[3.3] TheAmigoShotz! -Lifebased Windripper Raider! Insane Clearspeed + Deathless Shaper!

Thanks to Daeeek for the awesome illustration!

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Thanks to c0debr3ak for the GIF (Bear in mind this is not with MF gear, but insane DPS gear)

Hey guys! -I just made a new Insane Build Guide for you guys, this time it's Elemental hit! -If you wanna check it out, you can click here. (Build has 3 Mil+ Shaper DPS + 7k life)

Also i know the guide is a little outdated, but i really don't have the time to work on it right now, it will take a whole revamp session to make! -instead feel free to PM me ingame for questions :)

Hello fellow exiles!

If you are one of the lucky guys in possesion of a Windripper, this might be the build for you.
TheAmigoShotz is capable of clearing end game maps, Atziri + Shaper, the endgame labyrinth and most mapmods. The build also has two options, a Raider version and a Pathfinder version (not that indepth).

DISCLAIMER: This Build is not meant for beginners. Some of the gear can be a little expensive, and require knowledge to know what stats you want on your rares. So i would not recommend this as a complete starter build. If you are a new Player i'd recommend checking out the Beginner's Guide by Zizaran. I would also not play this as a league-starter, as ranger is currently not that good for leveling with bad gear. But once you have currency in the league this is a very nice build!

And of course, if you got any questions regarding the build be free to ask me ingame at @TheAmigoBoyz_LSC



  • How do you generate powercharges? -You have three options. You can use Herald of ice, linked with Curse on Hit and Assassins Mark, however it does only work if you Don't have a elemental weakness curse on your corrupted gloves. You can also use Frenzy linked with Powerchage on crit. You will only have to use this skill once every 10 seconds do refresh charges. You can also use the expensive, but best option, which includes the Blue Dream jewel.
  • What's best? Raider or Inquisitor? -I'd highly recommend Raider, as it's much better to level with, and has alot higher clearspeed compared to the Inquisitor.
  • I cannot sustain my mana cost, what do i do? -You need to make sure you have grabbed the 0,4% hybrid life/mana leech node between Spirit Void and Vitality Void. While leveling you will likely still get mana problems, since the leech is based on your damage, and the damage isn't high enough while leveling. So a thing you can do is either to use elreon jewelry while leveling, or get a thiefs torment ring. It gives alot of mana on hit
  • Why do you take Raider instead of Inquisitor? -Since we get so much penetration, Raider is the optimal choice! -Inquisitor also have a problem, since it's in the left side of the skilltree, whereas ranger is to the right. Since we focus on added elemental damages, and need attack speed to get high damage, raider is the optimal choice!

Videos of The Build In Action


  • (2.0) Gorge clear at level 86: - link
  • (2.0) Precinct with elemental weakness at level 90 - link
  • (2.0) Precinct using Rain of Arrows instead of split arrow - link
  • (2.1) t15 Kaom Kill - link
  • (2.1) Gorge speedclear - link
  • (2.5) Expensive gear + vinktar t15 clear - link
  • (2.5) Obtainable budget gear with 5link t12 clear - link
  • (2.5) TheAmigoShotz Gorge Speedrun - link
  • (2.5) Build Guide Video - link
  • (2.5) Shaped Atoll map video! - link
  • (pre 2.6) -Changes to the build in the 2.6 patch including BUFFS to the skilltree! - link
  • (2.6) Build showcase at lvl 75 in HC Legacy! - link
  • (2.6) Build guide and showcase at lvl 86 in HC Legacy -Build is HC viable! - link
  • (3.0) Abyss t15 map video! - link
  • (3.0) Springs t14 map video! - link
  • (3.0) Deathless Shaper Run! - link
  • (3.0) In Depth Build guide and showcase! - link
  • (3.1)(MF version) In Depth Build guide and showcase in Abyss League! - link

Amigo's Original Ranger Version:

Pros and cons:

  • Crazy Clearspeed
  • Keep your frenzy charges in boss fights!
  • Free rarity and quantity from the windripper
  • Can reach over 7k life with Kaoms!
  • Shaper Viable

  • Can be VERY expensive
  • Cannot do Reflect Maps
  • Vaal Pact means No regen

The Skilltree:

Skilltrees, Path of Building and different Ascendancy options:


  • (Updated Dec 13) 3.1 Level 78: link
  • (Updated Dec 13) 3.1 Level 100: link

Why Run raider? -Faster clearspeed, but doesn't have slayer leech

  • (Updated Dec 13) 3.1 Level 87: link
  • (Updated Dec 13) 3.1 Level 100: link

Why Run Ascendant? -Slower clearspeed but more survivability because of slayer leech!

