1.3.0g Patch Notes

Version 1.3.0g
  • Added a new high-end purchasable Hideout Decoration: Arcane Throne.
  • Added seven new purchasable Hideout Decorations: Vaal Vessel, Wisp Swarm, Cauldron, Vaal Pyramid, Transformer, Brutus' Cradle and Whale Skeleton.
  • Events Noticeboards have been added to the Forest Encampment and the Sarn Encampment in all difficulties. They have also been added to Lioneye's Watch, but only in Cruel and Merciless difficulties. The Events Noticeboard in the Sarn Arena Staging Area has been been updated to use the new art. These noticeboards allow you to access the Events/PvP panel.
  • Skills supported by Cast on Death now deal 75% less damage when triggered in PvP.
  • The PvP arena based on the Industrial Docks tileset has had its collidability markup improved. This change specifically improves the usability of ground targeting area of effect skills (such as Firestorm) in certain locations.
  • Fixed a bug where your Flasks would not refill if respawning in the same arena during FFA Arena Tournaments.
  • Fixed problems related to ruined wagons in the Sarn Arena.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause some users to be unable to enter the next round of a Swiss tournament.
  • You can now re-enter a Swiss tournament after withdrawing, if the next round hasn't started yet.
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