Mathil's HyaonClone - Full Lightning Cyclone, cheap super clearspeed

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HyaonClone is a very high movement and attack speed Cyclone build based on using the unique sword Hyaon's Fury to scale and deal nothing but lightning damage. Paired with 8-10 frenzy charges and the use of Darkray Vectors the build runs very fast, has very high evasion, dodge and dps on a fairly low budget.

For a video guide of the build and some gameplay, click here.

For a video of some of the leveling action click here.

Deathless Atziri Run

Ranger Passive Tree 112 points

Passive Tree Discussion:
- The passive tree focuses largely around getting as much attack speed, movement speed, life and the most efficient elemental buffs possible.
- In the end you should have 15% chance to shock from the tree and through getting it, quite a bit of lightning/elemental damage.
- More life can be invested in through the Scion wheel if you really want more.
- The build has about as much movement speed as you can get from the passive tree without wasting passives.
- Resolute Techniques should be taken at around lvl 75+ or when you start dipping well below 90% accuracy
- The passive tree can be adjusted to start as Duelist, Templar or Shadow without losing much of anything. Scion can also be done but the start is a little less useful than the others.

- There's quite a lot of travelling on the passive tree and it's best to take care of a lot of it while leveling, when you get many free passives from quests.
- Starting Ranger you'll go towards Duelist side first and travel to Templar. This route will result in little damage scaling but your movement speed and defences should be quite solid.
- Both Shadow and Templar starts are straight forward as you will fill out their respective areas and travel to the other side of the tree.
- Starting Shadow or Templar will result in the most elemental damage scaling early on but movement speed will be minimal.

- Cleave is recommended to level with until level 28 for Cyclone, although Static Strike can be used as well. Grab 2 1h weapons, preferably leveling uniques and you'll be set until Cyclone.
- If you can get an Elreon Jewelry or two it will make the level process much easier as your skills will be free and you can run 3 heralds at level 16.
- Leveling uniques such as Ondars Clasp are highly recommended. Others include Ignomon, Wanderlust/Lioneyes Paws, Meginord's Girdle/Prismweave.
- Try to buy foils with high lightning damage and attack speed to level with. Other elements are useful throughout leveling as you won't yet be purely lightning but the main focus is lightning on weapons/jewelry.
- Use Wrath/Herald of Ice/Herald of Thunder once you can paired with blood magic on your main skills or Elreon Jewelry. Replace Herald of Ice at the higher levels with Arctic Armor.


Warbands/Softcore character:

Tempest/Hardcore character:

Gear Discussion:

Weapon - At least 1 Hyaon is almost essential. The build can still function off of a high lightning foil with WED and attack speed but a Hyaon will increase your DPS by something like 50%. If dual wielding then a 2nd Hyaon doesn't serve much benefit anymore(barely any dps increase, huge damage taken gain) and I suggest using a good foil. A good foil shouldn't be costly or hard to find. Max lightning damage roll, max attack speed roll and either mastercrafted WED or a high WED roll.

Helm - Either a rare helm with a mix of high life > evasion > resists > int or Devoto's Devotion is recommended. If you can make the resists work and don't mind losing some life then Devoto's is a very strong option. 20% movement speed and 15% attack speed paired with good evasion and chaos res is almost too good to not take so if you're doing okay on life and resists I'd definitely use one.

Chest - This slot is a tough one as I don't think there's any clear best in slot, it will largely be up to what you prefer on a chest. A Bronn's Lithe or Carcass Jack should net the highest clear speeds and Carcass jack allows for easy linking colours. A pure evasion chest with high EV/life/resists is best defensively but be careful as getting the right colours may be hard. Hyrrie's Ire is another great defensive chest but only if you can afford to lose the life. Daresso's Defiance is a good offensive/defensive chest but is a bit low on evasion so I'd only use it if you have good evasion elsewhere. Lightning Coil if you are truly rich and want to be very safe.

Boots - Darkray Vectors are in my opinion the best in slot. You gain 16-20% dodge depending on how many frenzy charges you can get and that is pretty much unbeatable for defense on boots. On top of that they give 40-50% movement speed when charges are up.

Gloves - There aren't any super good glove choices so I use this slot to get good attack speed, life and resists on a rare pair of gloves. This is my slot of choice to skip evasion as well and get a base capable of housing my curse on hit setup (atleast 3 blue gems). I suppose Thunderfists aren't bad but I don't think they offer enough to the build over rare gloves.

Belt - A high life leather belt with 30+ WED is the best option here. I try to buy a belt with high life, 30+ WED and 1 resist for under 10 chaos to then put a 2nd resist on with Tora myself.

Rings - Rings aren't very challenging since we get plenty of resists elsewhere and need no accuracy. Some int may be needed to use your auras. Get high life and either high WED or high lightning damage to attacks. From my testing they are worth roughly the same for your dps. If you can get both that's great too.

Amulet - An int base with high life and at least WED or lightning damage to attacks is the goal. If you can get both damage modifiers, great. If you can get +1 frenzy corruption, that's ideal but it's not at all easy or cheap, good luck.

Shield - High evasion and life is the goal. Any resists are a bonus since resists shouldn't be too hard to come by. All in all an easy and cheap slot to get. Can chaos spam a shield yourself if feeling ballsy. I'd go with a Lacquered Buckler.

Gems & Links:

- My warbands characters gear has most of the ideal links to look at.

5L ideal chest setup - Cyclone + Blood Magic + Weapon Ele Dmg + Lightning Pen + Increased Area

6th Link - Faster attacks is good dps gain and an easy gem slot for evasion chests. Added Lightning damage is the highest dps gain by far so if you can spare a blue use that. Life Leech is the safest option to actually give the build some leech. Conc effect is used only to sub in over Increased Area during boss fights.

Curse on hit Setup - Herald of Thunder + Curse on Hit + Conductivity

Travel setup - Whirling Blades + Blood Magic + Fortify + Blood Rage

Vaal Skill setup - Vaal Grace + Vaal Haste + Increased Duration

Loose bits and pieces - Blood Magic + Flame Golem + Conductivity + Frenzy
Use Frenzy to maintain charges when losing momentum and conductivity to manually curse of Herald of Thunder fails to do so.

Bandits - Passive or 40 life --- 8 Attack speed --- Frenzy Charge

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Ranger frenzy charge missing from tree. Nicebuild.
Ranger frenzy charge missing from tree. Nicebuild.

You saw nothing.
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Hey Mathil whats your opinion on Surgebinders? 7% increase elemental damage per frenzy charge?
What about Jewel? Or am I missing something?
XtraSalty wrote:
Hey Mathil whats your opinion on Surgebinders? 7% increase elemental damage per frenzy charge?

They're probably more dps than a rare pair of gloves given the 50+ ele they give but I don't think it's worth the stress on your gear personally. You're gaining 56 ele and even lower frenzy duration but losing potential life, resists and attack speed.

I feel you have to pick your battles with what uniques to wear and where you can drop life. I don't think this is the place.
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Hi mate, i am fired up to made this build in my ranger but i have few questions :

1. In you'r opinion there is much space for upgrades in your warband character ?
2. How are you feel at 76+ maps ? Does you're health not melt down too fast ?
3. What do you think about shield variant on this build ? isn't it lower your dps too much ??

Sorry for my english ^^
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Nice build!
Out of curiosity, why do you grab the sanctify node?
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Does wrath 21% increased lightning damage with spells work with lightning damage on weapon using cyclone?

Hey there,is it doryani's belt an interesting option for the build?
Or is it better to have a wed life resis belt? Not sure about which one scales better in damage

And about second weapon or shield,which is the best option? Ty in advance
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