AIM: Strive to provide casuals and beginners a place to find parties and group to enjoy the game.

Guild Leader IGN: LittleMayy
Officers: Kelso, Kirs
Current Number of Members:27
Member List

1. Destrosted
2. Rhavat
3. Blindtiger75
4. Divirez
5. FGFlaming
6. Hisspa
7. Itsme_AC
8. Joarwar
9. Kelvinl93
10. Kingsley13
11. Nippledipper
12. Ruggedgolem
13. Teppishc
14. Tyrantkeel
15. Vonralmir
16. Adagio02
17. SilemArocus
18. Voodoo_Leader
19. AJcrow
20. Idojunn
21. Knugen
22. Bp_witch
23. Cerasis
24. Themuler123
25. Zerkdns
26. shippo1996
27. Exorcistokumura

Current Guild Goals: (Congrats to Everyone!! We just hit MAX members!)
1. Get more slots if there are more members applicants

Guild Expectation:
Be friendly with each other.
No Racism.
No Discrimination.
We do not expect you to be online 24/7 but actions will be taken if you are inactive for a long time.
Not everyone is pro! Everybody starts somewhere remember that!

Why Pride?

1. Tabs: We don't have that much tabs but at least we have 11 tabs setup ATM.

2. Raidcall Server: There is a raidcall server for anyone that wants to socialize in game.Everyone from the guild is invited to join our raidcall server. The server ip is provided upon joining. Just ask one of the officers for an invite.

3. People to chat and play with !

We are a bunch of close friends that are looking for like minded players to play once Awakening is launched. We created this guild from a solo player mind-set and the main reason for creating this guild is so that solo players may have the option of doing rotations and maps in groups and party when they feel lonely in the world of Wraeclast. Our guild region is for Global but some of the guild officers and myself is playing from the oceanic region. Currently we do have a mix of US and EU players so everyone is welcome to join us!

Currently a large number of players are playing in Warbands and me myself is trying to get 100 in standard. If you think this guild is for you pm or leave an invite for me / the other officers and we will add you in game ASAP ! Leaving a comment below is also ok for an invite.

PRIDE Hall of Fame:
I normally do not accept freebies but these contributors will be remembered!
1. Kirs --- 2 tabs
2. Kelso -- 2 tabs

Welcome to Pride and Enjoy Your Stay.
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Hie, I'm a very new player, just started the game in fact. I'm casual too, do I qualify? Hehe. Thanks!
Hie, I'm a very new player, just started the game in fact. I'm casual too, do I qualify? Hehe. Thanks!

Sure! Anyone is invited to join as long as you aren't a douche :P I've toss you an invite in game already :)
Last edited by AWildMay on Jul 7, 2015, 8:10:29 AM
Have our first member ! up !
Our second member joined ! up you go !
3 more members joined ! welcome :D
Last edited by AWildMay on Jul 9, 2015, 9:34:02 PM
Welcome another brother from the oceanic region !

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