[3.9] Highwind's LOOTFILTER

This loot filter is large and comprehensive, but it's organized well enough to be modified. It was written from scratch with some inspiration from some popular filters. If you like the filter or find bugs I would appreciate the feedback.

DOWNLOAD: v3.9.10, profile, repo, text
VIEW OR EDIT: FilterBlast, GrindingZone, FilterBlade, Filtration
INSTALLATION: video, text

Old Screenshots
The screenshots are slightly outdated. Check FilterBlast for changes.

Filter Details
▻ Hides worthless items based on zone level and rarity.
▻ Increases the font size for items you want to pick up.
▻ Distinguishes sub-categories of items for vendor recipes or items of higher value.
▻ Generates loud sounds for valuable items.

Large Filters
The large filters (L) have +4 font size than the small (S) filter for most items.

Mapping Filter
The mapping filter is almost the same as normal/leveling filter. The difference is that it hides wisdom scrolls, low essences, worthless divination cards, and non-quality gems sold in town. Wisdom scrolls are not worth picking up because you can get them more efficiently by selling transmutations, whetstones, and armourer's scraps to NPCs.

Normal Shows all currency except low value scraps. Plays a sound for currency worth 0.25c+.
Strict Hides currency worth <0.03c. These include scrolls, transmutations, augmentations, whetstones, and armour scraps. Plays a sound for currency worth 0.4c+.
Very Strict Hides currency worth <0.1c. This includes chromatic orbs and alterations. Plays a sound for currency worth 0.4c+.

Normal Shows all useful rares. This includes DropLevel 50+ weapons/shields/body armour and 40+ gloves/boots/helmets while mapping.
Strict Hides most rares while mapping. Rare accessories are shown for chaos/regal recipes. Ilvl 83+ rares are also shown.
Very Strict Hides all rares in maps except very valuable ones like Steel Rings.

Normal Sound removed from T1-7 maps progressively.
Strict Sound removed from T1-8 maps progressively.
Very Strict Sound removed from T1-8 maps progressively. Hides T1-5 maps progressively.

Normal Shows all uniques. Plays a sounds for all of them.
Strict Shows all uniques. Plays a sound for any potentially worth 3c+.
Very Strict Hides uniques worth <3c. Plays a sound for any potentially worth 3c+. This is never guaranteed to be accurate so use at your own risk. Potential valuable league-specific uniques are usually shown but many do not make sounds.

Divination Cards
Normal Hides worthless divination cards. Plays a sound for valuable cards.
Strict Hides divination cards that are worth <0.8c. Plays a sound for cards worth 2c+.
Very Strict Hides divination cards that are worth <2c. Plays a sound for cards worth 2c+.

Normal Shows all gems. Plays a sound for 14%+ quality gems, level 19+ gems, and valuable Drop-Only gems such as Empower.
Strict Hides <5% quality gems and and worthless Drop-Only gems. Plays a sound for 14%+ quality gems, level 19+ gems, and valuable Drop-Only gems such as Empower.
Very Strict Hides <10% quality gems. Plays a sound for 17%+ quality gems, level 19+ gems, and valuable Drop-Only gems such as Empower.

Normal Shows all jewels. Plays a sound for rare jewels before maps.
Strict Hides magic jewels.
Very Strict Hides magic/rare jewels.

5 Links, Shaper/Elder items, Chromatic RGB items, Chisel items, and Flasks also vary slightly.
Optional Filters
Many features can be enabled with FilterBlast or by uncommenting code. See the image below for how to enable Shaper's Voice for currency drops. You can also highlight rares by item class, which should help solo self-found players. Other optional features include magic jewels, chance bases, and vendor recipe items (chromatic orbs, chisels, and glassblower's baubles).

Update Tool
Download: https://github.com/ffhighwind/PoE-Price-Lister/releases
Executable Dependency: Microsoft .NET Framework
Source Code Dependencies: Visual Studio 2017 C#, FileHelpers (NuGet Package), Json.NET
Uniques CSV Files: all uniques, uniques by type, enchantments

This tool updates the uniques, divination cards, and enchantments sections. It requires an internet connection to work properly. It supports Softcore, Hardcore, and Hardcore Friendly pricing.

It starts by loading the filter values from the repository. You can also use the "Load" button if you want to test a modified version of the filter. The "Generate Filters" button will generate new filters based on poe.ninja and filter values. It will use small filters from the executable location when possible, otherwise it pulls the filter data from the online repository.

