Low Life Wander RANGER (non mirrored gear/no acuity 139k gmp with 180pdps wand)

hi, Stoya here. this my 2nd mini guide/showcase(or whatever its called). have to remind that i am writing this small guides just because of my fr list demands or people who i met while playing, no show off or something else. if you wanna ask question about build or any other game mechanics or possibilities about build feel free to ask; ign: WefuckingLOST , ALMOSTWander

140KB DPS SCREENSHOT easiest SS of my life for dps whores. haste + vaal haste + toh + atziri flask + rallying cry items and rest same.

real dps with 6power 3 frenzy charges + toh + atziri promise grace up: 92k gmp kinetic blast
real dps with 6power 3 frenzy chargs + toh + atziri promise grace up: 33k barrage

SHOWOFF with lvl 19 haste aura on prism for dps whores charges + flasks + rallying cry

kinetic blast: 114k gmp dps with 180pdps wand
barrage: 43k dps

ps: these numbers are for just showoff and for dps whores who goes yolo and give up balance: GREED. as you see no need to use haste in this build(imo) when grace serves you and party IMBA. 115k gmp dps is not needed in 6men party. i can ez 1 shot 92k gmp 6men party with build while maintaining survive on higher amounts.

dps kb 6link no charges: 43.624k , 6power 3 frenzy : 92k
dps barrgae 4link no charges: 15.031k , 6power 3 frenzy : 34k
attack per sec no charges: 3.5
acc ratin: %92 +3500 flat , which is %95 chance to hit on my lvl(lvl 95)
crit chance no charges: 65.94 -- CRIT CAPPED with 6 power charges / no maligaros 1diamond ring
crit multi: %462
life leech: %0.68 gloves + rings
mana leech: 1.2 from auxium power charges


PRISM GUARDIAN: lvl 21 wrath + lvl 19 anger (not lvl 20 yet) + lvl 20 grace (haste is not rec its lame no need to be dps whore when u have +75k 100k gmp dmg)

bmagic: lvl 9 clarity, not even needed just using it for party play and gem holder, ez replace with inc duration + vaal grace/haste + move vaal discipline gem here

hatred 20 , discipline 20 , herald of ice 20 20 on mana

curse on hit setup: herald of ice + curse on hit + poacher's mark for FLASK charges mana on hit and frenzy, ez replace for proj weakness, ass mark, warlords mark, enfeeble, temp chains ez to colour for your personal choice i like poachers/proj/temp anyway. for bosses or such dangerous places remove curse on hit gem and manually spam temp chains/proj weakenss on boss.


for this defence part, i want to remind that with poachers mark + primal spirit + all surgoens flask i have my ALL flasks up %99 of time even vs bosses and such. requires some sorta fast playstyle, nvm wander is ez spam char anyway not hard to keep up flasks.

es: 6.1k (energy from within jool on melding spot crucial)
damage reduction : %2 base, %25 with rumi, %36 with well rolled granite
evasion : %42 percent with my grace, %60 with well rolled jade
resist: 75 all no chaos res
movement speed: %25, %95 with perf quicksilver, but i generally use curse imm quicksilver here


wand: 15chaos - its garbage wand,i sold one of best wands in the leauge first month ill make new wand soon nvm its working great now 183 pdps or something ok wand

shavs: selfound linked by me(used vorici to 6l i had currency and leauge was ending nvm i wanted to test build)

gloves: selfound no idea about price 1ex prolly

boots: selfound lets say 1ex

helm: guildie gift for 40chaos , prolly + 5ex ez best piece of gear so far imo

belt: 5-10chaos bought + 1end charge for 50chaos who doesnt like more end charge anyway esp when i go warlords or selfast end cry

amulet: you can check my other guide old amulet that i bought for 40chaos , yolo exalted %eva which is awesome for my build and %es craft: approx 4-5ex

diamond ring: old ring again from other guide/char 20chaos , yolo ex flat eva(happy about it gg) %es craft, approx 4-5ex

two stone ring: 10chaos , pretty spesific ring only wanders that want its GG anyway


