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Grislo wrote:
I run two block builds, neither uses Lazhwar. Maybe I'm not 'serious' enough, but there are so many better options than spell block for any given character.

I'd absolutely consider the new amulet for one of the builds, though.

edit: I am arguing form the point of builds that use Aegis Aurora and enough armor for the ES recharge to be useful. In my experience other melee block builds don't cut it and should rely on other mechanics (like ranged abilities) for survival. Feel free to contradict me here.
edit 2: I'll conciede that if you choose not to use Aegis Aurora for whatever reason then the anvil might have it's uses. Though if you begin to fall asleep from the 20% movement penalty feel free to try Aegis!

If you're looking to be really tanky and already using Aegis Aurora, spell block will be a lot more useful than the stats that anvil gives. At a certain point (easily reachable without anvil or bringer of rain) you just don't need any more block. Spell block is the same but is harder to get, with 62% from stone and the templar node you will have a nice chance to avoid being frozen and shocked.

Resistance helps a lot to be sure but even at 86 cold resistance I can be frozen and there are some very hard hitting spell bosses. For example with Stone of Lazwar I can almost go AFK while fighting the Harbinger boss from the cells while Aegis' aurora keeps me alive. If I tried this on my 4.5k life res capped freeze pulser with no spell block I would die in 5 seconds.

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bingobill wrote:
is the anvil a tempest shield/molten shell pure block thing? its downsides are huge. 10% reduced ias, puny reflect, no life; intrigued.

I was thinking it, that Anvil is directed at Tempest shield. However, Tempest shield works with spell blocking, and Lazhwar enables just that.
I guess it's there to give a choice between triggering more often and more tanky or being more damaging...

Molten shell does not work only with armor mitigation? That is... Blocking would not trigger it?
pneuma wrote:
Either I can't find it in the patch notes or it still hasn't gone through yet.

I remember a Mark post talking about fixing this in a way that suggested it was already done, but searching "block" in every patch back to OB isn't giving anything.
That went through a while ago.
Faerindel wrote:
Molten shell does not work only with armor mitigation? That is... Blocking would not trigger it?

Molten Shell triggers off any Physical Damage mitigation from Hits (once its threshold is reached). Evaded/Dodged Attacks do not Hit; Blocked Attacks do Hit. As such, Blocking can cause Molten Shell to explode.
if it wasn't for crits / shock stacks i could afk kill temple piety with tempest shield alone due to spell block from laz. anvil is relatively garbage though.
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Did the Darkscorn flavour text change in 0.11.2?


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about new uniq ammy
how reflected dmg can be multiply - skill tree (or it can't be a based dmg + spiked shield+ tempest) ?
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I want a 'Brass Nuckles' Unique that has a mod 'works with Facebreaker gloves'


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duolc wrote:
I think my unique is in this patch, super excited for someone to find it!

HINT: It's a 1H axe! high level
Broliciously wrote:
Odoakar wrote:
I think Anvil could be great for cylone build, as -% move speed is actually benefiting cyclone.

No it's not actually. Cyclone is played best with Multistrike + as much AoE as you can stack. Multistrike auto-targets and prolongs your Cyclone by 200% or even more for the SAME mana costs and increased AoE gives more killspeed vs mob packs than for example Increased Melee Dmg.
So imagine you have huuuuge AoE and fast movespeed now. You cyclone wildly through mobs and hit everything because of your AoE, slow movespeed would drag you down, lessening your killspeed by a huge margin while with fast movespeed you can just 'run' through mobs while maintaining fast killspeed. Also fast moving enemies that run away are a pain with slow movespeed Cyclone.

Slow movespeed Cyclone is only good vs slow boss monsters.

I never really gave cyclone+multi a chance because of the massive desync issues I have when using that combo:|
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