Talisman Challenges and Upcoming Items!

better then the warband challenges
I cannot support the Direction of this game anymore due to the fact the PC verson of the game will be compromised due to the limitation of the console verson, which explains alot of the current state of the game.
gg ggg
Amazing! I can't wait :)

TY for the hard work GGG and all you supporters
"The key to winning any fight is simply staying alive."
wow that axe is nice
The vigil is cute. Any idea we could see more threshold jewels beforehand? It's hard to choose what to make this league and wanna go with whatever has the coolest jewel.
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You guys really need to slow down with the trade challenges.
Jul 27, 2011 - Sept 30, 2018.
The poison from poison support doesn't stack, does it?
Totem threshold has 24 listed twice.

Super excited to try a poison build

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