Talisman Challenges and Upcoming Items!

The Talisman Challenge leagues will commence with the deployment of 2.1.0 in under 41 hours! The challenge leagues contain 32 challenges to complete. You will be awarded with pieces of the Rigwald Armour Set for reaching different thresholds of completed challenges. Today's news post outlines these challenges as well as some exciting new items and the Poison Support Gem!
Exclusive Talisman Challenge Armours
You'll receive a piece of the cosmetic Rigwald Armour Set for each seven challenges you complete! We initially had this at each eight challenges, but decided to make it easier to complete the full set. You only need to complete 28 of the 32 total challenges to get all the armour pieces. This set is exclusive to the Talisman challenge leagues and can't be purchased, but the Gore Armour Set (which can be purchased from 2.1.0 onwards) is related to it, just with a lot more... gore.
  • Completing 7 challenges awards you Rigwald's Boots
  • Completing 14 challenges awards you Rigwald's Gloves
  • Completing 21 challenges awards you Rigwald's Body Armour
  • Completing 28 challenges awards you Rigwald's Helmet
You will receive pieces of the Talisman Challenge Totem at the following thresholds: 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30 and 32.

New Items in Content Update 2.1.0
Many new items are being added to Path of Exile on Saturday. Among them are:
The Poison Support Gem deals 10% of the hit's Chaos and Physical Damage as Chaos Damage Per Second, and lasts 2 seconds by default.
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Grinding Gear Games
Wow, nice. Can't wait to idle in tier 6-8 maps, thanks to horrid map RNG, trying to get these done.
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Damn, just checked to see if this was out and it is. Hype!
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Kill millions, conqueror.
Kill them all, a god.
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Sweet! Very nice. Can't wait for the league to start.
100% Ethical, most of the time.
Flasks finally have an item sound. Thanks for listening :)

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