[NÜB] Usual Suspects (LLD and HLD PvP) // All leagues!

[UPDATE March 2, 2015]

Yo! We're Usual Suspects, a new guild that specializes in PvP. After Season 1, the hype is big for Season 2 in the temp leagues! If you are interested in PvP, whether it's low-level dueling (LLD) or high-level dueling (HLD), this can be the guild for you! Read on for more information.


Usual Suspects was started by me and several guildies who were all previously part of Calamity, the well-known LLD guild in Hardcore. We left the guild to make a new, competitive PvP guild that would focus on LLD and HLD in all leagues. Our current founding members are all very experienced in PvP, especially LLD. I (aka mimi) participated in the Season 1 US HC Invitational and made it to the Semifinals. My Officer, kuan999 (aka kuan), participated in the Season 1 EU SC Invitational. My other Officer, poeacc79 (aka yoda), participated in the Season 1 EU HC Invitational and made it to the Finals. We were mostly HC-based before, but now we plan to expand to all leagues, especially the temp leagues!

We have an honorary member, Lordsidro, who helped us start this guild. You may recognize his name, as he participated in both Season 1 US/EU HC Invitationals and won the US one (and won the SC v. HC grudge match too!). Like us, Lordsidro left Calamity to start anew. We are sad to see him go, but we understand his good friends are waiting elsewhere! <3

What We Offer

- Community of people with PvP interests
- Lots of PvP experience and knowledge
- Dueling practice and fun
- Leo dailies
- Gear farming
- Master crafting
- Theorycrafting
- Potential for team and guild PvP (guild v. guild hype?!)
- Guild stash with ilvl 36 crafting bases and other PvP gear (soon)
- And more!


Which server do you play on?
All of them! We are trying our best to represent all leagues: SC, HC, TMT, BLD!

What language is spoken in the guild?
English. Some members can speak other languages, but we do not specifically speak a certain language besides English.

Can I join even if I don't PvP?
Yes, anyone can join. But we encourage you to try out PvP!

Why Usual Suspects instead of another PvP guild?
This is a tough question. There are some well-known PvP guilds like Calamity and Demigods that have been around much longer and have more members right now. They are experienced and you might enjoy those guilds! But, Usual Suspects has big goals and we plan to become a very fun AND competitive PvP guild. We have a reputation to build: the best of the best! :)
(Note: If you want details, you can message me! Maybe it will help you make a decision if you are looking for a PvP guild.)

Have a specific question? Message me!

Contact Us

Send us a PM via forums or add/whisper us in-game!

hissnail - Mimistell
kuan999 - KurwaUmarlem
poeacc79 - Yoda_PVP_Blood

PvP Poem

I'm just hanging out in the EU queue
That's how I do
Occasionally Kuan beats me like deja vu
But mostly opponents I subdue
Archers run around and I've gotta pursue
Leap slammers destroy my traps like a kangaroo
Most spell casters are easy and it's like adieu
Other builds make me think about what I wanna respec to
I've got the guild name to live up to
You gotta find that lvl 28 white loot too
You gotta choose what to magically imbue
And hope RNGesus loves you
Or currency you better accrue
Level up a character to debut
Or just do a fresh 28 and rush into
The pvp low level dueling queue
First matches are like a pas a deux
Figuring your character out, barely a clue
Then you get it together and mayhem ensues!
Now I'm hanging out in the US queue
With the Usual Suspects guild crew
That's how I do

-Zuzzana (aka Wyncote)

This thread will be updated over time! Thanks for visiting!
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friendly bump for some cool dudes

Some interested people! I think we'll be getting new guild members soon. :)

New guildies! :)

More guildies! Looking for more TMT and BLD players. :)

Some more BLD players. :)
A fellow guildie wrote us a poem. :')
^ I enduring-cry evrytiem
IGN Standard: GianBiagio/StormentinaReave/RNGeesusHelpMyPepperoni
IGN Hardcore: Giankova

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