The graphics for Enfeeble curse is too similar to the Poison Arrow cloud, hard to distinguish between the two.
Im assuming it doesn't but if I enfeeble a monster that has lets say reflect elemental damage does enfeeble lower that reflect damage?
Reflect is based simply on damage taken. They don't take any less damage, so the monster reflects the same amount of damage.
question about this.

"Cursed enemies have X% less critical strike multiplier"

Crit reduction passives, to contrast with that, are worded:

"You take X% less bonus damage from enemy critical strikes"


This feels incorrect, or as if the wording is done poorly. If enfeeble's crit reduction works exactly as stated, a level 17 enfeeble would lower multipliers from 150% to less than 100% (150 * [1-.36] = 96). That doesn't seem right.

It should work the same as crit reduction passives: (100 + 50 * [1 - .36] = 132). With both crit reduction passives it should be 100 + 50 * [1 - .36] * [1 - .15]^2 = 123.

Could we get clearer wording?
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The wording was incorrect, but not for the reason you suggest - it was listed as less/more when it's actually reduced/increased.
It does apply to the critical strike multiplier as a whole - it's the opposite of the stat you can get on passives which increases your critical strike multiplier by a percentage.
I'll talk with Carl about whether we want to introduce a new stat for the curse that works differently.

UPDATE: We're adding a minimum cap on all critical strike multipliers - they can't be reduced below 100%. Carl may also look at the balance on enfeeble.
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Does Enfeeble also work against spell damage and spell crits? Or is it purely against physical attacks?
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It puts a penalty on the all-encompassing Damage. It works against basically everything.
So spell crits are reduced too? What about chaos damage?

Also, Enfeeble reduces Accuracy which only applies to physical attacks, right?
Yes, yes, and correct respectively (although Attacks aren't strictly Physical).
Enfeeble is pretty cool. Can you tell?
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Enfeeble really only gets stronger at the accuracy department when improved? Wondering if this is a mistake on the PoE wiki or intended by the devs. Enfeeble is strong, but quality only having an effects on accuracy makes it totally worthless to improve in hardcore. As -accuracy suffers from the same as evasion on HC atm - too risky due to lethal burst damage when unlucky with RNG.

Imo the enfeeble quality improvement would be alot better even with only a -0.5% extra reduced damage (instead of accuracy) for a total of 44% damage reduction at quality rank 20. Unless this would be overpowered in your eyes dunno.

It also feels wrong that enfeeble is mandatory on brutus/kole on cruel/merciless to avoid being one-shotted as melee. But this is a design issue with those bosses, not enfeeble.

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