Aura Reservation and Reduced Mana Support Gem Change

I trust whatever you're trying to do and am sure the numbers aren't final. I just wanna say I'm loving the salt from the community :)
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Rory wrote:
We're trying out a change to aura costs, the Reduced Mana support, and the Enlighten gem on Beta. This change involves reducing the base mana reservation on reservation skills, changing the Reduced Mana gem to only apply to costs but with a much greater reduction, and having the Enlighten support gem reduce reservation and cost at lower values than Reduced Mana gave.

These are the intended results of the change:
As they no longer work with Reduced Mana, we can make reservation costs less mana intensive for characters that previously wouldn't have access to Reduced Mana, and reduce socket pressure for players that previously would have needed a Reduced Mana support to reach the same reservation levels.
Enlighten becomes a much more desirable support. It now gives an option for end-game builds that are willing to give up sockets to reduce reservation, without the support being so impactful that every build that uses auras feels that it's absolutely necessary.
Reduced Mana can have much higher values than previously, making it a better choice for reducing skill mana costs.

It's worth noting that a very high level Enlighten gem can reduce aura reservation costs to the point of the old Reduced Mana support and below, and that aura reservation costs are now often lower than otherwise possible until player level 45. We're also planning to increase the power of Mana passives in the tree that will give mana constrained builds more access to larger total mana pools.

This seems like a really strange level to balance auras off of. Level 45 is so early in the game that I am having issue understanding who it is that you are trying to cater to. Anyone that intends to stick with the game will exceed this threshold almost immediately.

Personally, I find the barrier between casual and hardcore play to be at around the mid to late 70's. This is the point where players can finally make a decision between finishing the main story or entering the true endgame via maps. It just seems like this would be the place to balance things (especially with the huge difficulty jump between even act 3 merciless and maps).
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even if you find it you will need to get to about level 95 to get the gem to level 3, then you will have to pray to rng that it gets the +1 level, or you can pay 50+ exalt to buy one. Hurray for change.

you have to do that with reduced mana as well, they almost tripled the required exp from 1-20 in total.

another bad change in my eyes. Why are they so against people getting level 20 gems, without having to no life maps in a group. I love to solo and see how far I can do things in the game solo, but very difficult to keep a map base this way. So now it will be even harder for me to get level 20 gems, oh well no one is forcing me to play the game so if it turns out changes are just too much, one can simply go play something else.

I know there is still plenty of time in beta and things will be adjusted accordingly as they see fit. So, I am not in fudge this game mode, but I really don't understand some of the changes they are trying to make.
why would you change the enlighten? you could just buff it's exp bonus if you want it to be more popular. now reduced mana is gone but there is enlighten instead. if you think that aurabots are too powerful so you want to increase their cost you are right but this hurts every other build (especially ele attack builds) more than aurabots. first eb change, now this, why do you want to change mana so much?
GGG, listen to your community; we almost unanimously agree that swapping RM for enlighten is a bad idea. There is no need to have us be obliged to spend dozens of exalts to get a gem that will enable us to get the auras we want.

I think there are enough auras that everyone will want to run at least two or three. As they are in the beta, they all seem very competitive already and I think getting rid of the requisite reduced mana gem is great so long as you guys cut down the base mana reservation even further.

You guys aren't creating more diversity and choice, you're just giving more choice to heavy traders/flippers and rmters while the rest of the community is left with fewer options.

The solution to me is simple: reduce the mana cost to get the equivalent of about lvl 10 RM and buff the mana reservation nodes to hit the same level as before. That way people who are committed to auras will get it on the tree and other people will save a gem slot or two.
The rich get richer, the rest of us get screwed!! Hey, this is like real life, and here I thought I was escaping reality by playing PoE.
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Ill have to agree with that while the RM being mandatory needed to change, it makes little sense that instead of killing the problem in the root (no mandatory gem to socket), you are shifting it to enlighten

yeah, enlighten as a gem needed more love, but not this way. not like this (cue the matrix gif)
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cool changes
have around 8 reduced mana 20/20 and only 1 enligthen lvl3 cuz sold all rest
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So you screw 90% of the players and leave the other 10% (rich/rmt/streamer/no-lifers) alone.

AND you balance around those fools.

I've got mean evil words for you GGG.

I'll play devil's advocate: how low should reservation reduction in Enlighten that makes it a choice rather a no brainer?
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