink).
▻ Brightened the border of quality flasks again.

▻ Added a slight border to low level 4-links.
▻ Reduced the border brightness of quality chisels and non-utility flasks.
▻ Removed 3-4 link ilvl 20+ white/blue weapons.
▻ Changed the colors for Misc Map Items (Breachstones/Reliquary Keys) from green to purple. I'm considering adjusting this color slightly.

▻ More adjustments to normal/magic and <60 rares (leveling gear).
▻ Renamed jewelry to accessories.

▻ Removed low drop level 3-4 link whites/blues.

▻ Fixed errors related to the previous release.

▻ Added a grey background on low level accessories.
▻ Added a grey background and increased the size of low level 3-links.
▻ Added a grey background and increased the size of mid level 4-links.
▻ Other minor changes.

▻ Changed T16 maps (Guardians) to red with grey text/border.
▻ Added a slight green background to quest/labyrinth items.
▻ Updated some comments.

▻ More tweaks to rare 60+/83+ one-handers.

▻ Removed the border around ilvl 83+ rare one-handers except top-tier wands/daggers.
▻ Removed claws and most swords from the ilvl 77+ top tier bases. Wands/daggers are still the best bases for profit since they're mostly used by casters and uniques don't compete enough with rares. Claws have too much competition with uniques so they're not worth IDing. Swords don't have as much competition but they're incredibly hard to roll well and aren't as widely used, so I left only Jewelled Foils and Corsair Swords.

▻ Reduced the number of shown ilvl 60-70 daggers/wands again.
▻ Reduced the size of 60+ top tier one-handers.
▻ Increased the size of 77+ top tier one-handers+. I don't do this to most two-handers because it's better to craft them from a 5-6L base. I left out one-handed maces/axes since most people use uniques instead of crafting those bases.
▻ Reduced the size of 75+ and 83+ top tier weapons (Harbinger, Daggers, Wands, etc).
▻ Added a few more top tier one-handers to the list (Foils, Claws, etc).

▻ Reduced the number of shown ilvl 60+ rare shields, wands, and daggers from the normal filter. Greatly reduced the shown ilvl 70+ of these. Physical daggers got demolished this patch in favor of claws.

▻ Added Marble Amulet to the expensive crafting jewelry bases (and the strict filters). Righteous Fire has become popular.
▻ Removed Two-Toned boots from the strict filters. I've seen them way too much and they're worthless since Labyrinth enchants are better and will overwrite the implicit.
▻ Reduced the sound of low value ilvl <67 uniques in the Very Strict filter.

▻ Added more uniques to useful list: Auric Mace, Carnal Armour, Ezomyte Blade, Hellion's Paw, Ironscale Boots, Spidersilk Robe, Strapped Leather, Sulphur Flask, Wild Leather.

▻ Added sound for low level jewels to the strict filter.
▻ Reduced the size of most 83+ ilvl rares. The top tier bases are still very large. I used to make armor larger than weapons but I gave them different text color instead.

▻ Removed most quiver bases from the filter and reduced the size of the remaining ones. I should have done this a long time ago. They're not valuable and most people use the uniques anyway.

▻ Standardized the light grey colors.
▻ Removed transparency from borders.
▻ Added a background color to unique jewels to match other uniques.
▻ Added Item Quantity to valuable gems list. It doesn't drop anymore, but I figured I should add it just in case (legacy relic).
▻ Added sound back to 6S 5L in the very strict filter. I missed this earlier.
▻ Added a grey background to 4L low level items.
▻ Reduced the border color of most ilvl 83+ rares and increased it for top tier rares. These were too bright and looked more valuable than they are.
▻ Attempted to filter Relics (Legacy Uniques). They cannot be hidden in the filter and are being detected as Uniques instead of Relics. I decided not to add special rules to the filter for these items.

▻ Added sound back to 6 socket items in the very strict filter.
▻ Reduced border color brightness of low value uniques. They're not valuable and bright border made me always want to pick them up.

▻ Added sound to Glimmer of Hope divination card (special case).
▻ Gems have been modified slightly.
▻ Some drop-only Vaal gems have been removed from the strict filters.
▻ Valuable gems now have slightly lighter text.

▻ Uniques have been reordered from most expensive to least just like Divination Cards for the same exact reason. This is to preempt future bugs and prevent valuable items from being hidden.

