Added Chaos Damage

As always with (normal*) Supports, they apply all their listed modifiers to the linked Skill. The Quality bonus will improve your Converted Damage (ever so slightly).

* = The only exception is the Enlighten/Empower/Enhance Quality bonus, which explicitly only applies to the Gem itself.
How do you get this gem?
Added Chaos is a drop-only Gem at the moment. If you don't want to trade for it, your best bet is rerolling Gemcutter boxes to Only Supports, which is a pretty poor way to get an Added Chaos :P
There is also a chance that Catarina sells one for an orb of alchemy, once she's level 3. Though the chance is quite low.
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Can anyone pls tell me why explicit this gem cant be bought like any other "added gems"? I mean im playing a viper strike build at the moment and im SSF HC (in beta), so trading isnt possible. Are there any reasons behind this? I mean for viper strike this gem is extremly important.

As far as I can tell, it was considered "exotic" enough to restrict. Before 2.0.0 came out and it was made one of the 6 gems to be drop-only, there was almost no option for chaos damage: there was Poison Arrow, (now renamed CAUSTIC Arrow) Viper Strike, and TECHNICALLY Desecrate; all three were dexterity gems, with Added Chaos Damage being the only chaos support, and the only way to get it with spells.

2.0.0 DID add two more chaos gems, being Summon Chaos Golem (INT) and Abbysal Cry. (STR) So the floodgates on access to chaos-element gems was already busting open. And of course, with 2.1.0's Poison changes and the influx of chaos damage spells... Suddenly we got Contagion, Essence Drain, Wither, Poison, and Void Manipulation: three new active INT gems and two new DEX supports.

All of a sudden, chaos damage was quite accessible from vendors and quest rewards... Except for the Added Chaos Damage support.

Given that the OTHER five gems that are drop-only are very particular (the three "E" gems, and the two white gems) and that chaos damage is no longer a rarity to have... It seems rather silly. I suspect that it might be a case of half of GGG not really keeping up with the other, much like was the case with Trolltimber Spire: its leech effect was rendered largely useless by the totem changes introduced in 2.0.0... Which was the exact same patch Trolltimber Spire was introduced in; it took until their 2.6.0 revisit of uniques to make it something other than utter garbage.

I think it's a similar case here, and I'd agree with you: Added Chaos Damage needs to be capable of being bought from a vendor. If it still needed to be "unique," just make it an Act 4 gem buyable by all classes for an alch. You make a VERY valid point, in that SSF leagues make this particular absence REALLY bad.
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Hey, So Im newer to this game and I running a Crit/Elemental Consecrated Path Inquisitor. Right now (for mapping) im running Consecrated Path, Melee Physical, Elemental with Attacks, Inc AoE, and Inc critical Strikes. Im wondering if I should add added cold or faster attacks. Also, I have 100% physical to elemental damage with hrimsorrow gloves.
This gem is as rare as Exalted Orb now.
Great design!
Lilly Roth's gems are now sorted into Skills and Supports, and she now sells Added Chaos Damage Support and Detonate Mines.

Finally easier to get during leveling
should work for damage over time on this support
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