Let's talk about PvP

Could we possibly see some updates to the manifesto regarding build diversity/general game balance?
Are GGG happy with the current state of life-based melee builds in a vacuum, and compared to alternative choices? etc

Could you please clarify to what extent PvP considerations impact PvE balance?
I was under the assumption (along with probably the majority of the player-base) that balance between PvE and PvP would be consummately unidirectional; in that PvP considerations would have zero impact on the state of the PvE game.... A cursory read of the PvP manifesto post all but confirms the exact opposite has taken place. Please clarify.
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It's not a 13 week development cycle, it's a 13 week supporter-pack cycle.
You can play any build you want, as long as it's the current meta.
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I was expecting an explanation of what to expect in pvp, given all the bugs and issues.

Instead, i found out non-pvpers were complaining about the introduction of pvp.

On the internet, people complain about anything and everything. Learn to ignore it, especially given that the majority (satisfied customers) don't tend to say anything, while a minority who complain, complain very loudly.

Edit: i guess what i'm thinking is, perhaps the title could be improved.
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GGG best game developers in the world

anybody who is crying needs to open there eyes and look at the other online game development teams and compare them to GGG

Now you see how silly you are

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baassi wrote:
make some events that are only playable with the builds that you guys already have on the PvP-only characters

It was abundantly clear on day 1 that the base PvP-only characters (with 55% all resist and a 2Link) were not going to have fair match-ups vs. actual PvP characters. That said, that actually got me interested and motivated in looking for level 28 gear to make my low guy able to compete.

Ultimately if there is PvP-only-no-trade characters it will just be a MOBA with very few playable characters, everyone using same items and likely a lack of interest from community/balance team.
Thanks for the note Chris, appreciate it. You've set the bar really high, so anything slightly less and people start to get concerned.
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I am in love with POE and sometimes even my wife gets jealous :) In average I have 2+ hours minimum game play everyday. So I want this game to be successful and live longer.

My problem with PVP is not that it may effect PvE experience in the future. My problem is it already did. All those block and other nerfs in v1.3 were just happened to balance PvP experience.

Some people may like rolling low level content and enjoy posting again and again. But some players like me want to make a single character perfect and face roll everything (all content including Uber Atziri)... that is my ultimate target I want to reach and all these nerfs are dragging me even further from this goal. Now I just created a new Tornado shot ranger and I know it will be nerfed in the next expansion...

Just don't nerf everything continuously please...
Its not the real amount of work whats the problem with pvp.

Its the thinking. In the future i fear all game designers have in the mind, oh can we do this without destroying pvp. Oh how will this work with pvp.
And this is the badest part of pvp, if it comes in a game.

so sad, that poe is also going this way. But waiting for part 4. Perhaps your company can do it in another way. Id would be great.
When I checked the news (as daily, even weekends and holidays) I got sad: pvp and Gamespot in the same post... can anything be worst?

Then, slowly, quietly, I read your post in the manifesto.

Ok, ok, everything and everybody calmed down... ok... but...

You forgot and important thing: Leo. To access his content for using his mods and items in pve, we have to pvp. Ok, again... Leo is pvp, let's pvp. "But" again: There aren't enough players, I don't want to wait 30 minutes for a CTF, or 20 for a 3v3, or waste 5 minutes waiting for a 1v1 only to be slaughtered against 1 of the 50 players... 4 rounds!!! 4 rounds watching a lvl 88 char, with 5000 life, 600 life/s, and a zillion dps being crushed with some kind of lightning speed flicker strike resolute technique reduced enemy block chance stunner.

Please, make all missions Sarn arena related.

Or make pvp options (1v1, 3v3, CTF, or whatever) just for pvp-only chars and don't let those chars get other items but predeterminated ones. That will be fair. All us would play fair fights. That would make it faster to get into a game, and won't bother you for losing. Please, think about it.
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xReo wrote:
I feel like I've heard this exact same explanation verbatim from other game developers when they also injected a PvP module into their game to "attract a PvP crowd".

It's always followed by the "these resources are coming from a different area" or "this doesn't affect the PvE development budget" disclaimer, and it always seems like a PR statement of damage control that cannot possibly be based in reality.

For me, the introduction of more PvP elements into PoE is disappointing. It's a totally unnecessary, forced directive for the game and I find myself unsettled about the future of PoE and my interest in it.


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