▻ Divination Cards have been partially updated. They have been organized alphabetically. Other changes are listed below.
(10c+) The Celestial Justicar, The Vast, Pride Before the Fall
(1c+) The Standoff, The Chains that Bind, The Avenger, Merciless Armament
▻ A major bug related to Divination Cards has been fixed. A couple cards were being hidden or mislabeled due to name conflicts. The cards have been ordered from most expensive first to ensure that they'll never be hidden again. (Hope, Glimmer of Hope, Last Hope) (The Dragon, The Dragon's Heart)
▻ NOTE: Some cards are worth a small amount in hardcore but I'm not going to add them to the strict filters because they're not worth enough (The Twins, Grave Knowledge, Might is Right, etc).

▻ Added a yellow border to top tier ilvl 75-84 bases (Fingerless Silk Gloves, Bone Helmet, Hubris Circlet, Vaal Regalia, etc).
▻ Reduced the size of top tier ilvl 75-84 daggers/wands from 40 to 36.
▻ Removed worthless Drop-Only gems from the Very Strict filter (Vaal Summon Skeletons, Vaal Glacial Hammer, Added Chaos Damage, etc).
▻ Increased the volume of unique jewels.

▻ Complete overhaul of the uniques section. Many uniques are now hidden or have less/no sound.

▻ Added sound back to the Very Strict filter for ~1c currency.
▻ Added T4 maps back to T8+ maps. T1-3 are still hidden.
▻ Minor fixes.

▻ Added a Very Strict filter. This filter includes FAR less sounds and a little less loot than the Strict Filter. It only shows low tier maps with good layouts. Eventually it will also hide worthless uniques.
▻ Removed T1-4 maps while in T8+ maps.
▻ Added 72+ Titanium Spirit Shields to the Strict filters.
▻ Removed the white border around ilvl 1-67 Leaguestones. This helps differentiate the ones that have a zone level requirement.

▻ Changed the background color of most 5 links to grey.
▻ Added a white background to 5L 6S items.
▻ Ancient Reliquary Key text has been changed to dark green. Black was too similar to T16 maps.
▻ Slightly reduced background color for worthless/new value uniques.

▻ Changed uniques prices: Gold Amulet, Prophet Crown, Cedar Tower Shield, etc.
▻ Ancient Reliquary Key text has been changed to black.

▻ Lots of changes to currency.
▻ Perandus Coins been reduced in size and tier. This is to prevent them from overflowing past the screen.
▻ Silver Coins have gone down a tier. They're still easy to see but now they don't make sound.
▻ Jewellers have gone down a tier in the Strict Filter.
▻ Added a white background to currency worth 3-6c. Remnents of Corruption, Master Sextants, etc.
▻ Ancient Reliquary Key has been given a white background and a gong sound.
▻ Added a white background to 5%+ quality Portal, Empower, Enlighten.
▻ Leaguestones have had their border's brightness lowered.

▻ Added divination cards: The Devastator, The Conduit

▻ Removed low drop level (< 45) daggers/wands from maps in the normal filter.
▻ Added rare Jewelled Foil and Spiraled Foil to normal filter. These were shown a long time ago but were lost through updates.
▻ Minor update to the uniques list and added more 2.6 uniques (Stealth Boots, Wyrmscale Doublet, Imperial Maul).

▻ Added the white border to all Leaguestones. You can combine leaguestones so you might as well pick them all up.
▻ Added Divination Card: The Spoiled Prince
▻ Added Currency: Stacked Deck, Unshaping Orb, Cartographer's Seals
▻ Imprint (Eternal Orb result) has been left as an error intentionally since they pretty much don't exist anymore.

▻ Removed the chance bases from Strict Filter.
▻ Reduced size and removed background color for Breach Rings. This makes them slightly easier to ignore since they're worthless.
▻ Removed Breach Rings from maps in Strict Filter (68+).
▻ Made certain currencies and essences more verbose in case they overlap with future currency (e.g. Sextant -> Cartographer's Sextant).
▻ Made top tier weapon bases more consistent: Harbinger Bow, Platinum Kris, Imperial Skean, Ambusher, Imbued Wand, Tornado Wand.
▻ Removed rare Astral Plates from the Strict filter. They're not valuable.
▻ Added 84+ Vaal Regalias to the Strict filter. For some reason I was only showing 75-83.
▻ Cleaned up some code and fixed a harmless error (duplicate code).

