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Guild Name/Tag: [NÜB] Usual Suspects
Guild Region: NA & EU
Guild language: English
Guild League(s): All leagues
Guild Leader(s): hissnail (aka mimi)
Current Number of Members: 25/30 (adding more)
Official Forum thread:
Official Website: None right now
Guild's focus: PvP - low level dueling (LLD) and high level dueling (HLD); current focus is on LLD in preparation for Season 2
About Us: We're a group of chill players who all share an interest in PvP. We PvP competitively and just for fun! If you're interested in a new, active guild that plays PvP in all leagues, this guild might be the place for you.
Guild Name/Tag: The Wise Man's Fear [WISE]
Guild Region:EU
Guild language:German 80% 10% English
Guild League(s):All Leagues
Guild Leader(s):BullitD3/Crackhöhle/Grandor
Current Number of Members:46
Official Forum thread:
Official Website:
Guild's focus:Drinking Beer and bad jokes
About Us:
We are a collourfull mix of top players and beginners,so If u wanne learn stuff about poe gamemechanics/trading stuff and so on here is the right place to be.

We are mainly loocking for german speaking players also
TS 3 is a must, at least at the beginning,so we can get each other to know better.
Loyality and trust has a high value for us.

We are loocking forward to get you to know Exile

Or as we say it in Germany :
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Guild Name/Tag: [GOD] Demigods
Guild Region: Global
Guild language: English
Guild Server: Hardcore & HC Challenge League
Guild Leader(s): WillywonkaHC, GreenDude
Current Number of Members: 18
Official Forum thread:
Official Website:
Guild's focus: PVP in Hardcore leagues, mostly low level but also high level.
About Us: This guild has some of the best and most well known pvpers in the Hardcore leagues. It was one of the earliest created guilds (19th ever!) and the very first pvp guild to exist. Our guild competes in official events to earn points and pvp demis. We are welcoming of any pvper, new or old, as long as your serious about winning! :)
IGN: @GreenDude
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Guild Name/Tag:[TWOPRO]BainCorp
Guild Region: EUW (GMT)
Guild language: English
Guild League(s): All of them, most active on Standard
Guild Leader(s): Atziri_ (Nicklange_)
Current Number of Members: 9
Official Forum thread: Should really make one
Official Website: n/a
Guild's focus: Any level play, currently trying to break through the 80s with established chars
About Us: We like trying new builds to expand our knowledge of the game. Occasionally when we have the time we enjoy the odd race. We normally use Skype to communicate.
I fought for God Exile. Who do you fight for?
Guild Name/Tag: [ÆTHÉR] StraightEdge Ganja Warriors
Guild Region: Anywhere
Guild language: English
Guild Leader: Waxicc
Current Number of Members: 10
Guild's focus: Have people to play with when online
About Us: Started as a couple of friends trying to expand as people aren't online as often.
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Guild Name/Tag: The Casuals / <CÅSL>
Guild Region: EU / North America
Guild language: English
Guild League(s): Mostly Standard Challenge Leagues
Guild Leader(s): You take the lead
Current Number of Members: 29
Official Forum thread:
Official Website: -
Guild's focus: Casual - steady as she goes
About Us: Got bored and helped out a lot of casual rookies, ended up friending and forming a guild. Casual's the name, casual's the game.
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Guild Name/Tag: Grind Side
Guild Region: Australia
Guild language: English
Guild League(s): Torment (softcore)
Guild Leader(s): nspyro
Current Number of Members: 6
Official Forum thread: -
Official Website: -
Guild's focus: Endgame
About Us:
Small aussie guild looking to expand! We mostly run maps/boss farm (currently with a 500+ rarity culler), but we also somtimes re-roll on weekends. We have a mumble server which we communicate through! Friday & Saturday nights we usually chill back with some beers and quote kenny vs spenny or the simpsons. Anyway if youre interested please feel free to sign up!
Guild Name/Tag: AUSSIE / Oceanic Exiles
Guild Region: Australian
Guild language: English
Guild League(s): Torment Softcore
Guild Leader(s): tKlintzFB
Current Number of Members: 110
Official Forum thread:
Official Website: n/a
Guild's focus: Completing challenges in the softcore version of the challenge leagues.
About Us: Oceanic Exiles was founded to give exiles who play on the Australian gateway the ability to group with other exiles. We are focused on the short term standard leagues and have participated in Anarchy, Domination, Ambush, Rampage and Torment.
Guild Tag/Name: <ZZZ> Sleepless
Guild Region: Australia
Guild language: English
Guild League: Standard
Guild Leader: flumie
Current Number of Members: 13 (Feb 16, 2015)
Official Forum thread:
Guild's focus: Leveling, Maps, Atziri/Uber
About Us: Just a guild for Australian server players to map high level 77+ rotations and chill on TS. Preferably for level 90+ players but if you are lower level and have 77+ maps to join us in rotations you are welcome to apply.
ign: flumie
/357218 -- Store
/1195032 -- <ZZZ> Sleepless Guild Thread -- 90+ AUS players in STD recruiting!
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Guild Name/Tag: [LLD] Calamity
Guild Region: Global
Guild language: English
Guild League(s): HC (primarily), Bloodlines, Torment
Guild Leader(s): GrindcoreTHRALL
Current Number of Members: 58
Official Forum thread:
Official Website:
Guild's focus: LLD, PvP, Team PvP, Anything LvL 28 PvP
About Us: We are a group of Hardcore PvPers who have been ushering in new competition since closed beta. We are the longest running LLD guild around and we will exist forever. We are all passionate pvpers working towards creating a larger community and working towards better pvp balance/meta. Many of us play everyday and are all willing to help new players and veterans.
I Stream PvP
THE STORY OF MY Descent into the Abysmal Afterlife( HC to SC, too Stronk!)
PK massacre,
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