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UncleTilty wrote:
since it seems updates have stopped, what are other good editors people are using?

Nothing comes close to this. It's a shame it isn't getting updated.

i dont know, but i still use it and dont have any problems with it. at some point in the past it got updated, so it dont overwrite manually edits, because it didnt control anymore on save, whether or not there are things in the file which the tool didnt know, like it did in the past.

so if you add things like "HasInfluence", which infiltration didnt know, via a text editor, after you set the other things up with filtration know and can, it wont change it anymore "until" you edit this block again. if you change other blocks nothing will happen.

i add every league the new stuff to it and it works fine. and for me there is no other option for it, with the same simplicity and clarity.

filterblade as a example, in my opinion, i dont know, but i would rather use a simple text editor, because its so cluttered in a confusing way. and other tools arent out there too. so .. i still use it, because its faster than my text editor, for creating new base blocks/rules.

ps: i would appreciate an update :P

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