▻ Added divination card Scarred Meadow. Accidentally removed this at some point.
▻ Removed magic jewels from all maps (ilvl 68+) in strict filter.
▻ Removed magic jewels from yellow/red maps in normal filter. The new vivid jewel divination cards kind of ruin the point of these (Shard of Fate, The Endurance).
▻ Added droplevel 41+ gloves/boots/helmets to normal filter. Previously this was droplevel 50+. I was having a hard time completing Chaos/Regal recipes fast enough.

▻ Fixed a typo that broke the strict filter.
▻ Added a new tier of Divination cards. Worthless has been split into a "Nearly Worthless" and "Worthless" categories. No cards were hidden in the normal filter but now the really bad ones are.
▻ Removed Anarchy from preferred leaguestones.

▻ Added new Divination Cards: Might is Right, The Opulent, Struck by Lightning, Atziri's Arsenal
▻ Reduced opacity of worthless divination cards more.
▻ Reduced opacity of Leaguestones.
▻ Changed sound of Leaguestones.

▻ Increased the size of worthless Divination Cards from 24 (smallest) to 32 (default). Slightly reduced the opacity to compensate.
▻ Added Leather Belts (Headhunter, Nemesis League) to chance bases section.

▻ Changed Leaguestones background color to purple. Added a white highlight to preferred leaguestones.
▻ Added uniques: Bismuth Flask, Highborn Staff, Gold Amulet, Raven Mask, Wyrmscale Doublet
▻ Modified unique price: Nightmare Bascinet

▻ Added Leaguestones and Misc Map Item classes to the filter. Removed Breachstones from the filter since they've been renamed.


▻ Removed 84+ Armour with a drop level below 50. The Chaos/Regal recipes already did this.

▻ Added Filtration support. You can now tweak the filter using Filtration and FilterBLAST.
▻ Added a bunch of SmartBlocks so that users can enable/disable certain filter features. However, this might result in some weird behavior so I recommend only modifying colors/sizes.
▻ Reduced the size of error items from 45 to 40. It's more likely that error items are worthless and if they're too big then they'll be extremely distracting.
▻ Modified Chisel recipe so that they will only be shown in yellow maps and below in the normal filter.
▻ Modified opacity of Divination cards so that different values can be more easily distinguished.
▻ Changed the level ranges for certain items in both filters.

▻ Fixed the Crafting Bases and 83+ Rares sections. Saintly Chainmail was being detected as Sai. You can actually see this in the screenshots.
▻ Removed the border around Alterations/Chromes in the Strict Filter. I've considered keeping them violet like the standard filter but I don't think they're important enough to loot.

▻ Increased accuracy of colors for certain hidden items.
▻ Fixed some of the chance/crafting bases. Ilvl 83+ Wands/daggers/harbingers were popping up everywhere so I made them hidden again in the normal filter. If you want to find these crafting bases then you should tap ALT once in a while to look for them.
▻ Reduced the size of some gems.

▻ Huge update to the filter. I have fixed most of the bugs resulting from this but there may be more.
▻ Price updates for Divination Cards and Uniques based on poe.ninja.
▻ Added Breach Blessings and Breachstones to filter. They were already shown but now they're more visible.
▻ Removed the chisel recipe from higher tier maps. It's not worth doing.
▻ Reduced the size of rares across the board. The screen gets too cluttered with these at times and I don't do Chaos/Regal recipe as much as I used to.
▻ Removed the border of rares under ilvl 83/84.
▻ Removed non-quality Vaal Reave from gem sounds.
▻ Removed non-quality Detonate Mines and Enhance from the Strict Filter.
▻ Added a black border around items with a background color.
▻ Added a red border to the new belt/ring/amulet bases.
▻ Added a light blue border around Utility flasks.
▻ Added leveling items to Strict Filter.
▻ Added sound for 10%+ quality gems.
▻ Changed sound for 17%+ quality gems.
▻ Errors will be highlighted with a Green border. This includes new Divination Cards.
▻ Standardized the order of the filter (TextColor > BorderColor > BackgroundColor > etc).

▻ Removed A Mother's Parting Gift Divinination Card from worthless section since it's valuable now.
▻ Added leveling flasks into the Strict Filter. Leveling rares are still not included the strict filter but I did consider adding them.
▻ Removed some worthless crafting bases from the Strict Filter. (Sacrificial Garb, Marble Amulet, Blue Pearl Amulet, Vanguard Belt)
▻ Added loud sound to Opal Rings just like Steel Rings and Crystal Belts.

