How Divination Card Submission Will Work

Yesterday's Supporter Pack launch was an amazing experience. Your generosity set multiple records for our community. We'd like to sincerely thank you all for your support! We really hope you're enjoying the Beta of The Awakening. One of the things we're looking forward to patching into the Beta is the Divination Card system. Today's news post explains how that process will work, so that Highgate Supporters can start planning their cards. Tomorrow's news will be about a set of three four-hour Endless Ledge races we'll be running on the weekend.

We're expecting to begin the Divination Card submission process early next week. We're posting our submission guidelines today so that you have some time to think about your submission before the submission page goes live. Note that there's a first-come-first-served element to the submissions, so it's a good idea to be prompt.

How Divination Cards Work

Divination Cards are a new type of item that drops from monsters you encounter while playing The Awakening. Sets of cards can be traded to the Act Four NPC Tasuni in exchange for the item referenced on the card. Each card type drops in specific areas of Wraeclast, so careful choice of where to play allows you to maximise your chances of obtaining the desired item.

All Divination Cards appearing in The Awakening are designed by Highgate Supporters.

Submission Process

The submission page will go live early next week. The page will allow you to submit a card, which we then review. We'll either accept your idea, or reject it with feedback on what to change (for example, the name or theme don't fit Path of Exile, or the item is an impossible one).

You choose a name, item and flavour text (optional). You should also specify some theme notes which will help us design the art and to craft flavour text if you didn't write any yourself. We will then review your submission and reject it if there are any problems. The rejection will contain feedback and a suggested fix.

For example, if your card is fine but you didn't want to write flavour text, then we'll reject it with a suggestion of flavour text. If you like what we've written, you can then immediately resubmit and it'll be accepted.

Once it's accepted, we'll create art, balance it and put it in the game. We expect the process to be relatively quick and painless, though please don't be surprised if you receive a few rejections with advice as we work on fine-tuning the theme with you.

Rules for Submission

  • Every submission must be for a distinct set of item parameters. However, similar variations are possible. For example, someone can create a card for Shavronne's Wrappings, another person can create one for Corrupted Shavronne's Wrappings and a third person can make one for a random Unique Occultist Vestment.
  • The submissions are on a first-come-first-served basis. We'll process them in the order that they're submitted. If one is rejected and resubmitted, it goes to the back of the queue. When a submission is accepted, that distinct set of item parameters is taken and other people can't claim it.
  • You can't submit impossible items. They must be items that can legitimately drop. This system isn't intended as a way to make new items that can only be obtained through Divination Cards. We'll make an exception for supporters who are still due to create a custom unique. They may make a Unique that can only be obtained through their Divination Card.
  • You can't use material in the name or flavour text that belongs to someone else (for example, references to other games or stories). If we don't catch it in the initial check, we will change the card later.
  • You can't include hate speech or implied hate speech. If we're concerned about the flavour text on the card after it has been accepted, we'll change it.
  • We will reject cards if we don't feel that they're appropriate to be added to Path of Exile. However, we can reject cards for any reason at all. If we reject an idea, we'll let you know so you can design another.
  • Once we've mutually decided a name, flavour text and reward item, we take over the process. We'll create art for your card, balance its rarity, determine how many you'll need to complete a stack, and assign it to drop in specific locations. It's important that these decisions are left to us because they're integral to the balance of Path of Exile.

Possible Item Choices

When picking options, please bear in mind that increasing the value of your chosen item will affect the rarity of your Divination Card. If you'd like copies of your Card to show up frequently, then you should associate it with a more common item. For example, forcing your Normal base item to always have six linked sockets makes it a lot rarer and thus we will balance the corresponding Card's rarity. Supporters can pick an item from any of these categories. Each category has various parameters that they can choose:

Normal (White)

  • Base Type OR Category (for example, Sword or Two-Hand Weapon)
  • Specific number of linked sockets (Optional)
  • Item Level (Optional for normal items. If it's not set, then the item level will be the level of the player handing in the cards, capped at level 80.)

Magic (Blue)

  • Base Type OR Category (for example, Map or Armour)
  • Item Level
  • One Specific Mod (Optional. For example, Tyrannical)

Rare (Yellow)

  • Base Type OR Category (for example, Jewel or Wand)
  • Item Level
  • Has Corrupted Implicit Mod (Optional. You can't pick which mod. Item will have quality=20 and will be corrupted, which means you must use Vorici if you want to change sockets)


  • Base Type (Unided) OR Category (for example, Rings, Flask or Intelligence Armours) OR Specific Unique (If you choose a Unique from a previous challenge league, it'll affect where we put the cards. If the Unique is normally always corrupted, it'll be corrupted here.)
  • Has Corrupted Implicit Mod (Optional. You can't pick which mod. Item will have quality=20 and will be corrupted, which means you must use Vorici if you want to change sockets)


  • Type
  • Quantity (Yes, you could choose a stack of 10 Mirrors of Kalandra.)


  • Colour OR Category (for example, Fire or Support Gem) OR Specific Gem (If it's a Vaal gem, it's automatically corrupted with quality=20.)
  • Quality (Optional. If it's 21-23, the gem is corrupted.)
  • Level (Optional. If it's max_level+1, the gem is corrupted.)
  • You can't specify both Quality and Level for gems at the same time.


  • Type of fragment (for example, Mortal Hope)

Divination Card

  • Card (From the list of finished ones.)
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I'm really hyped to find Divination cards ingame at some point! :)

E: And a stack of mirrors? Really? How rare would that card even be? I mean if you're not seeing a single mirror in 2-3k hours of playtime, I imagine you would need to collect at least 1000 cards for a stack of mirrors... o.O

And Divi-ception: Once the first supporter has created a card for a Shavs, the second one can then create a card for the Shavs card? Sounds fun!
Crit happens.
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Trading still sucks
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Cool idea guys! Can't wait to see those cards drop in game! Kudos!
Don't fool yourself exile... your end is just around the corner!
Still think GGG should have made one for every Unique and currency before opening it up to Supporters.

Seem awfully limited and limiting. There's gonna be a looooot of rejections and resubmissions. lol
Ascension tied to Lab is the worst thing GGG has done...apart from GGG's philosophy on Trading. Oh and Gambling Loot boxes. And selling out to tencent.

I used to love GGG. I supported to ensure GGG remained independent, now I just wish I could get my money back. -_-
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