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Templar/Scion - Blood Magic Discharger (Self Found/Budget) by SirSwift
This is an inexpensive build that's aimed at the more experienced player. When used correctly, it can be explosive! It works by using a combination of Enduring Cry, Shock Nova and Discharge. The level process is flexible but it's recommended to use Firestorm + Flame Totem until level 70 and then switch to Discharge. The recommended keystones are Blood Magic, Elemental Equilibrium and Resolute Technique.

Shadow - Beginner's Guide to Ball Lightning by Angryafrican
This guide provides thorough information for your level progression on this build. It doesn't require expensive items or currency. You'll want to focus on items that provide elemental resistances, life, cast speed and added elemental damage to spells on weapons. Towards the end game you'll also want to focus on high energy shield, life and crit based items.

Marauder - 2H Resolute Technique Cyclone by Lighty
This fast moving build can be used with a Marauder or Duelist and provides a separate skill tree for using an Axe, Sword, Mace and more. It relies on using fortify and Resolute Technique. From level 31 onward you'll want to use Cyclone, Life Gain on Hit, Bloodmagic and Fortify. There are no specific Uniques or other gear that's required but you'll generally aim for tri-resistance gear, life, attack speed, movement speed and weapon elemental damage if possible.

Duelist - The Iron Reave - 100k DPS Crit Duel Wield Block Iron Reflex Reaver by ZweihundertMorder
This build is described as a pseudo Dual Wield Reaver. It uses an offhand weapon that can't be used for Reave to get the dual wield bonus. It boasts a high clear speed, decent damage and great mobility. You'll need to get dual wield block and use offhand weapons that have a passive benefit for your main-hand attacks. The gems you'll need are Reave, Multistrike, Melee Physical Damage and Faster attacks. You can swap out faster attacks, crit chance and crit damage as you see fit depending on your links.
Nice. First BTW.
Baha congrats on the feature Lighty!:D

- culler
Hello i am Player159632.
Interesting indeed.
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Happy Hunting Exiles.
Congratz Lighty! Your build is awesome!
nice builds
100k dps is only considered "decent"?
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Interesting build!
IGN: Jerle_MSJ
Thanks for posting these! Very helpful for new players :)

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