▻ White maps are now hidden in red maps (78+) in the Strict Filter. They also no longer make noise in the normal filter.
▻ Reduced the size of some crafting bases.

▻ Added more crafting bases. Steel Ring, Opal Ring, Marble Amulet, Blue Pearl Amulet, Vanguard Belt. All of the Steel Rings I've missed...
▻ Added sound for Crystal Belt, Steel Ring.
▻ Changed Vaal Gems so that only valuable ones make sounds.

▻ Modified a few Divination card and Unique prices.

▻ Modified Divination cards section again.
▻ Fixed a bug where I was hiding worthless cards in the normal filter due to a copy paste.

▻ Minor changes to currency text. (Essences, Sextants, low tier currency)
▻ Added many uniques to list from 2.3 to 2.5.
▻ Added a few Divination cards to list.
▻ Added/moved some Divination cards to the worthless list.
▻ Worthless Divination cards are now hidden in the Strict Filter.
▻ Magic/blue jewels are now hidden in the Strict Filter.
▻ Blacksmith Whetstones have been moved down in currency tier. Glassblower Baubles have been moved up in the Strict Filter.


▻ Added Citadel Bow (Xoph's Inception) to unique list.
▻ Added Corrupted essences to list: Delirium, Hysteria, Horror, Insanity.
▻ Enlarged the 2.4 boots/gloves/helmets to largest size.
▻ Added the 2.4 boots/gloves/helmets to 84+ crafting bases.
▻ Reduced the size of chisel recipe (gavels/etc).
▻ Swapped Enlighten/Enhance in the gems list. I meant to put Enhance in the worthless gem drops.

▻ Added 83+ items back to solo filter. Accidentally removed these.
▻ Added grey background to top tier blue 83+ bases again.

▻ Standardized font sizes to what I had in the header. (24, 32, 36, 40, 45)
There were too many pointless font sizes.
▻ Added Crystal Belt to crafting bases.
▻ All 83+ crafting base blues/whites are now hidden. They can be seen while holding ALT, and are still larger and easily distinguished.
▻ Reduced the size of most T1 rares. Astral Plate, Vaal Regalia, Harbinger Bow are still large.
▻ Enlarged the new 2.4 boots/gloves/helmets. (Two-Toned Boots, Spiked/Gripped/Fingerless Gloves, Bone Helmet)
▻ Minor fixes to Divination/Unique prices.

▻ T6 Maps are now yellow.
▻ Enlighten is now part of the worthless drop only gems like Detonate Mines.
▻ Added the valuable Essence uniques to the filter (22 total). Uniques that are Shaper only that share a common worthless unique are not highlighted. Always check the value of your uniques.
▻ Added the valuable Essence Divination cards to the filter (4 total).

▻ Added a border for T3+ essences to distinguish them from lower tiers.
▻ Changed Labyrinth items to be green text.
▻ Minor changes such as text sizes.

▻ Fixed T1 maps so they aren't labeled as errors (green). Maps can now drop in level 59+? zones. This was 68+ in patch 2.3. There may be errors in future because of this change, sadly.

▻ Removed white leather belts (Headhunter) from the chance bases section.

▻ Overhauled the map section to use DropLevel instead of names of maps reducing the code substantially. Colors for shaped maps may be changed in the future.


▻ Changed Labyrinth item color to green (same as quest items) and enlarged them.
▻ Made Fishing Poles and Rhoa Feathers more opaque.

▻ Organized white/blue and crafting sections so that they don't interfere with each other.
▻ Removed most rare items and white/blue items from the Group Filter. I am considering reducing the text size instead but you can hold ALT to show them for now.

▻ Added Offering to the Goddess and created Labyrinth items section.
▻ Added Vaal Temple and Plaza Maps.


▻ Modified 83+ crafting base section some more. 83+ crafting base weapons are from a spreadsheet instead of assumptions.
▻ Changed 83+ one-handed border color from green to yellow.
▻ Removed sound for non-quality Detonate Mines and Added Chaos Damage gems.

▻ Modified 83+ crafting base section.
▻ Changed 75+ regal two-handers and armor from 39 to 38 to match chaos recipe again.
▻ Refactored the filter. Added some subsection titles and comments.

