Aura Reservation and Reduced Mana Support Gem Change

We're trying out a change to aura costs, the Reduced Mana support, and the Enlighten gem on Beta. This change involves reducing the base mana reservation on reservation skills, changing the Reduced Mana gem to only apply to costs but with a much greater reduction, and having the Enlighten support gem reduce reservation and cost at lower values than Reduced Mana gave.

These are the intended results of the change:
As they no longer work with Reduced Mana, we can make reservation costs less mana intensive for characters that previously wouldn't have access to Reduced Mana, and reduce socket pressure for players that previously would have needed a Reduced Mana support to reach the same reservation levels.
Enlighten becomes a much more desirable support. It now gives an option for end-game builds that are willing to give up sockets to reduce reservation, without the support being so impactful that every build that uses auras feels that it's absolutely necessary.
Reduced Mana can have much higher values than previously, making it a better choice for reducing skill mana costs.

It's worth noting that a very high level Enlighten gem can reduce aura reservation costs to the point of the old Reduced Mana support and below, and that aura reservation costs are now often lower than otherwise possible until player level 45. We're also planning to increase the power of Mana passives in the tree that will give mana constrained builds more access to larger total mana pools.
Balance & Design
So as it stands right now even with a lvl4 enlighten you can't run 2 purities and an aura from mana without skill tree nodes, which I find to be completely ridiculous. I guess we are back to everyone and their grandma crutching alphas howl again. We get an extra socket at the expense of 3+ skill points? As usual I don't understand the reasoning for this. Yes everyone uses RM and it needs a change but at an absorbantant currency and skill tree cost makes zero sense.

If you are trying to run auras off mana and be able to cast spells as well, you can't run 2 purities + a 60% aura with lev 20 Reduced Mana. If you are running other spells/attacks off blood magic, you could.
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