Beta Patch Deployment

The experimental version of Deterministic Lockstep works well. There are a few skills that still have rare issues (Bear Trap and Dominating Blow, for example) but we're aggressively working on fixing those.

If you see the game pausing and speeding up while in Lockstep mode, that's because of real internet lag. Ask your roommate to stop downloading/uploading or talk to your ISP!

We tried playing with this version of Lockstep on the live internet and it all went flawlessly. I am so pleased to finally release this mode. It's only getting better from here as we fix the remaining bugs that you hopefully won't even notice.
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Sounds good, looking forward to more testing.
Support a free Hong Kong.

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almost 1st :/
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first page yeah
Let's do this! Keep up the great work guys!
RIP Desync 2012-2015?
And I was about to get some sleep.. 2am boys
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EDIT: First page, woohoo :>
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