Community Showcase #12

The Front Seat Gamer Podcast by GGG Developers Blake, Nick and Saveun.
A few of our developers have set up an unofficial podcast where they discuss various games, development and aspects of Path of Exile and working at Grinding Gear Games.

In a recent episode they hosted an interview with Lead Programmer Jonathan Rogers. Here is Part One and Part Two. You can find their other episodes here or on iTunes.

If you have questions you want to ask them for the podcast you can post them here.

The State of Exile Podcast
Episode 31 of the State of Exile podcast with guests Nugiyen and UberElite is up. Here is Part One and Part Two. Episode 32 with guest ProjectPt is also up. You can find Part One and Two here and here.

No Beta? You could always sort your stash tabs by WanderingInPixels
This piece of fan art is pretty remarkable. As an online game, it's typical that fan art is digitally made. It's nice to see a more traditional art medium that incorporates elements of Path of Exile.

The Carnage Heart Keychain by Meronomus
You may remember Meronomus from his previous Exalted Orb creation. He's back again with a new Carnage Heart keychain. You can find his photos and process explanation here.

What if PoE was made of text? by NightingaleChant
This quirky video is based on one player's imaginings of what Path of Exile might be like if it were made of text.

Mad Mori VS Merveil and an Abaxoth bro! by Morikiopa
Check out Mori's reaction as he's caught off guard after spawning Beyond Demon Tzteosh in a Zana Mission. Warning: Loud/Strong Language.

If you would like to submit your work to share with others and be considered for future Community Showcase posts, please post it in the Community Showcase Forum.
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rock on!
WanderingInPixels fan art is AWESOME!!! :D
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Heh as always some pretty neat stuff.
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That painting by WanderingInPixels is BEAU-TI-FUL
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WanderingInPixels fan art is my favourite piece so far, I wish I had his talent!
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That Brutus made of text is insanely accurate.
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WanderingInPixels' piece looks frame worthy. Would love to have one in the living room :D
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The CM comes through again!! That bit of fan art is pretty neat
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Really surprised, that I missed the FanArt by WanderingInPixels.

I like it a lot :)

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