BANDITS: skill/skill/alira power charge

FLASK (core)

main flasks i use, rest in inv:D

inventory flasks and gems i swap


1) OMG NO BLOOD RAGE aka 'this build sux'

first of all check the dps numbers i got with trash wand, check my aspeed and ask yourself 1question: 'do i really fucking need more dps&aspeed?' imo no ty.
also sustaining bloodrage requires life leech gem on kb which i hate the idea. with all my flasks up(thnx primal spirit + poachers they are always up) i had zero issue with survive, reflect and such.
bloodrage is now physical dmg and sustaining it is really super hard not worth to use.
most and most annoying part is, you shield slot is full, so u cant wep swap X zip zap X to switch brage and regen. so NO TY PLS. i feel like its not worth to use. but if you really wand(which is super risky dangerous and you need to maintain momentum of clear speed without stopping) remove inc crit gem and replace leech gem and good to go, warlords mark coh is another options aswell. nb

2) why no templar/witch aura cluster?

well, it only enables you to run 1 more aura on your life which i tested and used AA which was good. but it requires so much pts on tree so : NO TY

3) OMG NO STUN IMM aka ' you fucking lost' answer is: entropy block evade flasks!

well i have %46 block with rumi(1 more to reminder my flasks are up all time ty) %42 evasion, and i have %50 stun recovery rolled flask which is up %1000 of time. i hear the voice i get stunned but i dont stop attacking or stunlocked, so it doesnt effect me at all. for some boss fights like crema mageara (firstorm stunlock opiop) i carry my eye of chayula near me and replace it with other ring to cap resist and get stun imm. well its just 'incase' situation i never used eye of chayula and i never get any issues with stun on this girl including 82 maps(core abyss coll etc).

4) grabbin UW STANCE is worth it?

id never ever do that. losing evasion? are u fucking kidding me no ty. spending tons of pts: no ty

5) 6.1k es seems low ?

tree is flexible you can get more es ez. i feel safe with 6.1k es anyway. just not bad. use warlords enfeeble temp coh for hard maps.

6) barrage or frenzy or siphon for single target?

siphon > rest but i have ripper culler friend who i always play with. i dont like frenzy so barrage is way to go. and leeching with barrage is let u sit on boss/rare face and spam all day.
slower projectiles and wed gem gives more dmg than inc crit: reminder

7) is this build is really budget for every1? good for 1 month?
1 month: hell no gear requires so much spesific shits, acc str aspeed flat ele dmg es and such hard to get all for 1 month. but if u really want go for it. didnt even mention quality gem needs and aura gem lvls.

this build is budget? well hard call, i say its super cheap for other low life builds. i posted what i paid for gear. no acuity/no mirrored gear piece/180pdps crap wand, temp leauge : 115k gmp dps
i call it OP BUILD.. your call.

8) which class is better for low life?

unlike ALL players think, i still say ranger is best slut for wander. scion is not bad, witch is no ty in my book. your choice, as you see tree all close to each other. ranger start opiop. nuff said.

9) map mods to avoid?

ele refl, phys refl is issue but doable np but id roll those maps anyway. high risk with less reward.
bmagic is no ty.
rest is easy to swap flasks around.
for vuln maps, you might swap eye of chayula which is not needed but safer.

10) OMG NO COE aka 'this build sux'

well its epic piece but low es gg leech -30 fire resist, we use prism and my amulet and tree has no spell dmg. if you start witch and get spell dmg and spell dmg per power charge node and if you cap resist, i see no point not to use it. still solid still gg helm choice.

11) what about auxium?

it was so pricey before now its super cheap. i see no point not to use it. solid piece for super cheap and FREEZE shit. imo its best in slut for build. mana leech op makes all ez. without auxium you need to change tree and items but like i said its 15 40chaos in warbands. nuff said

12) is this tree optimal?

well i spent 150 regrets, this tree works best for me. but you are tailor here. try whatever u want. thrill killer- soul siphon can be replaced for example, if you have better gear take off some nodes and such. your tree your choices. if you follow my tree with these kind of ok items the numbers i reached is there. i wouldnt touch primal spirit, melding + energy from within synergy rest is your call.

13) is this items optimal/must?

none of this items 'must' besides prism and imo auxium. rest can be replaced upgrade and such. these are not super pricey items, cheap selfound or mid pricey gears. every1 who wanna play low life build can achive this.(at least imo)

14) for dps whores: 'CAN U 1SHOT WHOLE PACK IN 82 MAPS LOLOLOL'
ye i can gracefully and ez. you can be happy with your acuity and mirrored gear.

