(1.3.0) Three Dragons, Three Heralds - a Lightning freeze build

So it sounds like going for the Exceptional Performance nodes is where you are heading? Do you have a "finished" tree I could look at, I'm curious about that.
Here's my full end-goal tree. Points of interest include:

- I would like to have Alchemist (in fact I have it right now while I wait for one more skillpoint to make the jump to Exceptional Performance) simply because it's a cool passive to have and it might help against bosses when I use resist flasks.

- Exceptional Performance, of course

- Precision (by the Templar start) and Sentinel (by the Scion start) are to make up for the resists and dex I would lose if I were to replace my amulet with the new unique one.
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New video added! This time it's an Underground River run.
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Updated with a section on map mods, also added some detailed information on Rashkaldor's Patience.
IGN: Ikimashouka, Tsukiyattekudasai, DontCallMeMrFroyo

I got it linked! Now I just need to get RRRR on my Three Dragons. 400 chroms in and no progress so far...

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I really, really like the idea and I think this kind of build should definitely get more attention. Unfortunately, 9 out of 10 players would say "you can just go crit and get the very same effect and more deeps". But, it really looks fun and I hope that same as with your GH build it'll make it to the Build of the Week.
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Thanks for the vote of confidence!

In other news, I got one-shot off reflect again. This time I was in a shocking ground map, I walked by a pack of reflect burrowers with my Herald of Lightning active, the bolt one-shot and froze one of them, which caused the whole pack to shatter simultaneously. Normally that would just hurt a bunch, but the shocking ground was enough to make it a one-shot.
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Your build motivated me to theory-craft myself. And here's what I've got:

Q20 Static - Phys to Light - Multi - Q20 WED - Q20 Incr. AoE
HoT - Ele Prolif (Doryani's) - Q20 Added Cold - Red Mana

With this tree Static would have 90% increased AoE (without Jack). Defensively you'd get 166% incr life and 9.9% life regen with 5 e-charges.

If you'd get some mana/INT on your jewelry you should get around 900-950 mana at level 90. With level 16 Clarity you'd get 83 mana regen/sec so that would be enough to cover your skill cost.

Offensively 250% incr ele/light/melee damage should be enough, especially while mixed with 2 x Doryani's and maybe Invitation. I'm currently level 54, will post an update once level 70 when I can see whether or not this build actually works.
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Looks pretty good! Like I said in the OP, dropping Cyclone for something like Static Strike is probably an overall stronger choice, I just like the insane clearspeed you can get from Cyclone. Plus I just don't really like Static Strike for clearing packs.

10% chance to shock is a little low though. I might consider replacing the AOE gem with added lightning (yuck) or going for the Invitation belt. Besides, if you have Herald of Ash and Ice active, you're going to be clearing packs plenty easy and won't need the extra AoE from Static Strike (put the AoE gem with the heralds!). I'd say Rashkaldor's is probably mandatory for you since your elemental status chances are so low.

As for the tree, the only thing I really noticed is that you should probably leave the templar area from Sanctity instead of Catalyze. Still costs two points, but this route gives you a dex node, which you will very much need.

Also, Lightning Walker seems to be not worth the effort. With two Doryani's (you are going dual, right?) you already have a really high amount of increased damage, the extra 36% won't actually add all that much, especially for an investment of four passives that could be spent on that life wheel.

Shaper may not be necessary if you can get your hands on a decent Elreon ring. They're not all that hard to craft, it just takes a bit of patience. I usually just buy resist rings from Elreon, augment them, and if I end up getting a good life roll or resist roll, I then regal them and hope for more life/resist. Since I've made this thread, I've crafted another two really good rings and one amulet.
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Hi again!

Finally leveled to 75, so I respecced into the final build (was leveling as facebreaker) and here's my 1st thoughts:

- Deep Thoughts and Righteous Decree are totally unnecessary. I got mana regen on my rings + I run level 1 Clarity and it covers my 5-linked Static.
- Increased AoE with Static feels like a waste indeed.

This is gonna be my final tree:

I should get around 20k melee DPS + as you said heralds with incr. AoE should clear the rest.

Q20 Static Strike - Q20 Weapon Elemental Damage - Multistrike - Q20 Physical to Lightning - Q20 Added Lightning Damage

Herald of Thunder - Elemental Proliferation (Doryani's) - Q20 Added Cold - Reduced Mana

Herald of Ash - Herald of Ice - Increased AoE - Reduced Mana

Cast when Damage Taken - Enduring Cry - Elemental Weakness

Clarity - Reduced Mana

I still need to play with the gear for a second, but I think I'll be ok. While on level 75 I did few 74 maps and a couple of level 8 masters missions and it worked fine.

Also, someone on Reddit came up with a nice idea for a freeze build and I think maybe we could work on that together. PM me if you're interested.

P.S. Gear:

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