Loot Filter -- https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1490867
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Last bumped on Jan 9, 2020, 3:36:28 AM


▻ Rework the explicit mods section. Remove some explicit mods from the strict filters.

▻ Updated the filter values.

▻ Added DisableDropSound to all hidden items.
▻ Fixed enchanted uniques.
▻ Fixed sound for low value uniques.
▻ Changed "piece" items to the same as 15+c uniques.

▻ Removed the sounds/beams/icon from <2c divination cards for the Very Strict Filter.
▻ Updated the filter updater tool.
▻ Updated the filter values.

▻ Added unique Legion Sword - The Saviour to the CSV.
▻ Updated the filter values.

▻ Updated the filter values.

▻ Updated the filter values.
▻ Fixed low value divination cards so that they have a map icon again.

▻ Updated the filter values for uniques, divination cards, and helmet enchants. Please check for updates soon because the values will fluctuate heavily.
▻ Released a Metamorph version of the update tool.
▻ Fixed the update tool so L sized filters have the correct font size.
▻ Add 15/16 new uniques to the uniques CSV.
▻ Updated the helmet enchants CSV.

▻ Added HasInfluence: Crusader, Hunter, Redeemer, Warlord
▻ Added 4/16 uniques to the CSV
▻ Added Awakened Gems

▻ Removed Shaper's voice currency section
▻ Changed Warstaff class to Warstaves.
▻ Changed sextant base types.
New Divination Cards
Baited Expectations
Succor of the Sinless
Underground Forest
The Escape
Deathly Designs
The Chosen
Cameria's Cut
Divine Justice
The Fishmonger
The Bones
The Craving
Etched in Blood
Squandered Prosperity
Metamorph Samples
Metamorph Brain
Metamorph Eye
Metamorph Liver
Metamorph Lung
Metamorph Heart
New Currency
Turbulent Catalyst
Imbued Catalyst
Abrasive Catalyst
Tempering Catalyst
Fertile Catalyst
Prismatic Catalyst
Intrinsic Catalyst

Crusader's Exalted Orb
Redeemer's Exalted Orb
Hunter's Exalted Orb
Warlord's Exalted Orb
Awakener's Orb

Simple Sextant
Prime Sextant
Awakened Sextant
New Map Fragments
Fragment of Enslavement
Fragment of Eradication
Fragment of Constriction
Fragment of Purification
Fragment of Shape
Fragment of Knowledge
Fragment of Terror
Fragment of Emptiness


▻ Updated the filter values.

▻ Reworked Gems and Jewels.
▻ Reworked the 5+ links section.
▻ Reworked the Chance bases section. Removed Sorcerer Boots from the normal filter.
▻ Reworked the Chisels section. Now only 15%+ quality hammers are shown.
▻ Reworked the Flasks section. Removed the white border from quality utility flasks.
▻ Moved Enchanted Fossil up a tier.
▻ Changed staves range to 57+ and Warstaves to 60+.
▻ Removed the NoRares filter (for custom leagues with no rares). This filter requires too many changes to be useful.
▻ Removed Wailing Essences from the Very Strict filter.
▻ Removed breach splinters except Chayula from the Very Strict filter.
▻ Removed the highlight for Harbinger bows.
▻ Other fixes.

▻ Added Doryani's Machinarium (Maze) to the high value unique maps.
▻ Changed Fishing Rods colors to the high value unique colors.
▻ Added Eldritch Incubator to the high value incubators.
▻ Changed Gilded Scarabs colors to red. Slightly reduced the size of the map icon for other scarabs.
▻ Added more items to the ilvl 83+ Shaper/Elder crafting bases.
▻ Greatly reduced the visibility of low value Shaper/Elder items. Reduced the size and removed sounds/beams/map icons.
▻ Removed low drop level Shaper/Elder items from the Strict filters.
▻ Added explicit mods: "of Janus' Veil", "of Craiceann", "of Farrul", "of Saqawal"
▻ Updated the CSVs for some Betrayal/Delve items.

▻ Updated filter values.
▻ Reworked divination card value ranges. They are now Worthless (hand picked), Nearly Worthless (<0.8c), <2c, 2-10c, and 10c+.

▻ Updated filter values.
▻ Updated some Synthesis unique CSV data.
▻ Reworked uniques value ranges. They are now Worthless (orange), Limited (orange), 3-5c (yellow), 5-15c (white border), and 15c+ (solid white).
▻ Added unobtainable divination cards: The Devastator, Dying Anguish, Birth of the Three, Luck of the Vaal.
▻ Moved "The Gambler" and "Three Voices" divination cards up a tier.

