What happens when you let an algorithm write the 2.0.0 patch notes

I ran the patch notes so far for The Awakening through a Markov Chain text generator and wanted to share its results with you.

  • Ethereal Knives: Now grants +2 to the nearest server.
  • Elemental Hit: Now has a mana cost and a cascade of Chaos spikes in addition to being upsized variants of normal skeletons.
  • Fixed a bug with Conversion Trap where it could cause monsters to walk on the overlay map and minimap.
  • The starting Scion nodes now have more sockets and more linked sockets.
  • You can't hit the same as Leer Cast.
  • Old maps have been reduced across the tree.
  • We have reviewed every Skill and Support Gem and Vigilant Strike.
  • Fixed a bug with Dominating Blow that could cause a variety of effects that are one level above the area of effect by 0.5% per 1%, and no longer claims that they rotate more smoothly.
  • Hovering over the past few years, it's expected that not every item holds up as well as it once did.
  • NPC and player names are now less inclined to attack the user.
  • Fixed a camera bug that was visible when using a Divine Orb on an existing stack of the Path of Exile.
  • The game server you're connected to is now at the world map to see what Tempest affects each area at the pool of map mods in previous expansions.
  • Cybil's Paw: Increased Spell Damage Mods can now tab between Stream option text fields.
  • Party leaders are now preloaded correctly. You can recognise these because they look like volcanic KaruiStone squares rather than an existing stack of currency items
  • Demon King Added a boss to the core game.
  • Bloodlines Mods: Voidspawn of Abaxoth, Congealed Blood and Bearers of the new progression.
  • Atziri's Acuity no longer attaches to The Warehouse District.
  • Rather than always fleeing, Monkeys and Drop Bears now flee if they hide under logs.
  • Fixed a camera bug that made it hard to maintain the top maps we want people to find it easy to get to the core game.
  • The Bloodlines Mod have been replaced by Jewel nodes.
  • The interface for manipulating hideout decorations no longer use /oos to get to the effect (increasing the total length).
  • The Waypoint in The Lower Prison has been removed and instead Flicker Strike grants 20% damage reduction for a fresh start in a new Dexterity/Strength Skill Gem
  • Eternal Orbs no longer applies a penalty to leech.
  • Quest Rewards: Due to substantial balance changes, every existing character has been substantially reduced, including values on existing items.
  • Vaal Pact has also been moved prior to Vaal Ruins.
  • The Dread Thicket is now always 50%.
  • Eldritch Battery no longer affected by magical Tempests.
  • Minions (or other transitionable effects) created by triggered skills can now craft Added Damage for Spells on a range of maps
  • The radius of the Auras has been granted an optional full passive reset. To use this, click the "Reset all Passives" button on the minimap screen, alongside other information about item filters
  • Some of the Auras has been added.
  • Previously, the most that experience could be penalised to was 2% of maximum life per second, but can be crafted using the mouse wheel.
  • Performance of finding a strongbox has been removed.
  • You can now transition between areas.
  • Traps can drop maps.

Edit: here are some more:
  • Now grants +2 to the Northern Forest rather than when you walk away from it.
  • Fixed some performance issues related to the 20 new Gems introduced in The Awakening.
  • Low-level items are still present in the Mud Flats has been made more affordable.
  • Jewels. These socket into the Passive Skill Tree to grant a buff that makes you move faster, become harder to detect, and no longer reflects damage.
  • There are currently three unique rings, three unique boots and three exclusive magic mods that previously weren't allowed to coexist.
  • The starting Scion nodes now have their art facing the correct direction.
  • Fixed a bug with Conversion Trap where it could cause a variety of effects that influence both monsters and players, such as Support Gems are now three bands of maps that are both corrupted and unidentified will now be less penalising.
  • Maps from the struck enemy that fly at other enemies.
  • Fixed problems that would occur when moving quickly between hundreds of item to collect and craft.
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