[1.3.x] zSavage's Explosive Arrow Templar (HC viable, super budget)

Budget nuker using fire proliferation, from range. Clears well, very tanky, only needs 4L's. Base build 2 very cheap uniques. Has high ceiling for growth with corruptions and more expensive uniques. Defense is layered with armor, regen, arctic armor, and CWDT.

Core Skills

->Explosive Arrow: Main skill.

Links: EA + Faster Attacks + Chance to Ignite + Elemental Proliferation
For single target, swap Concentrated Effect for proliferation.

If you have a 5 or 6L, potential gems include Empower, Increased AoE, and/or Concentrated Effect.

->Split Arrow: Utility skill that applies curse.

Links: SA + Chain + Curse on Hit + Flammablility.

Used to lower enemies' fire resistance.

->CWDT Setup:

Links: CWDT + Enduring Cry + Increased Duration + Immortal Call

Pretty standard stuff.


Discipline: More ES = more mana (EB)
Clairty: More mana regen.
Grace: Evasion = Armor (IR)
All linked to reduced mana, of course.

Other gems:

Blink Arrow: Mobility Skill
Searing Bond: Helpful for single target
Artic Armor: Defensive tool (mine is lvl 10 atm)

Tree, lvl 78


Eldritch Battery: ES -> Mana
Resolute Technique: No miss
Elemental Equilibrium: Damage Amplification
Iron Reflexes: Evasion -> Armor

Normal: Oak (40 hp)
Cruel: Kraityn (8% AS)
Merciless: Eramir (passive)


Core Pieces:

Quillrain and Hyrri's Bite. Fastest bow in the game and the AoE quiver. Both are very cheap and easy to acquire.

Other gear:

Life and res on pretty much all pieces. Mana regen on jewelry is desired but not required. Make sure to have a source of cold or lightning damage to proc EE with your attacks. Boots, helm, gloves, and chest can be life + res rares. Aim for bases with easy color rolls and some base ES with Armor or Evasion.

To take the build a step further:
One of these chests could work quite well, though the build may change a little.

Carcass Jack is the desired upgrade that will not change the build at all. Lightning Coil presents an alternative to Iron Reflexes (Use Purities or Haste instead of Grace). Belly of the Beast is a reasonable item for life builds. Cloak of Defiance offers more mana, and Mind over Matter mitigation.
Kaom's has life and fire damage, though you'll need to find sockets for blink arrow and artic armor (aka you'll need a 6s 4L quillrain).

Upping DPS through Corruption

Both Quillrain and Hyrri's are cheap, and Hyrri's is craftable through the vendors. Buy these items (roll the Quillrain to a min of 4L GGBB), and corrupt them. Getting one or two additional arrows will double/triple your potential DPS through explosion overlap.

Gameplay Style

Pick a target, probably in the middle of a pack, and stack up arrows on him. Then spray the pack with split arrow and blink/walk to the next pack as the explosion goes off. Clean up stragglers as needed. Be mindful of EE mechanics to maximize damage.

Avoid Ele reflect maps if you can.
Against reflect packs, try to avoid stacking more than 4 arrows on a target to keep spikes small.

For single target sceanrios (like bosses), make sure to sidestep attacks.
Swap Concentrated Effect for Prolif if necessary.
Use your Searing Bond totem.


Explosive arrow is available at level 19.
Prolif is open at level 24.
Chance to ignite is open at 19.

You should level to at least level 24 as a spellcaster, probably with fire and/or AoE spells. (I recommend Tendrils/Flameblast, maybe searing bond).

Switch when you feel you're ready. You can always go back to casting if the damage is too low or you can't sustain the mana.

You'll likely need some dex from gear initially. But the start of the tree works for casters and EA. Once you commit to EA, you'll want to get mana nodes to sustain it and RT to get rid of accuracy ASAP. Grabbing 30 dex nodes will be nice too.
Keystone Priority: RT > EB > EE > IR


My other builds

Feel free to post any questions and discuss the build!

Theorycrafter/Build Creator for PORTAL guild
@BlightScourge -> guide @ view-thread/1382667 (Retired till Mjolner is fixed)
Lvl 94 Crit Mjolner Marauder
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