[3.10] EpicFail42's Loot Filter - DISCONTINUED

This filter is officially discontinued, so this thread will not be updated anymore. See the last page of this thread for details. The filter itself will stay updated for the foreseeable future, so the followers can keep using it until they find something that suits them better.

The direct link to my filter, so you can follow it if you want: https://www.pathofexile.com/item-filter/2VzWfj

Yeah, yeah, another loot filter :) I did check all the filters that were available at the moment when I was invited to beta and they did not fit my needs. So, these were my major goals:

1. Close to the default colour palette (no rainbows, use old reflexes)
2. Size proportional to value (so good stuff is easy to pick up)
3. Drop sound for everything above rares (no more forgotten drops offscreen!)
4. Remove the clutter completely (I verified the drops with Alt key in game for quite a while, did test item drops, so I trust it to do the right thing)
5. As few class and item names as possible (nothing to fix if GGG changes something)
6. Highlight unknown items in bright red (in case GGG releases some new rarities or item types at some point in the future)

Also, there is some simple leveling progression (only show the current level of flasks, 3- or 4-linked items of appropriate droplevels, quartz and crystal sceptres early on, hammers for chisel recipe, all small blue items for the first 20 levels to sell for transmutation orbs), chromatic items, 20% quality items.

By requests from users some additional indicators were added. Maps have colored borders according to their tier - red maps have red borders, etc. Chaos/regal recipe rares have subtle yellow/cyan borders, chance recipe rares have no border.

A separate section is intended for your personal customization for your current build or leveling habits (there are a few popular chancing/crafting examples included, but you could add or change what you need). If you don't want to customize anything you'll just not see white and blue items of lower levels.

If you play Animated Weapons, there is support for that (disabled by default, you'll need to uncomment it). There are subtle highlights for smaller weapons for carrying into a map, and appropriate handling of Cloak of Tawm'r Isley which identifies magic weapons as they drop. There is no support for Spirit Guards unique jewel which animates ranged weapons - it's too rarely used - so you'll have to add ranged weapon classes yourself if you need that.

There is support in the code for two useful filter customization tools: Filtration and FilterBlast, in case you decide to do some personal changes.

