SPECTRAL THROW is not DEAD (dual claw crit ele st) atziri/uber atziri/hc viable now with videos

first of all this is not a guide, i decided to link gear and tree here for friends and people who asked many times about my build. i am pretty busy these days and dont like concept of writing guide at all. wouldnt even link my tree but anyway;

VIDEO of GORGE run, slow regen : for bloodrage, 2exiles to show single target dps and such,

VIDEO of DOUBLE EXCAVATION BOSSes in vuln + temp chains map with friends classic map group ; its usa server which is insanely laggy for me(turkey) so i play carefull also aurabot using curse on hit with glacial cascade which ruins my total dps.. sadly forgot to record my sound so only you hear ripper culler voice in the video. some crazy map and loot explotion. some close calls but we play poe for these kind of moments anyway.

VIDEO of ABYSS & COLESSEUM MAP BOSSes from trial cards (aka shitty map mods) ; with friends classic map group ; its usa server which is insanely laggy for me(turkey) so i play carefull also aurabot using curse on hit with ball lightning which ruins my total dps by TON.. sadly forgot to record my sound so only you hear ripper culler voice in the video. some crazy map mods again..

PROs , why you want to play this build?

+ its super fast paced build, clear speed with ok gear is gg, with really good gear one of best in these days
+ atziri, uber atziri viable, atziri is cakewalk
+ hc viable with some changes on tree and items(never fan of hc anyway)
+ can be played 5link and kinda selfound cheap gear - still +25k lmp dps nuff to clear 82 maps(tested)
+ can do any mods besides bmagic + ele refl super fast, saves you currency
+ can solo mf around 150-200iir 8-20 iiq if you really desire
+ solid hp pool + coil + toh and some kinda flask management pretty safe crit char to play unlike others
+ easy to gear, so hard to reach peak stage

CONs why you dont want to play this build?

- its evasion based char, after new map mods crit chance crit multi, daresso in 82 maps, academy boss if you cant find your balance, you will die ez.. coil and taste of hate and our main arsenal dps solves this issue anyway. but if you dont know how evasion char works, or which kind of boss/dmg hurts you; stay away from this guy
- its not momentum based char, you can stop loot and such but still requires hectic playstyle to reach max potential. if you dont like super fast playstyle(aka slow fingers/reaction) and like to play afk tank, summoner, rf builds : dont play this guy
- if you follow my logic, %30 of you inv will be full; aka 'omg i cant loot well we fucking lost'
- weak vs physical dmg and physical spells
- kinda flask centric, need good flask management aka fast reflexes
- not capped on crit lololol
- cannot run ele refl and blood magic map mods
- you really know how to whirling blades to get out of danger time to time, also you really have to use whirling blade to maximize your dmg potential. aka: it requires really good playstyle unlike people think to maximize its potentail
- reflect can be issue if you act careless, aka 'dont forget to pop your flasks on big/large packs' aka 'flask centric'
- mapping with aurabot + curser can net you +200k dps on gmp(i had 221k time to time) it also means if curser act like idiot and spam 6curse on ele refl : you are dead. so be carefull open your eyes
- id really like to have 3 end charges forever, so keeping charges is important, if you are kinda lazy or not good at keeping buff/debufs and such dont recommend this build
- you need weapon swap sometimes to close bloodrage which is super safe method imo, but if you dont like switching things around and lazy guy : dont play this guy
- sadly there is no spot for cwdt setup, or inc duration link for vaal grace + haste
- you need to link everyshit with bmagic gem aka 'it sux' waste of gem slot is so much

VIDEO of TOTAL BUILD , explanation of whole build item gear gems bandits and reasons



BANDITS: oak/skill/alira

TRee with intutive leap jewel

Tree for HC, starkonja no intutive



dps spectral throw: 55.457 gmp 5power 3frenzy charges brage on - no atziri no toh or vaal haste
dps molten strike 4link: 68k(no charges, just auras) well actually u dont even need this skill but anyway its good to have for single target sometimes
crit: 89.88 5power charges
crit multi: %548
chance to hit: %92 at lvl 95 3.2k acc which is capped at 82 maps(prolly)
base attack speed : 6.17 no haste or frenzy charges
auras: wrath lvl 21 + hoi + hot, no aura nodes
vaal skill choice: grace > haste. pop grace go ham on bosses... you are already super fast no need vaal haste for sure

life: 4757
evade: %42 chance to evade attacks - 8.2k evasion
dodge: %40 spell dodge: %30
life regen: 171.3 without 3 end charges - i use 20 20 end cry selfast always up
resist: all capped ofc no chaos res on gear (impossible to get while maintaining dmg when dual wield)
movement: %46


note: dont even look claws with +350 ele dps i bought 395 ele dps crit aspeed claw but couldnt beat these .. crit multi + prefix open for wed is best in slut.