▻ Bug fixed relating to Villa Map and Village Ruin Map overlapping. I reintroduced this today after fixing it months ago and finally figured out what the problem was.
▻ Minor changes to Group filter. Removed some rare items.

▻ Added a Group Filter.
▻ Removed Elegant Sword, Whalebone Rapier from unique list.
▻ Increased size of 83+ blue/rare Harbinger Bow, Imperial Skean, Ambusher, Imbued Wand.

▻ Fixed a major bug in the Regal recipe section relating to body armor and 2handers.
▻ Moved around some code in the filter. HOPEFULLY this doesn't cause more bugs.
▻ Very slight changes to Regal/Chaos rare sizes and Flasks. You probably won't even notice.

▻ Added Winds of Change to unique list.

▻ Enlarged 84+ Hubris Circlet, Sorcerer Gloves, Astral Plate, Vaal Regalia, Harbinger Bow.

▻ Added Heretic's Veil, Seven-League Step, Essence Worm, The Tempestuous Steel, and Varunastra to unique list.

▻ Changed Divination Cards sound so that it doesn't overlap with jewels/gems.
▻ Added Dapper Prodigy to Div Card section.
▻ Slight change to chaos recipe sizes.

▻ Changed Unique equipment to be more noticeable. Worthless uniques have an orange border, sellable ones have a white border. Valuable uniques are unchanged.

▻ Completely updated the Divination Cards section by value.
▻ Increased the volume of T7+ maps.

▻ Changed 83/84 crafting base background colors. Rare items have the same style as before (light grey). Normal and some magic items are shown in small size and no background.
▻ Enlarged 75+ rare Hubris Circlet, Titanium Spirit Shield, Astral Plate, Vaal Regalia, Harbinger Bow.
▻ Reduced size of Chisel recipe hammers.

▻ Reduced border brightness for Chromatic, Bauble, and Chisel recipes.
▻ Removed Chromatic white items from T7+ maps.

▻ Added the rest of the Labyrinth keys/trinkets to the loot filter.

▻ Teasure Keys are more noticeable and make a sound.

▻ Added Chateau Map.

▻ Added Perandus Coins.
▻ Added Abandoned Cavern Map and removed Mine Map.


▻ Fixed 83+ white weapons so that they are shown.
▻ Removed white leather belts from being shown (chance items).

▻ Changed Talisman colors to be more descriptive. 74+ Talismans have a grey background, 60+ is same as before, and 1-59 is smaller.
▻ Changed the size of some rare items.
▻ Changed rare 72+ Titanium Spirit Shields to be larger, but made all others spirit shields smaller.
▻ Reduced the sound and size of low base 5 links.
▻ Reduced the size and color of white 83+ weapons. This is because T1 rolls on blues are more valuable than white bases.
▻ Reduced the size and color of blue/white 84+ armor and jewelry.
▻ Removed the sound for blue jewels. Increased text size slightly to compensate.
▻ Added a green/yellow border around rare 83/84+ ilvl crafting items to match chaos/regal recipes.

▻ Added 84+ ilvl bases to the craftable base section for armor/shields and jewelry/belts.

▻ Changed some Divination card tiers.
▻ Added sellable chance bases (Volls Devotion, Headhunter, Skyforth).
▻ Removed low base Spirit Shields from being shown at high ilvl since they have low energy shield.
▻ Removed Trans/Alt shards from being shown.

▻ Fixed a bug where one-hand weapons such as foils were not being shown.
▻ Modified the size of certain rare items including Regal/Chaos recipe.
▻ Changed bottom tier Divination cards to be shown but at the smallest size possible and without sound.
▻ Added more cards the bottom tier list: A Mother's Parting Gift, The Surgeon, The Sigil, Birth of the Three, The Hermit, Prosperity, The Twins, and Turn the Other Cheek.
▻ Revamped the Chance item section. Chance bases are no longer shown by default.
▻ Revamped the Crafting base item section. Many base items shown were optimal before 2.0.
▻ Changed the text color of Chisel recipe items to light grey.
▻ Changed Bauble recipe quality flasks to be shown at all times.

▻ Updated unique colors and categories. 0-1c (borderless), 1-20c (orange border), and 20c+ (white background).
▻ Now shows rare BaseTypes Sai, Terror Claw, and Gemini Claw.
▻ Fixed Enlighten so that it is large like other Drop-Only gems.

▻ Increased text size of some 75+ ilvl rares.