Changelog and Downloads

Version 36 - CURRENT VERSION https://pastebin.com/u3px0csp
(Delirium orbs and Simulacrum splinters are shiny, and so are items with enchantments aks new Cluster Jewels)
Version 35 - https://pastebin.com/VQ6i6WKN
(hotfix - those darn Warstaffs/Warstaves)
Version 34 - https://pastebin.com/Zbs2Xda3 (Metamorph update - standard stuff, new league stuff is bigger and louder, as expected)
Version 33 - https://pastebin.com/0FHHxC8H (Blight bugfix - according to GGG, Warstaff is not a member of Staves, so they were falling through to be big and red).
Version 32 - https://pastebin.com/Kqmr7WGn (Blight update - Identified rares are bigger, Detonate Mines gem disappeared, Oils made loud and shiny, new bases added).
Version 31 - https://pastebin.com/jniphJEd (Legion last moment update - GGG renamed some items).
Version 30 - https://pastebin.com/Cj5R8tAi (Legion update - Incubators and Timeless items made bigger).
Version 29 - https://pastebin.com/T2bRKsr0 (Mid-Synthesis update. Low-value orbs made smaller, items of iLvl>85 are highlighted, identified rares are shown separately).
Version 28 - https://pastebin.com/xptq5c8d (Betrayal update - maps use MapTier, veiled items a bit bigger). No changes for Synthesis.
Version 27 - https://pastebin.com/SxyXuQ5y (Delve update - new stuff is bigger, beams/map icons added, no change in sounds yet)
Version 26 - https://pastebin.com/fRtUXaS5 (Incursion update - new stuff is bigger, identified rares shown if rares commented out, gems >=19 level are bigger)
Version 25 - https://pastebin.com/tphh4ARK (Bestiary update - new orbs and nets are shown as other league content, with bigger size and sound)
Version 24 - https://pastebin.com/9k53BUBn (preliminary Abyss update - both Shaper and Elder items are highlighted as league-specific items, and Stygian Vise belt base is highlighted as previous rare bases - Steel Rings, etc. If Shaper/Elder item will prove too numerous I'll tone them down later. All other changes are handled by existing code)
Version 23 - https://pastebin.com/zEG7m843 (positional sounds changed back to normal ones because positional ones get too quiet as you move away from the drop, too easy to miss loot)
Version 22 - https://pastebin.com/SPgEkgxL (first day Harbinger update - Exalted Shard also made big, only new shards and orbs look like chaos orb, not transmutation shards and similar ones, one old sound "8" replaced with "ItemFilterAlert10")
Version 21 - http://pastebin.com/drsuc4Hq (Preliminary Harbinger update - Mirror Shard made big, all other shards and orbs look like chaos orb, in the first days of the league I'll make more common orbs smaller)
Version 20 - http://pastebin.com/BDkLZw32 (Thanks to FilterBlast's preview pane I've caught a bug in version 19: Leaguestones were smaller than expected and soundless. Sorry for that. Fixed in this version)
Version 19 - http://pastebin.com/FnKJYEDA (Leaguestones are treated as other league-specific content - Silver Coins, Splinters, etc, with sound and increased font size, Misc Map Items (Breachstones, Ancient Reliquary Key) moved to tier 2, like Chaos Orb)
Version 18 - http://pastebin.com/QG08cwr1 (added final support for Animated Weapons - now 1x3 and 2x2 weapons are subtly highlighted with black font in case you need to pick up and carry them in a new map, and identified magic weapons are handled in the same way as normal ones - all of this is disabled by default, so if you don't use it, there is nothing new in this version)
Version 17 - http://pastebin.com/CexS4RV6 (added FilterBlast support, see http://filterblast.oversoul.xyz/EpicFail42/ and read details on page 4 of this thread, added a block for playing with Animated Weapons, it's disabled by default - you'll need to uncomment it, made Breach items slightly bigger and with the same sound as Prophecy items)
Version 16 - removed (temporary test version with initial FilterBlast support, see description in the post on page 4)
Version 15 - http://pastebin.com/0KntwYpx (identified magic items are now shown because from 2.4.2 Warbands drop their signature items identified)
Version 14 - http://pastebin.com/xBjwTQnm (new Atlas item bases visible even Normal rarity - you can change that in chancing section, added colored borders to maps - white, yellow, red, increased size for Labyrinth keys, modified the final hiding statement to be even safer against future changes from GGG)
Version 13 - http://pastebin.com/cmwfKnw8 (orb of scouring is bigger, items with white sockets are smaller, a couple of new sounds used for prophecy items and chancing bases)
Version 12 - http://pastebin.com/jsEp3Brt (prophecy items now have the same size and sound as Chaos Orb)
Version 11 - http://pastebin.com/t1CfGypy (rare amulets, rings, and belts highlighted more while still displaying proper recipe borders)
Version 10 - http://pastebin.com/Jv4TLWXK (by popular demand! added subtle yellow and cyan borders for chaos and regal recipe items. also, moved alchemy orb from low tier to mid-tier currency)
Version 9 - http://pastebin.com/9PWm3Kpi (added border to talismans)
Version 8 - http://pastebin.com/q0KyCzx0 (with max volume changed to 300, some additional sounds became viable too - so I used another one, separated currency sounds into three tiers instead of two, added two examples for craftable bases highlighting)
Version 7 - http://pastebin.com/fVc4hcAr (made wisdom and portal scrolls and mid-range currency a tiny bit brighter, added "Added Chaos" to the "good gems" list, improved Filtration compatibility)
Version 6 - http://pastebin.com/U3Sa1Xh2 (another go at sounds - choices are difficult, people complain, PLEASE GGG, GIVE US CUSTOM SOUNDS!)
Version 5 - http://pastebin.com/mmFSYnPA (minor changes in sound numbers for different kinds of items, trying to make "more distinctive" sounds correspond to higher value drops)
Version 4 - http://pastebin.com/YKSrwm8b (every drop is now shown during first few levels, including white items)
Version 3 - initial public release http://pastebin.com/WuEDNPFE
Versions 1-2 - private, never released

A preview picture is at http://imgur.com/jubB25O

If you want to customize the filter with GUI and preview - you can use FilterBlast: http://filterblast.oversoul.xyz/EpicFail42/

You can also check the preview in this useful tool:

Please note that having many items hidden makes the default Alt key pretty inconvenient to use for Key Pickup, so I swapped the "Item pickup key" in options to Alt (its default value is "F"), and "Highlight items and objects" to "F" (it was originally "Alt"). You'll need to select "Use bound key" for Key Pickup in UI options.

Here's the eye candy:

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Big apps man, just what I needed! With few modifications on my own :)
Looking very clean! Thanks for sharing, will give it a go.

Edit: some feedback. I like the clean look of it. Constructive criticism: the font for some things is a bit too big and makes it difficult to see if several maps drop for example.
Also, the sound for the lower currencies is very cringe-inducing. Other than that, awesome!
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Great simple filter bro, using it for 2+ months on my 96lvl char
I didnt tested it in early game however, but I downloaded it for end-game purpose only - and it works very well - basically your filter matches my rule: If I would pick it up it shows it, otherwise not.
Therefore I pickup everything it displays leaving the ground completely clear (this is very satisfying).

changes that I made:
- changed sounds to the ones I feel more likely to hear
- reduced font size for most items (only drops like exalt have it)
- I have splitted rare drops coloring into 3 parts (ilvl -60, 60-74, 75+) - now I have 3 different lightnesses of orange/yellow - this makes maintaining chaos/regal recipe for me easier
- changed color for hammer recipe items to make it look different from 20q white drops
- added comments in lines of many setColor setBackgroundColor etc instructions for ease of Massive Replace (so if I use one color many times I can change them all without any effort - sadly this is workaround used by many filters because they dont support storing any values in variables/constants)
- removed chancing/recipe bases which I do not use

If you want me to upload your filter with my own adjustments, just PM me
IGN: Free_hugging
I am usually online at GMT+1 evening times.

