How many hours do I wait in queue to try and complete a pvp daily?

you can farm leo in 1v1 ...... lvl 4 and still havent done the daily yet :P
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Yeah the Daily needs to be fixed I have attempted it several times only to get bored / or have to leave my comp to take care of my kid. It's disappointing because I was looking forward to PVP but the Queue takes to long.
and when you are finally in a game, the client crashes...Happened in 5 of 8 games now, pointless to even queue. 1v1 actually works great, instant matches, no crashes.
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Couldn't do the CTF yesterday (and din't really wanted to tbh) but the victory in 1vs1 was granted. Hopefully there will be more of those.
Having the VERY FIRST daily pvp quest be 6v6 CTF was pretty troll. Why it wasn't "finish a 1v1 match" (or sure, maybe win the match...) is beyond me.

On a related note I hope we get 3v3 options soon. Its the best team format IMO.

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