Content Update 2.1.0: Talisman Challenge Leagues, New Skills and more!

Jansports wrote:
dyneol wrote:
Wonder if the life recovery of essence drain applies to ES with either Zealoth's Oath or Ghost Reaver....
meh probably not.

It 100% Has to work with one or the other. GGG Would never mechanically disallow such a basic interaction as "new life drain spell and CI" it just doesn't make sense from their design goals, which are basically the opposite of limiting player choice. (though threshold jewels and mana costs raise questions)

Well yea .. it would make sense. But the wording does not exactly give me hope. "Life recovery" is different from leech/regeneration and is generally not affected by GR/ZO.
All I want for Christmas is another across the board bump to the map drop rate, without the associated nerf to all those who could possibly drop a map. Pretty please. The game is a lot more fun when I can do a few redders with my 93 level character. At least I'll eventually be distracted by all the changes and I won't notice how much currency I have to invest on a tier 11 map to get a pier. Hype.
"You can sacrifice a set of five different Talismans from the same tier to summon a monster possessed by a Talisman from the next tier up."

I didn't see anything about tier on talismans... also, tiers are stoopid. What's the deal here?
You said you'd reveal the poison support gem later this week ( But it's now monday "next" week. Are you still planning to show the gem before talisman launch?
Yay!!! Starts exactly on my birthday!!!
when will we get the rest of the info about changes to Viper Strike / PA (Caustic Arrow) / Melee Splash / new skill tree etc etc etc?

thanks :)
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Put a lot of new trash in the game.

Don't fix revolving issues.

Oh boy ...
Hope this update will have *fps drops fix* ...
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I am wondering how Blasphemy Temporal Chains will work in Shackles of the Wretched. Any thoughts?
BLASPHEMY i am sooo looking 4ward 2 that support gem. Think about it temporal chains aura on a 2handed dualist or even dualwielding dagger crit shadow.
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