Sneak Peek of Ascendancy Supporter Packs!

As a small teaser of the upcoming packs, we'd like to present the Stone Gargoyle Pet from the Aspirant Supporter Pack!

One of the major problems we've encountered with previous supporter packs was shipping physical goods out in a timely manner. Despite our best intentions, we were unsatisfied with how long people had to wait in some cases. We believe we have solved this issue with these supporter packs. We're looking forward to you receiving your Ascendancy t-shirts and art packs soon after you order them!

Your purchases of supporter packs in the past have almost fully funded the development of Path of Exile, Sacrifice of the Vaal, Forsaken Masters, The Awakening and the Talisman challenge leagues. In addition to containing some awesome new pets, portals and physical merchandise for supporters to enjoy, these packs will help us fund the remaining development on Path of Exile: Ascendancy and hopefully future expansions! We've tried hard to keep the price of these new packs as low as possible so that more people can enjoy them.

Points purchases from the start of the 13th of November Pacific time onwards can be counted towards these supporter packs. If you'd like to upgrade to a supporter pack you can credit points towards up to 80% of the value of the desired supporter pack.
Pets again whoop!
IGN: Smegmazoid
Long live the new Flesh
Take my monay!
WOW caint wait!!!
IGN RighteousRom LvL-100 Juggernaut
Mirror Drop T-14 Shrine
i still havent get my t shirt :(((((
You still have my support.
is it new hideout? with new tileset?
what the fuck friday alright we got issues.
Dys an sohm
Rohs an kyn
Sahl djahs afah
Mah morn narr
Why wait till friday, release them now!!!!! :)
IGN RighteousRom LvL-100 Juggernaut
Mirror Drop T-14 Shrine
I really like the concept of the pet. Also, new decorations look gorgeous, I hope we'll get some of them for our hideouts!
The Bother progress: 11%

You don't even imagine how much harm you've caused. I'm not sure I'll live long enough to finish "The Bother". You're one of my murderers. You will never get my forgiveness unless you make up for what you've done.

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