The Domination - Recruiting Once again actively! (Updated info)

IGN: FrostySnowSkank

Looking to chill
Hi, i really want to join,my higher lv char is 89, and i wanna find some friend to play with and of course, to enjoy the game. Hope i can join, i can also speak English but is not so good XD
hello fairly new to the game but would love to be a part of your guild my ign is HIRANLIA



Would like to

Ty buddy im a little exile lookin for friends . I have discord

ign : alexwar666
Bring me one of those chickens.
I've been looking for an active guild, this seems like a cozy place. Cheers.

ign: PrologueK
Chefsjuggs or Chefchillah , hpoe to see you soon
ShizuneHakamichi, hope to hear from you soon :)
Sounds like a fine guild =)

My IGN: Dominos_slave
I'd like to join if Recruiting is on.

IGN: CelestialMemes

Hello my ign:Cursedwings
New to the game, but willing to learn, hopefully dominate everyone soon, jk.. :)

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