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OFC I do know that. I was simply asking why did they choose it instead of different realms for EU and US.

Because I don't like the possibility of PvP with 250ms ping because of this reason. If POE was only a co-op game it would be fine. But in a competitive environment realms should be seperated. There's a reason most of the game companies take this route.[/quote]

no there is NO REASON why other companies do that. they are just stupid. and i thank GGG for this solution so much! i want to be able to play with PPL from EVERYWHERE. also, if there is no lag, ping was always fine on US realm, so i dont know what you are complaining about anyways? and if you dont wanna PvP with US players just dont do it. wheres the problem? nobody says you have to enter a US-server-based game to PK someone?
Completely agree with Dacoo, this is HUGE for the players.

I have many friends i want to play with... this is the perfect solution, their league system can potentially alleviate lag by making some PvP leagues based on a specific server... and if u wish to play with ure friends on another 1 - u will have delay BUT! You actually have a choice, so much more then we generally get.

Thnx GGG : -100ms for me! ^^
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Chris wrote:
Version 0.9.3g:
  • Added European servers! They're part of the same realm - just select a gateway when you launch the game and you'll be put on the appropriate servers by default when creating an area. You can still play with anyone in the world.

  • The most needed update maybe since the begining of 0.9.3 series, congratulations !
    • Increased the drop rates of Orb of Alchemy by 50%, Orb of Chance by 25% and Chaos Sphere by 100%. They're still quite hard to find.[/quote]

  • Hope all the whinners are satisfied upon this dramatic change, thanks Chris that you saved me from reading that was spawning every-day cry threads like there is no tomorrow, about orb drops.
    • Doubled the damage reflected by the damage reflection auras.
    • [/quote]

    This was done in the mean we were hoping for.

    • Increased the drop rate of belts.
    • [/quote]

    Been waiting for this a long time, which had been very needed before scrolls, orbs drops though, great news !

    ● Any future plans buffing super unique bosses in general, especially regarding their thoughness ? They too easily die, their resistances, armour, and hit points are just too low.
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    Did you guys change something graphic-wise in act 2?

    Because after this patch I'm getting constant graphic driver crashes (dia show 1-3 fps) in act 2 areas.
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    Chris wrote:
    Version 0.9.3g:

    • Doubled the damage reflected by the damage reflection auras.
    • Changed Immortal Call to have no up-front invulnerability time (it now requires Endurance Charges to have any effect).
    • Immortal Call now only prevents Physical damage.

    Well done. I haven't gotten around to testing the changes yet, but I'm glad to see the idiocy of 7+ second duration no-endurance-charge full-immortality was finally addressed. It could effectively be used to completely mitigate all reflect auras before this patch, and now people will have to tread lightly once again.
    A bit more on the damage reflection aura:

    My level 47 witch just encountered the improved damage reflection boss on ruthless.

    I run with 442 life and 582 shield along with cold snap, ice spear and critical and elemental weakness as my main spells while building up for frost damage.
    My current gear unfortunatly gives me 0% frost resist but you mentioned not using aoe skills on monsters that reflect damage. Problem is that ice spear is the closes I got to non aoe skill. And just with 1 hit of that I dropped dead. I only used elemental weakness to bring down some resist of the mob down and used 1 ice spear - and I was dead from reflect. It is possible that the spear hit 1 extra mob that was near the boss but as a caster I dont really have much controll over that. I could hit cold snap to try to freeze other mobs near boss and control them that way but that would make me drop dead faster due to aoe or I can with with ice spear but I got no control over which mobs can be hit if the spear decided to fly over more then 1 mob. I understand that there needs to be some risk factor and thats fine, but not really having any option to deal with it makes dealing with those mobs a bit hard.

    Before this patch when dealing with spell reflecting mobs I was able to hit the boss with 4-5 spears before my shield went down but now I cant even survive one?
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    My discharge templar got discharge just before this patch: Now, I know he is wussy low level at 25, and the scaling changes later, but this skill in particular scales really high. I vaporized myself on the first elemental reflect mob I found in cruel (To be fair, it was "Lets run up and see how badly this goes!"), and then I slowly beat it to death. The next one I found, I was in a group, I triggered discharge, and as the animation started, two mobs near the edge of the screen gained the reflect aura, and I died. Just wanted to point out that insta gib is quite possible :p

    Now, I agree that games should be hard: I am just a little concerned by the burst potential of this. I am building elemental resistance right now to try to mitigate this... but even with 75% fire resistance, right now discharge with a scattering of fire skills and 3 endurance charges hits for about 1k. assuming that at higher levels 7 charges (with my current gear and fire/SD skills) would hit for 2331, lets say in 25 levels I double the amount of total dmg increase I have, so it now hits for 4662 or so. I don't know the scaling, but I believe it was originally 20%, doubled is 40%, scaled down to say 25%. This works out to 300 damage per monster, assuming I have max resist. Is 600, 900 + hp something a templar built for charges and SD can expect to have? And of course, lets not forget, I cannot take any other type of charge without also maxing that resist.

    P.S. in reply to the "then don't focus so much on damage output", I present to you that 75% resistance means I am not exclusively focused, I am trying to mitigate.

    I am ok with the reflect mechanic, as long as there is a way to mitigate/survive it somehow. Considering as how physical reflect only does one kind of damage, maybe split elemental reflect into one or even two kinds of elements, so you can switch?
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    So, question:

    Given that "DD is not player's spell damage, but the Corpse's Damage," does that mean that by your own internal logic DD should not be damage reflected against the player?

    c) Balance - it was way too easy to use spell damage increases to raise Detonate Dead to the point it would deal more than 100% of the corpse's life total as damage, thus meaning you only ever had to kill one monster in a group and then could take out the rest using the corpse.

    It still probably is way too easy, as according to Chris you guys allow Fire/Spell Criticals to boost it. This is moving the goal post, and it if I remember my character's spell damage boosts correctly, I will need 3 Detonate Dead casts to catch up to the old DD cast damage. Given that I already had dramatic overkill against most enemies on many of my old DD casts, this isn't even a band aid fix.

    The mistake is allowing a spell benefit from two separate scaling mechanisms. It needs to either deal a set amount of damage scaled by gear, or it needs to just deal % of monster HP. Not both.
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    Xapti wrote:
    How do you know that it does protect?
    0.9.3d patch notes. It should protect, although I haven't tested to see if it actually does. Bugged if not, but at least it's intended to help the player.
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    BTW, Infernal Blow feels like a spell to me. It gets interrupted a heck of a lot.

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