[3.6] Dual Strike crit assassin with claws

Hey guys, just wanted to give you a quick update on what is going on. Playing dual strike with impale on berserker right now and it is a very strong dual strike build as far as I can tell. The attack speed gain is absurd and crit chance reduction of blitz is no matter at all. Impale works very well. The problem is with that much attack speed as berserker can get and dual strike's damage it is very easy to deal tons of damage.

That's the good news but I can't update the assassin version right now. I haven't found any way for assassin to outscale that 70% attack speed multiplier dual strike has right now, only berserker can do that. With the way how PoE changed it isn't possible to play a skill with 70% attack speed multiplier which requires you to be very fast to survive due to its close range. Although berserker works very well it hurts me that I see it as the only strong endgame option right now.

Tl;dr: Berserker is awesome on every melee skill right now, impale is very good on high attack speed attacks but the 70% attack speed multiplier of dual strike cripples extremely hard.

If you have made any other experiences please let me know :)

Edit: Faster attacks support could solve the problem but I really dislike the idea of offering a good 6th link just to compensate the attack speed nerf.
Last edited by AquaFreeze on Jul 19, 2019, 4:59:22 AM
Hey aqua freeze, thanks for the build, i am currently testing it after quiting from PoE for 2 seasons. Playing assassin version but im not at al at end game yet. Currently steamrolling white maps. I might use a Decoy totem or shockwave totem just for fun and certein encounters such as multiple syndicate bosses or a legion with 5-6 rare enemys, since thats where i sometimes have problems even when i rotate Dual strike/whirling blades back and forth. I got lucky enough to loot an exalted orb while leveling in act 5 so have some descent starter gear atm. Dual strike is TONS of fun. GL with youre zerker build!

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