▻ Changed sizes for ilvl 60+ gear to mean DropLevel.
▻ Changed wands/sceptres/spirit shields to show for all DropLevels.
▻ Fixed shields to show at high ilvl.
▻ Changed yellow border color to mean helmet/boots/gloves.
▻ Changed green border to mean body armour/2h weapon/bow.
▻ Removed the sound for low tier currency.

▻ Increased font size of rare items with top tier bases.
▻ Increased font size for low tier currency.
▻ Changed font sizes for rare items ilvl 60+.
▻ Changed the chaos/regal rare items with yellow/green borders to only signify helmets/boots/gloves. This used to include small one handed weapons.
▻ Reduced text size of blue jewels.

▻ Fixed a bug I where ilvl 60+ jewelry and belts stopped showing.

▻ Fixed Overgrown Shrine Map so that it displays the correct color (caused by a bug).
▻ Changed Orb of Scouring, Orb of Regret, and Vaal Orb from T3 to T2 currency.
▻ Increased volume for T3 currency from 100 to 150.

▻ Added Talismans (green border).
▻ Added Chance-worthy white items.
▻ Added a third tier to Divination cards (white border, black text).
▻ Added a grey background to the highest base level items (for crafting).
▻ Fixed script to show all quivers and high base level shields.
▻ Fixed script to show low-level skill gems.
▻ Increased the text size of low currency, some rares, and RGB items.
▻ Removed chaos/regal background color for non-recipe items (one handers).
Loot Filter -- https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1490867
Last edited by ffhighwind on Jan 4, 2018 9:30:52 AM
Macro Tools

  • PoE Whisper Notifier
    Scans your chat log for specific keywords and makes sound they pop up. Allows you to tab out or play without constantly reading chat. Good for challenges such as Liches in Abyss league. Includes: Lich|Ulaman|Amanamu. Excludes: WTB|LF.
  • Auto Hotkey
    A macro program that uses scripts. This is required for the links below.
  • Lutcikaur's Script
    Allows for fast logouts, in-game item pricing, scrolling through menus, overlays/trackers, and more. Press F10 to setup the program once it's running. The main problem with this is it doesn't price rares like the next macro, so I recommend using both.
  • PoE Trade Macro
    In game item pricer via poe.trade. Includes PoE Item Info Script (info below). Works in windowed or windowed fullscreen mode. CTRL+D to search for items by name (uniques/cards). CTRL+ALT+D to search by stats (rares). You should edit the default search settings to make this easier to use. CTRL+Q to open poe.trade with the item search. CTRL+W to open the wikipedia for the item. CTRL+L to change leagues.
  • PoE Item Info Script
    A script that describes your items. CTRL+C will list the affixes for rare and uniques and the range of values that their stats can have. Useful for determining if an item has open affixes for crafting. Can also help determine if a unique is worth divining.
Web Resources

  • PoE Trade/XYZ
    Searches items on the trade forums and in public stash tabs. Includes constant live searches for items.
  • Official PoE Trade
    Official item indexer for player trading.
  • PoE App
    Alternative item indexer. Only searches public stash tabs. Includes the ability to block players by name and skip AFK players.
  • Chromatic Calculator
    Tells you the cheapest way to color your gem sockets.
  • Mikelat's Aura Calculator
    Helps you plan the auras in your build.
  • PoE Ninja
    Price graphs for the last 7 days.
  • PoE Lab
    Layout for all Labyrinths including the locations of secret passages and Argus.
  • PoE Builds
    Statistics for the league from skill gems to Ascendancies. Describes the ladder meta.
  • Path of Building
    Offline build calculator that makes min-maxing easy.
  • PoE Prices - Item Pricer
    Prices items for you. I've heard this works fairly well for rare items.
  • Uniques Timeline
    Lists all uniques in the order they were released. Useful if you want to know what the latest uniques are. If you don't see the most recent uniques listed then you should check the current league page on the wiki.
  • Exile Mods
    Lists the affixes for each item type. Useful if you are crafting items.
  • PoE Affix
    Alternative site to for item affixes.
  • EXP Penalty Calculator
    Shows you the percentage of exp you're actually earning. It's best to compare EXP/hour (/reset_xp) after farming an area but this may still be useful.
  • Forum Tags
    Formatting for forum posts. Useful if you want to make a build guide or attractive threads.
  • +3 Bow Crafting
    Start with an ilvl 64+ 6L bow (Crude Bow or Short Bow recommended), roll reduced requirements using Alterations, chrome it until you get the right colors, then follow the directions in the link.
  • +3 Fire Staff Crafting
    Start with an ilvl 55+ 6L staff, then follow the directions in the link.