BANDITs: oak for hp normal(skill pt is viable aswell), kraityn for aspeed(skill viable), alira must for power charges

these are main flasks, just bought toh to remove my jade flask, reason is simply i wanted to maintain all resist flask together for ele refl and hard ele hitting bosses. toh doesnt help you at all its not needed. i am just perfectionist about flasks which is so important for eva crit chars imo.

rest flask are depend on map mods;
important note: i carry all these flask in my inventory to change for map mods. greed always get punished, just carry flasks in your inventory you can loot later or dont loot np.

thats all for now, if i have time and decide to write guide/finish it more will come.

cheers STOYA

also another guide for low life wander if you wanna check: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1428989
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Looks good,post videos?
link1313 wrote:
Looks good,post videos?

Yeah, would love to an an uber run with this
IRL stuff
Considering people were killing uber in 1.3 with 35k lmp dps, i suppose you could do it with your current dps, even with the buffs uber recieved.

Anyways, great build. Spectral throw is definitely not dead, even if it could do with a few buffs(small range much?).

But I have to mention one thing. Those claws are insanely gg shit. How did you even get them, and how much did it cost? Not cheap by any means.

Edit: Wow, you haven't even taken any frenzy charges, lol. Try this tree instead, maybe that the frenzy charges are better than whatever jewels you are using(if any):

Edit(again): Question, why claws and not daggers?
For try, for see, and for know.

This is a buff
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Etherfire wrote:

Edit(again): Question, why claws and not daggers?

Probably prefers the LoH from claws so he doesn't have to have leech gem.
like i said i am abit busy about real life things these days, and dont know if i wanna complete guide or not. as i mentioned before, i prefer this way so people can think, examine, try & fail & achieve the build by themselves. but ill try to explain all questions here with super patience so feel free to ask anything if you wanna learn in depths of build.

1) dagger OR claw: whole build idea comes from claws implicit cheeze. me and my friends call these kind of clever usage or things as 'cheeze' as a joke. with claw implicit logh, %3.6 hp regen from tree and manual cast 3 end charges enable me to run 8 aspeed st without any hp lose issue. and claws are faster than daggers. daggers has crit implicit and more crit on tree but this time you will need life leech or logh gem which was the thing i wanted to avoid. bmagic + leech gem cuts your dps a lot and for 5l you will deal super low dmg. as we consider all builds finished as 5link its not good idea at all.
for end game 6link, dagger dmg might(not sure prolly a bit less) be same as claws but you have to spend more nodes on tree it seems, considering i am lvl 95. dont think its wise move anyway. claws are equal to daggers these days and if you work on them like maniac i do, claws > daggers after nerfs. it seems.

2) frenzy charges: no ty. any build that generate frenzy charges from bloodrage is NO TY in my book. first of all its not something stable, its not guarenteed. it doesnt help you vs boss fights most of the time. you dont have life leech gem or source its risky to run bloodrage in most situations. and most important thing you dont have physical dmg to run it and sustain. imagine a map mod with vuln + slower regen: you dont want to use bloodrage to make u more fragile. we are already playing an evasion char which is risky. 2-3 more frenzy charges adds you ridic dps boost for sure, but here is the question? do you really need it? no. with my current items and lvl i carry 6men party while smoking and drinking my tea. with an aurabot in party i can carry 10 men party ez. like i said in guide part,: greed always get punished :D more dmg: more danger vs refl running perma brage is also risky in my build thats why its on my claw part so i can switch X x so fast to remove brage when i want. if you want frenzy charge you are free to get it, its more dps. but i wanted to explain why i didnt get it and why i hate it:D anything thats not stable is kinda no ty for me.

