What happens when you let an algorithm write the 2.0.0 patch notes

Chris wrote:

Traps can drop maps.

Will the multiple traps support gem multiply the amount of maps the traps drop ? If yes I'd suggest you to nerf that. But hey, not my game !
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Pure gold.
Chris wrote:
Eldritch Battery no longer affected by magical Tempests.

Thank goodness, wasn't going to risk rolling EB with all those Tempests around.
If I missed the part about the algorithm I'd have just assumed you had a stroke or something.
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Best patch notes ever.
Demon King Added a boss to the core game.

"Thanks Chris"
Rather than always fleeing, Monkeys and Drop Bears now flee if they hide under logs.

Now that made me laugh.
Chris wrote:

  • Traps can drop maps.

Finally! The patch we all were waiting for.
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Chris wrote:

Party leaders are now preloaded correctly. You can recognise these because they look like volcanic KaruiStone squares rather than an existing stack of currency items

I dont even...how do we...euhm...what? :')

Best read I've had in a while
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pr13st wrote:
full of

Omg that's awesome. Little fractal gears.
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