Shaper Orbs
Bold maps are my personal favorites. The other maps are good alternatives. My preferred maps are listed in order from left to right.

To Unshape a map use Unshaping Orbs.
20x Cartographer's Chisels
5x Orbs of Regret

  • T1 | Beach, Graveyard
  • T2 | Arid Lake, Alleyways, Pen (The Chains that Bind)
  • T3 | Port, Peninsula, Burial Chambers (The Doctor), Leyline, Springs
  • T4 | Gorge, Canyon, Lighthouse, Strand, Volcano
  • T5 | Fields, Channel, Sulphur Vents
  • T6 | Atoll, Jungle Valley, Phantasmagoria
  • T7 | Dunes, Arachnid Nest, Ramparts
  • T8 (2) | Tropical Island, Shore, Courtyard, Infested Valley
  • T9 (3) | Plateau, Vault, Estuary, Moon Temple
  • T10 (3) | Bog, Siege, Belfry
Sustaining Maps
Use Alchemy Orbs on T6+ maps. Use chisels on red maps worth 3c+ and scour them first if needed. Use Vaal Orbs on twinned maps and maps with multiple bosses. Don't do this on Shaped maps because they will downwgrade instead of upgrade. Vaaled maps can drop Sacrifice fragments and generally have more IIQ/IIR. Corrupted T15 maps can also turn into Vaal Temple which is worth a lot. Corrupted T16 map boss credit can also be sold in trade 820. Use Sextants, Sacrifice Fragments, and Zana mods sparingly. They're best used in groups where members are sharing the map cost. Bloodlines and Domination are usually the best Zana mods. Pack size is the most important stat for more maps. Map IIQ and pack size increase map drops. Magic find equipment does not increase map drops.
Atlas Optimization
NOTE: The strategy below is only for racing and currency farming! Do not follow this strategy if your goal is to complete the league challenges or just have fun.

Maps only drop if you have unlocked them on the atlas or are running a map connected to that map. Don't unlock every map unless you enjoy running bad maps or spending multiple exalts undoing your atlas completion. You unlock a map when the boss is killed, so skip some bosses and trade/upgrade maps or you will regret it.

Unlock all white and yellow maps. Unlock some red maps to get Shaper's Orbs and then remove non-Shaped red maps when you have one Shaped red map of each tier. Shaped maps are not connected to other red maps so this ensures that they only drop maps you have unlocked. If you unlock non-Shaped maps then you will get the bad maps connected to them. You can also skip shaping a specific tier in order to get lower tier maps, but this hurts my overall map pool. This can be helpful for farming specific maps for Divination cards. In previous leagues I did this for Headhunter cards and Strand/Mesa maps.

To remove a map from the atlas use Cartographer's Seals.
3x Cartographer's Sextant
1x Orb of Scouring
NOTE: You can combine 3 sextants to make one of the next tier.
Picking A Sextant Mod (Challenges):
This technique can be used for rolling sextant mods like Breach for challenges. You cannot have two of the same sextant on a single map, so you can use this to maximize your chances of getting the sextant you want. Sextant a map with as many other maps in sextant range as possible (examples below). Use sextants on everything within range of this map. Reroll uncommon sextant mods like Barrels so that they are all common. See poedb for a table of mods and their chances of spawning. Now spam sextants on the original map until you get the sextant you want. Finally, run a map within range of this sextant with minimal overlap of other sextants.

NOTE: There are 31 apprentice, 7 journeyman, and 3 master sextant mods. This is not going to be a cheap process. If you want to conserve currency then look in global or trade 820 for these challenges. You can also run the map to get rid of the sextants instead of overriding them.

Apprentice Sextant Mods:
▻ surround Excavation with sextants (7) ➞ spam sextants on Excavation ➞ run Gorge
▻ surround Strand with sextants (7) ➞ spam sextants on Strand ➞ run Ancient City
▻ surround Cage with sextants (7) ➞ spam sextants on Cage ➞ run Alleyways or Haunted Mansion
Journeyman Sextant Mods:
▻ Same as above but Gorge, Ancient City, Alleyways, or Haunted Mansion should be Shaped.
Master Sextant Mods:
▻ Pick a Shaped T11 map to run and follow the instructions below.

