Path of Exile Russia/CIS Enters Open Beta!

We're extremely pleased to bring Path of Exile to more players around the world. Many people in the CIS region weren't able to play on our servers because of the lack of knowledge of English, latency to the servers, or lack of payment methods. If you're a Russian/CIS player, we'd like to encourage you to check their server out.
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great to see PoE available in more languages!
IGN: WhyTheRainbowstrides
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Very cool.
Nice. GGG's another step closer to taking over the world.
Support a free Hong Kong.

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Niceu. Good work everyone :)
From the land of new zeal. Just here to stalk the forums.
I see a great foreseable future.
Duelist is kylo ren -_-

crazy good videos!
POE 2 hype.
Please make Brazilian server the next one!!
Y en español para cuando!?

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