3) gear costs, ill be honest here and you can confirm prices from my guild members,

the items that i run uber super fast and ez, abit less dps 5.4k hp from orginal post i swap gear anyway sometimes i want more dmg sometimes more hp aspeed

storm needle claw: 10chaos
fate fang claw: 15chaos
armor: selfound 285fuse for 6link
belt: selfound
boots: selfound
gloves: 1chaos - i know its joke but i asked a guy he wanted 1 chaos anyway 2ex for mali
starkonja: 1chaos ez, rats 2ex and i divined to near perf
carrion gyre diamond ring: 20chaos - again was ready to pay 1-2ex guy wanted 20 chaos
pain knot diamond ring: 5chaos - nothing special but works GG
havoc braid agate amulet: 7chaos - was ready to pay 40 chaos to 1ex guy wanted 7chaos nothing to do
wraith torc amulet: from lover card

4) can i make this build with diff tree: feel free to do it, but to be honest i spent around 150regrets ez to make it peak stage max performance. i guess this tree is best soooo far. i wouldnt change it

5) this build works as other classes, ranger>scion>shadow. on the paper scion seems best but you will lose imba life eva start of ranger but anyway all three same as you see. but fucking scion start has %30 crit multi advantage so scion is promising.

6)i also tried reave on my cureent tree: 130k dps which is promising if you wanna try, lightstrike 6link with lmp+chain clear speed is unrival, frostblade is really fast clear aswell.

7) for video, its so hard with my pc and connection but i might try after i lvl. , generally dont die in uber not even once but anyway. most our guild members are from usa i am from turkey, we run ridic 82 maps sometimes so i wanna lvl first. but as long as you dont make mistake, you clear everythng so fast in milisecs.

8) claws, as i mentioned on my first post, i tried 395ele dps crit claw, i was %95 sure my claws are better and i tested. these claws are bis. crit multi + wed prefix craft is unrival. shhhh dont tell every1 so we can buy these claws 10-15chaos next leauge(another reason i didnt wanna write guide lol). but lets be honest, which builds use these claws, close to non. so they are cheap they will be cheap.

9) for uber atziri if you really want to, you can spec point blank in tree and still can kill uber atziri with 4link SUPER DUPER FAST. she will spawn and aghhhh die :D

10) jools that i use:

first 4 of them are my main, rest depends i use the one with crit for last spot but other gives more dmg on paper but i want a bit crit. all jools are less than 15chaos so i paid 10-15chaos per each. static electricity location is close to vaal pact jool node.

feel free to ask questions here, ill check everyday. my ign: WeFuckingLOST
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Build looks nice, did you tried replacing crit dmg for added lightning? It gives you more TT dps iirc.
added lightning vs inc crit: added light is cool choice as well as inervative(whatever its called gives u onslght) esp when you wear mali + rats nest means when u have solid crit chance. but increasing flat light dmg and boosting it with wed gem MORE multiplier is kinda super risky. when you happen to reach high lvls with solid gear you will worry about 2 things, 1 major issue will be reflect esp when you run maps with aurabots, 2 super big hits that deals more dmg than your hp pool esp phys ones.
i used crit gem mostly cause i was running rare gloves + starkonja so add light gem is pretty cool but i wouldnt use it tho.
How do you maintain power charges in curse immune map? Cos in your setup, you rely on curse on hit to gain power charges from assassin's mark. Can you tell us how much is your total crit multiplier for your spectral throw? :D

Thanks. Have a nice day!
@kenny: rolled this char to low life claw st atm with gemini claw to sustain mana issues(i can buy acuity but those items doesnt exist for me anyway, build has to work without it).making last tests today to release small guide like this again.

as far as i remember it was %546 or %564(around 450 without mali rare gloves i posted) with maligaros and inc crit dmg gem. like i said before we have solid map group as guild, close to perf my best friend plays culler ripper with conduit so i had no problems at all. when i play solo (which is so rare, i die from boredom) i use pcoc gem in curse imm maps or when i face with a boss who has less adds(or if i want to be sure about power charges) i swap to pcoc gem, damage lose is not bad anyway. half of my inventory is filled with different gems, flasks anyway. i am always prepeared in any map mods and any boss in game ofc this means: less loot :D

also as long as you are +%400 crit multi its all good for poe.

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