15) reflect is problem ?

no. ez evade ez block ez leech ez toh ez atziri promise(i dont even use it)

16) you accuracy ratin is problem?

i am %100 sure i am capped for 82 maps. check gear. and i have 1 jool with acc aswell and golem

17) how the fuck you get crit capped?

with new inc crit strikes gem, golem , tree, charges. ez game ez life. no need to spend tons of currency to gear and spend pts in tree. best in slut gem for this build. nuff said.

18) gem setup is optimal?

well kb + barrage is optimal. clarity i dont need it. replace it with inc duration + vaal haste move vaal discipline there.

19) kb gems i wanna change them?
you call your choice. try&examine&fail and try again. this seems best for me but ofc you can change inc crit for something else, or inc crit strikes for other gem, you can even remove pcoc and use ass mark on coh setup and such.

20) do i really need this lame flame dash or light warp?
imo its must, wander lacks movement skill and i myself will never play wander without these skills.
ash lessard bear trap: death without moving skill
vaal roa in village ruin map + psn arrow after it : good bye cruel world.
ofc you can play wander without these but i wouldnt. your call


i wont play wander without single target skill aswell. your call :D barrage is so awesome siphon bis frenzy is gg. frost wall is not something stable and i dont have pierce for it too. if you go for frostwall cheeze you should use poacher's aim jool anyway. its nuff. we have nuff slot for single target skill anyway. just use one of it

feel free to ask any questions you want, ill try to answer all.

peace STOYA

edit before i reroll char;
ALTERNATE ITEMS AND TREE with STUN imm + Life leech gem you can also run brage ez with leech gem and safer in any map mods

kb dps with charges: 99k with toh + atziri flask + rallying + brage : 122k
es: 5.8k

Alternate tree & GEAR


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good work
Start playing in Feb 9, 2013
My KineticBlast LL ML 400kDPS GMP /view-thread/1466693
Asus LGA1155 P8P67 / Intel Core i5-2500@4GHz / Corsair Vengeance 16GB@1600MHz
Asus GTX970 STRIX 4GB / Asus ROG Xonar Phoebus 7.1
Acer 27 IPS 2560x1440@144Hz [XF270HU] + BenQ 24 TN-film 1920x1080@120Hz [XL2420T]
added alternate gear and tree section with stun imm and leech gem
Build seems solid but as one of probably many people that don't have a Shavronne's Wrappings I'm curious how this does as a CI build or a life build with just that one aura less.
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Nice build i just hate the sound of kentic blast, any sujestions on using power siphon with this build?

i have loads of currency and all the items.
IGN - @SlutOhMyy (Ambush)
tostie wrote:
Build seems solid but as one of probably many people that don't have a Shavronne's Wrappings I'm curious how this does as a CI build or a life build with just that one aura less.

i wouldnt play low life wander without shavs these days. we alreayd lack solid es pool(under 7k with my gear and tree) losing shavs will have huge impact on surviving some hard situations.

life based wander is more promising then low life wander with solaris, also life based wander has leech advantage, no stun imm worries, can use pots in shitty situations, can stack eva more and such. 2nd char on warbands i made was life based wander. i am %100 sure it was best wander in the leauge soooo far (i managed to craft insane wand that i sold for +20ex 1st month of leauge). but after 1 shotting everything on maps in 6men party i decided to reroll that char(it was ruining our drops, so much dps no culls for party).

also i wanna be honest here, wander feels sorta weird after some points. LACK OF ORIGINAL MOVEMENT SKILL is super lame, no whirling blades no leap.. flame dash sux, warp sux for wander we are not goddamn caster.

@sing: lol, i am huge fan of siphon still :D even kb is superior these days that siphon animationa and sound is super orgasmic. but i never able to play siphon because of culler in guild :) if you have one of best culler player in poe history in your guild you dont wanna make him mad right :D

siphon setup: must (siphon + gmp + chain + wed ) must + inc crit strikes +inc crit + life leech + fast att 3 of them you want.. id go inc crit strikes + leech anyway

i am pretty sure you can find better gear on standart then i have in warbands anyway

ps: also shavs was 8-12ex range in warbands, i bet its easy to buy 1 on standart these days. pretty sure it will cost less than gg wand you wanna buy or craft :D so no need to make builds and assumptioms around solaris for life.. maybe i am wrong? no idea about standart tho
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what jewels do you use?
RIP King of the Forest view-thread/1738625

My Lootfilter: view-thread/1696052
would thsi work as a ele wander?

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