Blocking Bad Sextants Mods:
This is done exactly like above but on a larger scale. Place sextants on everything within range of the map you want to run as well as within range of those maps. Sextant mods two away from the map you are running will blocked from the nearby maps. After you've done this you should run your preferred map and replace as many sextants nearby as you want when they're used up. This is more efficient than the previous strategy, but it's also more expensive because it uses higher tier sextants.
Currency Conversions
NPC Conversions (usually better than poe.trade)
▻ Whetstones/Transmutes/Armourer's Scraps ➞ Scrolls of Wisdom
▻ Alts ➞ Jewellers (Elreon) ➞ Fusings (Vorici)
▻ Chances ➞ Scourings (Catarina)
▻ Bulk quality items ➞ Gemcutter's, Baubles
▻ 6 links (usually corrupted) ➞ Divines
▻ Map + 20% hammer ➞ Chisel

NPC Conversions (worse than poe.trade, but useful for SSF)
▻ 3 Sextants ➞ upgraded Sextant
▻ Scourings ➞ Regrets
▻ Augments ➞ Alts (Haku)
▻ Regrets ➞ Alchs (Vagan)
▻ Whetstones ➞ Baubles
▻ Chaos ➞ Chisels (Zana)
Pro Tips
▻ You can disable skills like Blood Rage by weapon swapping as long as the gem is in your weapon/shield.
▻ You can disable skills like Vaal Cyclone by picking up the gear/gem and then putting it back on. This can help avoid dying to Frost Bearers without logging out. Be careful of accidentally dropping or deleting this item.
▻ Only use Remnants of Corruption on purple essences. Always do this on two or more purple essences. These can turn into the four valuable essences.
▻ You can store Shaper's Orbs in your crafting benches instead of using them.
▻ You can abandon a master's daily quest without completing it in order to reset their inventory.
▻ You can quickly drag stash tabs by pulling it to the edge and then holding the arrow key.
▻ You can do unlimited Elder maps. Elder must be connected to his Guardians. Once the Elder Guardians spawn, kill the ones connected to Elder. Now you can complete maps connected to both the Elder and his remaining Guardians without losing influence.
▻ Don't use Vaal Orbs on Shaped maps. They will downgrade in map tier instead of upgrade. I did this to a T15 Shaped Bog and got a T11.

New Player Tips
▻ Join global 820 to share master dailies and league Challenges.
▻ Join trade 820 to buy/sell league challenges, boss kills, atlas completions, etc.
▻ You can remove an Ascendancy point for 5 regrets.
▻ You can change your Ascendancy by removing all Ascendancy points, completing lab again, and then clicking the fireplace.
Loot Filter -- https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1490867
Last edited by ffhighwind on Feb 6, 2018 9:26:36 PM
very nice, thx for the time/effort.
Updated slightly for 2.2.
Loot Filter -- https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1490867
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hi, i cant download your filter
The install instructions were at the top by the download link. How to Install

1. Download the filter
There's a "download" button at the top of the pastebin which saves the filter as a txt file.

2. Change the file extension from .txt to .filter
When you download the file from pastebin it will put it in the wrong format. You need to change the file extension or it will not work. Enable showing file extensions and then rename the extension.
Windows 7
Windows 10 same process

3. Put the file in Documents\My Games\Path of Exile
Go to Start, then click Documents and navigate to the proper folder and paste the file there.

4. Enable the filter in game
Press ESC and go to Options > UI and scroll to the very bottom. Change your loot filter here.
Loot Filter -- https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1490867
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awesome thanks for filter, but i want to add red-green-blue linked items for chroma orb is there any solution for it ?
awesome thanks for filter, but i want to add red-green-blue linked items for chroma orb is there any solution for it ?

There is a chromatic recipe already. They're purple in border. However, I have them hidden in T7+ maps. I don't feel they're worth picking up at higher tier maps. You can edit the loot filter how you want. They're listed in the "chromatic" section in the middle of the filter.
Loot Filter -- https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1490867
Last edited by ffhighwind on Mar 27, 2016 11:56:34 PM
yea they are highlighted usualy if 3 socketed but for example if r-r-g-b link drop it doesnt highlight.

But there are small amount of them and as you said we dont need to loot them while farming tier maps.

1 more time thx for awesome lootfilter !

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