Generate filters using poe.ninja data using my item filter tool: https://github.com/Xeverous/filter_spirit
Thanks to everyone using this filter! I'll do my best to keep it updated (people asked in PMs if it will be updated for Talisman) - but for now, at least before we're actually playing, it looks like no changes are needed for this league.

Regarding the font size - the idea of selecting huge fonts was to make the task of picking up really useful stuff as easy as possible. I always pick up maps, so it's actually OK if they are big enough to cover my screen completely, to the point of picking them up accidentally. If you want to change the size - it's really simple, I kept the sizes consistent, so a single pass of search-and-replace would change all the instances. Considering that updates are infrequent, it should not be too much of a hassle to change the numbers for your own taste with each release.

I probably have to explain a few of my initial choices a bit more: I tried to make a filter where you, basically, pick up all visible stuff (except, maybe, some jewelry that you only alch when you need to). So I did not try to make too many categories of rares, recipes, etc with visual differences between them. Is it worth picking? Let's show it, pick it up, and sort it out later, in hideout :)

That's my personal preference as a mostly self-found player, so if someone is up to the task of making and supporting a similar filter for players who make more complex decisions in the field - you are welcome. The "license" is, of course, BSD-style: just take it and do with it what you want! You can make a post in this thread with your version and/or create your own thread. The difficult part would be to make it noticed by other players - sending messages to authors of various tools, stickied posts, etc. I'll be glad to see your results and will add links to your threads and/or posts to this thread if you send them to me via PM.
Hmm Another very nice simple item filter, keep it up..
I tried several filters and this is by far the best if u dont want a damn rainbowfilter:
Its a great basic filter not hard to tweak a little.
The sound on drop have made me find drops out of view as a ranger that I would probably just run past else.

But I cant figure out how to show items with an itemlevel 84 and above
Jazc wrote:
But I cant figure out how to show items with an itemlevel 84 and above

In the version 9 (current one for Talisman league) there is an example of 84+ Harbinger bows - there is a section where you can add your own hightlights so they don't interfere with other rules. Just add your rule in there.

Meanwhile, we have a couple of days to go before the next league starts, and, once again, it looks like there are no mandatory changes to the filter. All new items (Perandus coins, labyrinth keys, etc) are simple 1x1 items, shown by the size-based rule. Maybe, after playing for some time, we'll want to add some extra highlighting, but for now it doesn't seem justified. Have fun, exiles!
I do like this loot filter but i would like to recommend updating the chaos / regal recipe items with a yellow / blue boarder but leaving out the weapons that take up too much space so just keeping to the 1 handed weapons that take up 3 slots in your stash.

The sound of items dropping is nice and laud but too much of hearing the same sound drop for different items is a little bit plain so if you could change the sounds for certain items that would be great.

i would definitely recommend this loot filter to friends.

Thanks for sharing your loot filter!!!

I do like this loot filter but i would like to recommend updating the chaos / regal recipe items with a yellow / blue boarder but leaving out the weapons that take up too much space so just keeping to the 1 handed weapons that take up 3 slots in your stash.

Highlighting rares for different recipes has been suggested a few messages before - and I tried to explain that this filter in its current form is mostly for people who pick up almost everything that drops. Still, people seem to want this - I'll see what I can do (but no promises yet, OK?). What really stops me is the fact that this will add borders to every single rare, and that's a lot of clutter on the screen. Maybe only for regal recipe?

It should be easy enough to add, of course, so if someone wants to do it exactly as they prefer it - please do, and publish your version! I'll be happy to link it here, of course.

The sound of items dropping is nice and laud but too much of hearing the same sound drop for different items is a little bit plain so if you could change the sounds for certain items that would be great.

There is a sad comment next to the link for version 6: "choices are difficult, people complain, PLEASE GGG, GIVE US CUSTOM SOUNDS" - I've spent more time on choosing sounds that please most people than on the rest of the filter :) It's plain impossible to please everyone, sorry - too many people have polar opinions on sounds.

Right now you have a simple "value progression":
No sound - if you miss it, it's no big deal
Sound 8 - low-tier currency (skip if you are in a hurry)
Sound 5 - valuable gems (quality, empowers, etc, almost never skip)
Sound 2 - mid-level currency (never skip, but not a tragedy if you do)
Sound 1 - you've just won the game :)

The goal of those sounds is not to inform you of particular drop types, but to let you make a decision: should you run around and find that drop or move on. If you have any details that you want to change - please explain them and/or add them and publish your version.

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