▻ Updated filter values.
▻ Heavily reworked the colors and value ranges for uniques, divination cards, and enchantments.
▻ Uniques are now shown in the Very Strict filter if they are 2c+ instead of 1c+. The yellow border around uniques should have more significance now.
▻ Some divination cards now have their values set in stone (not affected by poe.ninja). This was mainly to prevent certain worthless divination cards from being shown.
▻ Removed "Safer Values" from the filter updater. This is now always on and prevents an item's value from changing if it's within 0.5-2c of the current value.
▻ Increased the map icon size for mid/high value Blight oils.

▻ Updated values for unique, divination cards, and enchantments.
▻ Added divination cards: The Devastator, Dying Anguish
▻ Fixed FilterBlast so the "Regular" filter does not show up as the "No Rares" filter.
▻ The filter updater now generates large filters as well as small ones.

▻ Updated unique/divination card values.
▻ Added helmet enchants to the filter. I tried other enchants (blight oils & corrupts) but they do not work.
▻ Removed 2h weapons from the highlighted rares 4+ links section.
▻ Added HC support to the filter updater.

▻ Updated uniques/divination card values.
▻ Added 4+ links to highlighted section.

▻ Reworked category names for items.
▻ Added a lot of Elder/Shaper crafting bases.
▻ Modified the colors of Resonators. These are now always shown, even in the strict filters.
▻ Added convoking wand to the highlights section.
▻ Separated Warstaves/Staves and Daggers/Rune Daggers in the highlighted rares sections.

▻ Modified the colors/sounds of oils.
▻ Modified the colors/sounds of fossils. All fossils are now shown in the strict filter.
▻ Modified the colors of Resonators.

▻ Added more Blight uniques.
▻ Updated uniques and divination cards values.
▻ Updated the price lister.

▻ Added "The Heroic Shot" divination card.
▻ Fixed the yellow map sounds in the Strict filter.

▻ Added Warstaff and Rune Dagger class types.

▻ Removed "The Heroic Strike" divination card.

▻ Added a green border, text, and beam to Blighted maps.
▻ Added a green icon to Blighted maps except red tier (T11+).
▻ Added a purple border, sound, and beam to oils.

▻ New Incubators/Scarabs - no change
Clear Oil
Sepia Oil
Amber Oil
Verdant Oil
Teal Oil
Azure Oil
Violet Oil
Crimson Oil
Black Oil
Opalescent Oil
Silver Oil
Golden Oil
7/16 new Unique Items
The Stampede - Assassin's Boots
Triad Grip - Mesh Gloves
Cold Iron Point - Ezomyte Dagger
Cowl of the Cryophile - Silken Hood
Badge of the Brotherhood - Turquoise Amulet
Machina Mitts - Murder Mitts
Icefang Orbit - Iron Ring
Torchoak Step - Antique Greaves
19 new Divination Cards
(10) (6) (2)
The Mountain
More is Never Enough
The Bargain
The Deal
The Damned
The Old Man
The Skeleton
The Wolf's Legacy
Vile Power
Void of the Elements
Akil's Prophecy
Nook's Crown
Azyran's Reward
The Side Quest
The Demon
The Price of Loyalty
The Eye of Terror
The Heroic Shot

Loot Filter -- https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1490867
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Macro and Tools

  • Auto Hotkey
    A macro program that uses scripts. This is required for the links below.
  • Lutcikaur's Script
    Allows for fast logouts, in-game item pricing, scrolling through menus, overlays/trackers, and more. Press F10 to setup the program once it's running. The main problem with this is it doesn't price rares like the next macro, so I recommend using both.
  • PoE Trade Macro
    In game item pricer via poe.trade. Includes PoE Item Info Script (info below). Works in windowed or windowed fullscreen mode. CTRL+D to search for items by name (uniques/cards). CTRL+ALT+D to search by stats (rares). You should edit the default search settings to make this easier to use. CTRL+Q to open poe.trade with the item search. CTRL+W to open the wikipedia for the item. CTRL+L to change leagues.
  • PoE Item Info Script
    A script that describes your items. CTRL+C will list the affixes for rare and uniques and the range of values that their stats can have. Useful for determining if an item has open affixes for crafting. Can also help determine if a unique is worth divining.
  • PoE Whisper Notifier
    Scans your chat log for specific keywords and makes sound they pop up. Allows you to tab out or play without constantly reading chat. Good for challenges such as Liches in Abyss league. Includes: Lich|Ulaman|Amanamu. Excludes: WTB|LF.
  • Currency Cop
    Calculates your total worth in the league. Can potentially be used to calculate how much currency you earn on average.

