(1.3.0) Three Dragons, Three Heralds - a Lightning freeze build

Looks pretty good. The only thing I would suggest at this point is to clear out your second Doryani link for Vaal Storm Call: VSC - Echo - q20 added cold (or maybe lightning pen if you have enough freeze) - free proliferation.

It really helps in dealing with dangerous situations, such as blue quillbeasts, giant packs of leapfrogs sitting behind a door, rogue exiles, and most bosses (the big ones kind of shrug the damage off). Basically whenever you see something dangerous and think, "man do I really have to just dive right in?", dropping a Vaal Storm Call to clear it up or severely weaken it is awesome.
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Did some more testing and:
- Q20 Added Lights helps a lot indeed, instead of Ele Weakness Conductivity can be linked with CwDT to guarantee shock;
- Defensively I feel pretty strong, I've got only 4,000 armor which doesn't mitigate much, but I cast Enduring Cry before any physical pack and pop up a Granite if needed just to survive the 1st wave, then freeze + 10% life regen give me tons of survivability (did some 70-74 maps at level 75, my life never dropped below 80%);
- Clear speed is very very good, burning from HoI kinda pisses me off when it comes down to humanoids, but I guess I've to live with that;
- This build is plenty of fun, I really struggled leveling, but now I just wanna map, map, map.

- Dropped Clarity, with lower mana multiplier from Added Light I can sustain my skills on my own regen;
- Cleared 1 x Catalyst for Vaal Storm Call, will give it a try later today.
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