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Guild Name/Tag: Cheat2Win [c2w]
Guild Region: International
Guild language: Only english
Guild League(s):
Guild Leader(s):ssddHell, dodojr, zolazor
Current Number of Members:111
Official Forum thread:
Official Website:
Guild's focus: Creating an friendly and competitive enviroment for both new and advanced players
About Us: We are core of like 20-30 old school players that are playin together for the last 4-5 years, curently expanding into larger comunity with discord and everything nececeseraly to improve one's gaming experience. We have players from all over the world , very friendly non toxic comunity and good leadership!
Guild name/Tag: Akademia Pana Kleksa
Guild Region: EU
Guild language: polish
Guild league: challenge leagues
Guild leader(s): PanKlekswKosmosie, Chalidow
Current Number of Members: 15(adding much more)
Official Forum thread:
Official Website: N/A
Guild's focus: Having fun and enjoing the game
About us: We are mostly a bunch of 25-40yo players. We do play together for 3-4 years, nearly every league. We decided to gather more people to make it even easier to create a good party or just to always have someone to talk to.
Discord is quite necesarry but you dont have to be there all day long. Our guild members are friendly so if u are such a player you'll fit in perfectly. Advanced and intermediate players preferably, but if you are new we are here to help you out, feel free to write me ing.
Guild Name/Tag:(FATAL)Decreed By Fate
Guild Region:USA
Guild language:English, Arabic
Guild League(s):SC 3month challenge Leagues
Guild Leader(s):Chrispy_Gaming84 ,Orca848
Current Number of Members:8
Official forum thread:
Official Website:None
Guild's focus:SC Challenge leagues
About Us: We are a small guild currently. We enjoy playing challenge Leagues and mostly focus on SC. We also have 7 stash tabs. In the future we plan on having personal guild events and races. Myself and Orca848 are very friendly and knowledgeable about POE. We love to help others and look forward to playing with you all.
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Guild Name/Tag: Dice Ninja Gaming
Guild Region: US
Guild language: English
Guild League(s): Challenge Leagues SC
Guild Leader(s): Taegost
Current Number of Members: 7
Official Forum thread:
Official Website:
Guild's focus: Casual gaming, league play, social interactions
About Us:
At Dice Ninja Gaming, we're building a community of people who enjoy helping others and working together for a common goal, all with the understanding that life happens outside of gaming.
We strive to create a balance between keeping the community light and fun, while still coordinating to progress through content.
Guild Name/Tag: €ñêmÿ [AU/NZ]
Guild Region: AU/NZ
Guild language: ENGLISH
Guild League(s): SOFTCORE TRADE
Current Number of Members: 12
Official Forum thread:
Official Website: -
Guild's focus: Banter / Fun
About Us:
This is an invite only guild made by a group of mature AU/NZ gamers looking to create a fun, non toxic environment to play Path of Exile in. We are sweaty gamers that usually go hard at league start, primarily playing softcore trade leagues but also the occasional private league mid or late league. We are only small, having about 6 to 8 active players but are looking to slowly and carefully expand our numbers.

Currently we are all between the ages of 25 and 35 and we are looking to add a few choice picks to our membership in preparation for the next league to increase the activity, fun, banter and party play content we run. We all have 1 to 2K hours + of gameplay, all help each other with our builds and usually play for at least 2 months each league.
Tyrs Paladium

Guild Leader: Manipulos
Guild Contact: Manipulos, Barron, BluntHonesty, Brklyn
Guild Website:
Guild Motto: "Play Hard, Laugh Hard, and Win, Together!"
Guild Currently Recruiting: Yes.
Active Guild Size: 90-100
Guild Type: Casual, Adult
Guild Peak Time Zones: 5pm-2am Eastern. We have a world wide presence however, so guildies on 24/7.

Description: We are an adult guild featuring members 25+ years of age and older (25 to 70 yrs is our current age range), no drama, no zerg guild, where everybody knows everyone. We are all about the camaraderie. We play to have fun, and lots of it. We allow you to play all your characters as YOU create them. Many in our guild have a PnP background. We are a patriotic guild that have been and is still home to many fine veterans who have served their country proud. Whether you've been playing since game start, or fairly new to the game, if you exemplify a no drama, no zerg protocol, you'll make many friends in Tyrs. Guild drama rules strictly enforced
Guild Name/Tag : Nemesis Mod Rejects / -NMR-
Guild Region : NA, EU, AU. We welcome and have player bases from each
Guild Language : English
Guild League : Softcore Trade, but you can play HC/SFF/Ruth as well
Guild Leader : Valgorite, with a few co-gms of sorts
Member count : 52
Official forum thread :

Guild Focus : Chill, friendly environment. Mostly SC, but other leagues are welcome.

About Us:

Long term guild (2018), looking for more active, mature players. Not looking for lurkers, but rather people who participate in chat, discord, and potentially joint/team efforts. We're particularly interested in niche players such as lab runners, delvers, uber-uber bossers, etc. Veteran and Newbie friendly. We have players from NA, and AU and some from EU so you may be able to find people to play with no matter your schedule.

If you are a friendly individual looking for either complimentary players or simply a place to banter a little bit, check us out.
Guild Name/Tag: [ROTC] Relics of the Corrupted
Guild Region: Global
Guild language: English
Guild League(s): All Leagues, SC, and some HC
Guild Leader(s): CastorRoaid
Current Number of Members: 32
Official Forum thread: N/A (Discord based)
Official Website: N/A (Discord based)
Voice Chat: Discord
Guild's focus: Middle-End Game, Map, and League specific content
About Us: Relics of the Corrupted is social global english speaking guild that is a home for anyone that is looking to relax. We take care of eachother and make sure everyone has an enjoyful time in Wraeclast.

If you're a friendly person looking to chat with folks from all around the world or maybe just have a drink and destroy some mobs, then ROTC is for you! :)

ROTC was established in 2017 and will be around well into Path Of Exile 2.
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