Explore The Hidden Secrets of Path of Exile - Community Showcase

State of Exile - Episode 33 & 34
This ongoing podcast series features three of our community streamers, ZiggyD, ZenocideGenius and Pohx. Roughly every two weeks they get together with a guest streamer and discuss the current state of Path of Exile.

Episode 33 features guest streamer ProjectPT, an up-and-comer in the Twitch community. Check out Part One and Part Two where they discuss map changes, leech, divination cards, the new challenge leagues and more!

Episode 34 discusses the balance of Act Four, new skills and the Tempest League! Their guest on this episode is Cha_Siu_Bao, who is relatively new to the streaming community but brings a fresh, quirky perspective to streaming. I recommend checking it out!

Marauder Karui -- Fan Art by Lord Hannu
A hero's bravery is often rewarded in battle, but what becomes of him when he is tired and beaten, when there is only blood and rain for company? What then? This drawing takes a more sombre look at what life in Wraeclast might actually be like.

Did you know? -- Video by Greendude, ZiggyD and Willywonka
Greendude has recently started a video series that contains trivia and seldom known facts about Path of Exile, featuring voice-over guests. He has created two videos so far. Explore the hidden secrets of Path of Exile with ZiggyD and WillyWonka.

The Temple//The Witch -- Fan Art by Snorkle_uk
Snorkle_uk has been continuously producing Path of Exile fan art with a unique and recognizable art style. Check out their recent work The Temple and The Witch.

Forsaken Master Highlights by Mirek Le Fou
With the new era of Path of Exile beginning with The Awakening expansion, it's a good time to look back at the highlights from the previous development era; The Forsaken Masters. This video is a compilation of entertaining moments from throughout this time.

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Noice !!!

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Hi team
IGN - AyyRangerLmao
Don't forget to drink your milk 👌
That video (Best of Forsaken Masters) was intense, and really brought out the good, the bad, and the ugly of Forsaken Masters. :D
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- raics, 06.08.2016

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so nice !
That vid is epic. Watched it 20+ times :D
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That compilation was awesome, now I know where the flipping keyboard came from on Zeno's channel.
Nice one GGG
New awatars!

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