[2.0] Blink & Mirror Arrow Scion - Cheap and Effective!

Sorry for my late reply TobiMcNamobi.
I don't have experience with a trap setup, and to be honest I dislike traps. I just manually shoot them, and get up max 4 (strong) clones.

Thanks again dariidar, for your excellent suggestions. Haven't tried chain yet, which is on my list. But the additional arrow quiver, lioneye's and EE are awesome.
I might make an Atziri vid myself, if my pc can handle it...

Hi, is this build 2.1 viable? I fell in love with these skills after using them as off skills in my recent build and they still performed extremely well. Also I am a complete novice to this game, 4 days old. Can anyone help me with a more detailed leveling guide? I usually have trouble in act 4 everytime and im on act 1 of merciless for the first time currently.

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