Crafting Tips

▻ Use poedb mods to help with fossil crafting.
▻ When crafting physical weapons or ES body armor start by using Perfect Fossils to get 28-30% quality.

+3 Skill Bow (ilvl 64+)
▻ NOTE: Porcupine Divination Cards do not work
▻ Craft Reduced Attribute Requirements (18-32%) and then color
▻ Alt until +2 bow skill
▻ Augment for suffix
▻ Regal and pray for a suffix. Start over if you do not like the results.
▻ Craft "Cannot roll attack mods"
▻ Exalt until +1 skills. This can take 2 exalts if you did not Regal a suffix.
▻ Change the crafted mod
▻ Exalt

+3 Skill Bow (alternative, not guaranteed)
▻ Fossils: Prismatic + Metallic + Corroded

+2 Minion Convoking Wand (ilvl 84+)
▻ Fossils: Corroded + Metallic + Shuddering + Jagged
▻ Craft Suffix "Trigger a socketed spell when you use a skill"

+1 Spectre Boots (ilvl 84+, Two-Toned Boots, Titan Greaves)
▻ Titan Greaves is more consistent
▻ Fossils: Pristine + Bound + (optional) Prismatic/Dense

Stygian Belt (ilvl 84+)
▻ Fossils: Pristine + Prismatic

Body Armour (ilvl 86+, Vaal Regalia, Astral Plate, etc)
▻ Perfect Fossil to 28-30% quality
▻ Encrusted Fossil until 4+ white sockets (combine with Perfect Fossils as needed)
▻ Bestiary Dupe: Fenumal Plagued Arachnind (keep one item as a backup)
▻ Use Hunter/Warlord/Redeemer/Crusader Exalted Orb
▻ Craft the item (Chaos spam, Fossils, etc)

Dupe a Magic Base (33% chance per try)
▻ Crafting 30% quality and max links with white sockets
▻ Alt/Aug until two Tier 1 mods
▻ Imprint with Craicic Chimeral
▻ Regal
▻ Split with Fenumal Plagued Arachnid
▻ Use imprint on one of the new bases

+3 Skill Staff (ilvl 55+)
▻ WARNING! THIS NO LONGER WORKS!! I am only keeping this here as a reference. You can now make +5 skill staves, but there is no easy way to do this.
▻ Craft a suffix
▻ Regal +2 elemental skills (35 attempts on average). Start over on fail.
▻ Craft Multi Mod, No Casting Mods, No Attack Mods, Flat Mana
▻ Exalt for +1 skills
▻ Remove crafted mods
Web Resources

  • Poe Map
    A website for trading maps of the same tier. Extremely useful early league.
  • PoE Trade/XYZ
    Searches items on the trade forums and in public stash tabs. Includes constant live searches for items.
  • Path of Building
    Offline build calculator that makes min-maxing easy.
  • Official PoE Trade
    Official item indexer for player trading.
  • PoE App
    Alternative item indexer. Only searches public stash tabs. Includes the ability to block players by name and skip AFK players.
  • Chromatic Calculator
    Tells you the cheapest way to color your gem sockets using chromatics. An alternative method involves using the crafting bench and adding/removing sockets. This works well for crafting off-colors on an item and is recommend for crafting 4 off-colors on a 4 socket item.
  • Mikelat's Aura Calculator
    Helps you plan the auras in your build.
  • PoE Ninja
    Price graphs for the last 7 days. Also includes the builds and DPS for the top ranked characters.
  • PoE Antiquary
    Graphs of unique prices for the past few leagues.
  • PoE Lab
    Layout for all Labyrinths including the locations of secret passages and Argus.
  • PoE Builds
    Statistics for the league from skill gems to Ascendancies. Describes the ladder meta.
  • PoE Prices - Item Pricer
    Prices items for you. I've heard this works fairly well for rare items.
  • Uniques Timeline
    Lists all uniques in the order they were released. Useful if you want to know what the latest uniques are. If you don't see the most recent uniques listed then you should check the current league page on the wiki.
  • PoE Affix
    Site to for item affixes. Currently outdated. Use poedb instead.
  • EXP Penalty Calculator
    Shows you the percentage of exp you're actually earning. It's best to compare EXP/hour (/reset_xp) after farming an area but this may still be useful.
  • Forum Tags
    Formatting for forum posts. Useful if you want to make a build guide or attractive threads.

