What happens when you let an algorithm write the 2.0.0 patch notes

Chris wrote:

Maps from the struck enemy that fly at other enemies.

So THAT'S what I'm supposed to do with all my 66's... I never realized it was a mechanic! All those 77 and 78 maps dropping Dunes... It all makes sense now!!
Fixed a bug with Dominating Blow that could cause a variety of effects that are one level above the area of effect by 0.5% per 1%, and no longer claims that they rotate more smoothly.

You know that first part sounds like an ACTUAL BALANCE PATCH. I belive the following is true too :P

Quest Rewards: Due to substantial balance changes, every existing character has been substantially reduced, including values on existing items.
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Fixed problems that would occur when moving quickly between hundreds of item to collect and craft.

I want that one :3
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I've copied the patch notes into the input box in this site: http://projects.haykranen.nl/markov/demo/ in the Order of 8.
Some gems:

Flammability now grants 0.5% reduced critical strike chance per 1% quality

Ice Spear: Now grants 1% increased movement, attack and cast speed now starts at 20% at level 1 (up from 8%).

Poacher's Mark: Now grants significantly less damage of certain blocking objects.

Fixed a bug where the 40% quality (was 0.75% per 1% quality instead of just critical strike chance has been added to the quest rewards in Merciless.

The achievements, we have updated and skills remain at 25% mana reservation.

The cooldown character panel would not properly display Endurance and Power Charge on Critical: Base chance now starts at 40% (down from 30%).

Bone Offering: Now grants a 10% chance to drop chilled enemies.

Monster skills have had their drop levels and relative
Another quality ZAP! post.
A Cascade of Chaos Spikes sounds absolutely amazing and a perfect fit for the game. This needs to be implemented immediately by GGG either as a standalone skill gem "Chaos Spikes", or as a custom aesthetic affect that can ONLY be applied/functions when one augments Glacial Cascade with an Added Chaos Damage support gem.

Yes pleases?
This all had me in pain from laughing.

"Party leaders are now preloaded correctly. You can recognise these because they look like volcanic KaruiStone squares rather than an existing stack of currency items"

While not INTRINSICALLY more hilarious... The sheer fact that this one makes so much SENSE makes it even more hilarious.
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The best: Ethereal Knives: Now grants +2 to the nearest server )))
My guess is same coder that made the algorithm to detect multiple account beta invite request wrote this. Both horrible. Never got a beta invite. Will never give a single cent again to GGG.
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Alhoon wrote:
Chris wrote:
Due to substantial balance changes, every existing character has been substantially reduced, including values on existing items.

It knows.

Looks like it 'balances' just like GGG. Or GGG balances via Markov text generator. Now everything makes sense.
This is golden.
I like many kinds of games 😊

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