Note: you might want to grab additional int from the tree if you gear doesnt provide enough

Ascendancy Point Upgrade order

  • Normal: Way of the Poacher
  • Cruel: Quartz Infiusion
  • Merciless: Avatar of the Veil
  • Endgame: Avatar of the slaughter

  • Normal: Str/Dex + Passive point
  • Cruel: Slayer + Dex
  • Merciless: Passive point + Raider
  • Endgame: skill point + Ranger start

IMPORTANT: as a scion you will have to manually connect the tree and then respec it later once you get the endgame Lab

Path of Building Export

I have exported the code from Path of building, so if you want to play around with it yourself you can find the code here, by clicking the links

Raider: click here

Ascendant: click here

A simple leveling guide:

Leveling Guide

Thanks to: /r/SilkySnow_

The Bandits

We take +2 skillpoints or alira! -its almost the same in terms of power. Alira also gives resists which is nice.


Shakari (minor) -this one is just OP! -poison immunity is huge!

Arakaali -i took this one, because i dont like running into poison clouds with -60% chaos res. Strongboxes killed me, and this is pretty nice imo

We take +2 skillpoints or alira! -its almost the same in terms of power. Alira also gives resists which is nice.

Gear breakdown:
The Gear breakdown for the different pieces of gear

  • In the helm slot i'd recommend Starkonja's Head. -This is the best option, and is in my opinion better than a Rat's Nest. The Life combined with Attack speed and crit is simply insane.

  • Kaom's Heart is the best option for survivability if you want to survive in high tier maps! It should grant you around 1,5k life! -and don't worry about the sockets. We will only need to swap the skillgems out for single target.
  • Queen of the Forest is the best option if you dont care much about a high life pool, but rather want to be quick! -this chest does not grant you much movement speed by itself, but paired with a Jade flask of Reflexes, you will be faster than ever! It also helps with resists and a little bit of life.

  • A Rare Opal Ring with life, resists, WeD and intelligence and added damages if you can get i, is the best in terms of damage and survivability.
  • MF option: For the MF version i'd highly recommend Ventor's Gamble. The first priority should be to get positive Item Quantity rolls, as they benefit you the most, while also making sure your rarity isn't negative. If you can afford one with nice resists aswell, this is a really nice ring to have.

  • Get a Rare Belt with life, resists and Elemental Damage with Attacks. It's also here you want to get some of your Strenght if you are using Kaom's Heart.
  • If you want to go for the highest clear speed, use a Headhunter.
  • MF option:A cheap MF option is to use Bisco's Leash.

  • Yoke of Suffering is a new amulet, which basicly gieves us 15% more dmg, since we deal dmg with all elements, and makes our shocks stronger. If you use this you might want to swap out elemental focus on your barrage setup.
  • If you want more life and survivability just use a Rare amulet with intelligence, crit multiplier, crit chance, life and resists! -If you can get added elemental damages or WeD on the amulet, that would be a really idea too! This is the best option in terms of DPS.
  • MF option: If you want to find better loot i would highly recommend using Bisco's Collar This amulet is just so good! -bear in mind you will lose some DPS though. After the nerf, you can also use a Shaped Amulet!

  • i'd recommend using Rare Gloves. Especially with the new shaper mods etc.
  • If you can get your hands on a pair of Tombfists with 2 sockets, that will be the best option! -Here you will socket both a Searching and a Murderous eye jewel, for that sweet Damage aswell as intimidate, which is basicly 10% More damage.
  • MF option:You can also use Sadima's Touch for getting better loot, but bear in mind you will lose some DPS though.

  • rare boots with resists, life and movement speed.
  • If you want the most damage, and insane dodge chance, then you should get Darkray Vectors -You should only use these if you get your gloves corrupted with +1 to frenzy charge as implicit. You cannot get the corruption on boots anymore. It will also be insanely hard to cap resists, with them, but they definitely give the best overall clearspeed. THESE ARE NOT RECOMMENDED FOR LAB RUNNING
  • MF option: As always, if you want to get the highest amount of loot per hour,Goldwyrm is the way to go! -It will give you less movement speed however

  • Windripper is the best option here!
  • If you don't have a windripper you could also use a Rare bow with high elemental damage, crit and crit multiplier.
  • Another budget option would be to use the fated unique, The Tempest. It's a really good and cheap early game bow, that can carry you all the way to maps. If you plan to use it for endgame, you should also use the increased critical strikes gem in your setup.

  • A Rigwald's Quills is definitely the best option here if you can afford it. -The Fork is so good for the clearspeed!
  • If you can't afford the Rigwald's Quills, i'd recommend getting a Rare Quiver instead. Focus on Life, Elemental Damage with Attacks, Crit multiplier and Attack speed. -Also get the resists here if you can.

My Gear in Abyss League

Check out my character for more info here

My Gear in Standard League

Check out my character for more info here

Enchantments to look out for:

List of nice enchants

  • 1-2 Additional Tornado Shot Projectiles -Recommended for Map clearing
  • 1 Additional Barrage Projectile -Recommended for single-target
  • 60-90% Increased Tornadoshot Critical Strike Chance
  • 25-40% increased Tornado Shot Damage
  • 25-40% increased Barrage Damage
  • Lightning Arrow hits 2 additional Enemies
  • 25-40% increased Lightning Arrow Damage

  • Any type of "Cast Commandement of ### on hit" is the best option. -If you have a elemental-weakness corruption on your gloves, you can't use enchants.