Sustaining Maps
Use PoE Map to trade for maps that you do not have. Use Alchemy Orbs on T6+ maps. Use chisels on red maps worth 3c+ and scour them first if needed. Use Vaal Orbs on twinned maps and maps with multiple bosses. Vaaled maps can drop Sacrifice fragments and generally have more IIQ/IIR. Vaaled T15 maps can also turn into Vaal Temple which is worth a lot. Corrupted T16 Guardians kills can be sold in trade 820.

Use Sextants, Sacrifice Fragments, and Zana mods sparingly. They're best used in groups where members are sharing the map cost. Bloodlines, Domination, Onslaught, and Breach are usually the best Zana mods. Pack size is the most important stat for more maps. Map IIQ and pack size increase map drops. Magic find equipment (including IIQ) does not increase map drops.
Currency Conversions
NPC Conversions (usually better than poe.trade)
▻ Whetstones/Transmutes/Armourer's Scraps ➞ Scrolls of Wisdom
▻ Jewellers ➞ Fusings
▻ Chances ➞ Scourings
▻ Bulk quality items ➞ Gemcutter's, Baubles
▻ Corrupted 6 links ➞ Divines

NPC Conversions (worse than poe.trade, but useful for SSF)
▻ 3 Sextants ➞ upgraded Sextant
▻ Alterations ➞ Jewellers
▻ Scourings ➞ Regrets
▻ Augments ➞ Alts
▻ Regrets ➞ Alchs
▻ Whetstones ➞ Baubles
▻ Chaos ➞ Chisels (Zana)
▻ Map + 20% hammer ➞ Chisel
Pro Tips
▻ You can disable skills like Blood Rage by weapon swapping as long as the gem is in your weapon/shield.
▻ You can disable skills like Vaal Cyclone by picking up the gear/gem and then putting it back on. This can help avoid dying to Frost Bearers without logging out. Be careful not to drop or delete the item.
▻ Only use Remnants of Corruption on purple essences. Always do this on two or more purple essences. These can turn into the four valuable essences.
▻ Loreweave costs 1 jeweller to fully socket it. This can be used in combination with crafting benches to color it cheaply.

New Player Tips
▻ Join channel global 820 to share and league challenges and map trials.
▻ Join trade channel 820 to buy/sell league challenges, boss kills, atlas completions, etc.
▻ You can remove an Ascendancy point for 5 regrets.
▻ You can change your Ascendancy by removing all Ascendancy points, completing lab again, and then clicking the fireplace.
Loot Filter -- https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1490867
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very nice, thx for the time/effort.
Updated slightly for 2.2.
Loot Filter -- https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1490867
Last edited by ffhighwind on Mar 25, 2016, 11:30:26 AM
hi, i cant download your filter
The install instructions were at the top by the download link. How to Install

1. Download the filter
There's a "download" button at the top of the pastebin which saves the filter as a txt file.

2. Change the file extension from .txt to .filter
When you download the file from pastebin it will put it in the wrong format. You need to change the file extension or it will not work. Enable showing file extensions and then rename the extension.
Windows 7
Windows 10 same process

3. Put the file in Documents\My Games\Path of Exile
Go to Start, then click Documents and navigate to the proper folder and paste the file there.

4. Enable the filter in game
Press ESC and go to Options > UI and scroll to the very bottom. Change your loot filter here.
Loot Filter -- https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1490867
Last edited by ffhighwind on Mar 25, 2016, 12:03:47 PM
awesome thanks for filter, but i want to add red-green-blue linked items for chroma orb is there any solution for it ?
solidhammer wrote:
awesome thanks for filter, but i want to add red-green-blue linked items for chroma orb is there any solution for it ?

There is a chromatic recipe already. They're purple in border. However, I have them hidden in T7+ maps. I don't feel they're worth picking up at higher tier maps. You can edit the loot filter how you want. They're listed in the "chromatic" section in the middle of the filter.
Loot Filter -- https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1490867
Last edited by ffhighwind on Mar 27, 2016, 11:56:34 PM
yea they are highlighted usualy if 3 socketed but for example if r-r-g-b link drop it doesnt highlight.

But there are small amount of them and as you said we dont need to loot them while farming tier maps.

1 more time thx for awesome lootfilter !

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