  • 16% increased Attack and Cast Speed if you've Killed Recently
  • 0.6% of Damage Leeched as Life and Mana if you've Killed Recently
  • 10% increased Movement Speed if you haven't been Hit Recently



I would recommend a Vessel of Vinktar (attack version), The Wise Oak, and a Dying Sun For the Barrage setup. If you can't afford it you can use Atziri's promise instead.

In addition to these three unique flasks, you should use a Diamond flask and Quicksilver flask of Staunching. I personally don't need a life flask, since i have so high leech, and play on softcore.



Normal Jewels

Ideally you want jewels with Attack speed with bows, maximum life, crit multiplier and Resists

Abyss Jewels

Here you want as much added damage as possible -in the new abyss league these jewels can be pretty crazy!

If you want more fun you can also try Inspired Learning, but it will require you to spec into "acuity" and swap out the rare jewel.

Gem links:

Main Attack
First Option:

Tornado Shot - GMP - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Ice Bite - Added Cold - Innervate/Mirage Archer

If you don't like TornadoShot you can try Ice Shot or Lightning Arrow instead, but TornadoShot is the best option if you get the +2 enchant and have a Rigwald quiver

Note: you can only have one Mirage Archer up at the same time, so if you have one on your barrage aswell, use innervate instead.

Single target attack
Barrage - Weapon Elemental Damage - Elemental Focus - Ice Bite - Added Cold Damage - Mirage Archer

Note: If using Yoke of the Suffering amulet, DO NOT use Elemental Focus, instead use Hypothermia.

Note: if using Kaom's Heart, it would be ideal to have two bows, so you can easily weaponswap between TornadoShot and Barrage.

Buffs/movement Blink arrow - Wrath/Grace - Cast When Damage taken lvl. 1 - Immortal Call lvl. 3

Orb of Storms: Orb of Storms - Curse on Hit - Elemental Weakness/Projectile Weakness - Ice Golem

Auras: Herald of ice - Curse on Hit - Assasin's Mark - Onslaught/Innervate

Note 1: If using using Tombfist gloves with two Abyss sockets, take out Cast When dmg taken and Immortal Call, since we shatter mobs anyways, and porcupines therefore isnt really a threat.

Note 2: If you get an abyss jewel with chance to get onslaught on kill, i'd recommend using innervate on the Herald Setup instead

Old DPS screenshots (Check PoB for up-to-date info)

2.5 DPS Screenshots

These screenshots are while full buffed (with flasks + vaal haste + charges up)


Tornado Shot Full Buffed:http://i.imgur.com/zSKuD9U.jpg
Split Arrow Full buffed:http://i.imgur.com/7Mpav8l.jpg

2.0 Offensive stats
Split arrow DPS with full charges (at level 91) http://imgur.com/iBpSRHn
Split arrow DPS full buffed (at level 91) imgur.com/r1bMeB7
Frenzy DPS with full charges (at level 91) imgur.com/eQK7SGI
Frenzy DPS full buffed (missing golem) (at level 91) imgur.com/qzCQ8yZ

Special thanks to:

Daeeek for creating the super awesome build header!
Haagenta for testing out the Super-expensive mirror/legacy kaom version.
Orkrass for letting me know the build is Uber Atziri Viable and making the Uber guide.
Scumbahg for continuing to theorycraft the build guide when i didn't have much time, and came up with the Pathfinder version.
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Huh, looks like this actually performs way better than my Windripper set-up. Would like to see a video, but it looks like I'll need to use some regrets.
IGN: Daniel_
Would it be viable to do exactly the same build but use a Death's Harp instead?
How does this Ele build compare to Phys? I've always like Ele more because the status effects make it a lot more satisfying when mobs die.
Last edited by Celidion on Jul 14, 2015, 11:45:32 AM
last aura?
Have you tested LGOH in a reflect map? I'd like to see a video or something if you could provide one.
IGN - Customs
#1 Duelist Season 4
Huh, looks like this actually performs way better than my Windripper set-up. Would like to see a video, but it looks like I'll need to use some regrets.

I just made a gorge run in 2:50 (the new 76 gorge map, not 74) at lvl 86. I could probaly do it in 2:30 if i din't screw up at the start
Customss wrote:
Have you tested LGOH in a reflect map? I'd like to see a video or something if you could provide one.

I'll try once i get the right colors
dan1elgott wrote:
last aura?

The last aura is wrath, sorry i forgot to add it
Celidion wrote:
How does this Ele build compare to Phys? I've always like Ele more because the status effects make it a lot more satisfying when mobs die.

Well i have never tried phys, but i saw a build with 78k split arrow chain DPS in 1.3 using Hlyph Mark (mirrored bow) and this windripper i use is like 1/4 of that price :)
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