1.3.0 Patch Notes

Nerf everything, buff nothing. Good game I guess? Worst patch since you guys started developing the game.
My body isn't ready.
The mana and mana regeneration path in the Witch starting area has been modified so that all passives provide mana and mana regeneration.

The mana regeneration on the Energy Shield and Mana Regeneration Witch starting node has been reduced.

Why are you killing the Witch so much in this patch ?.
Worst patch ever, pretty much. Absolute rubbish.
*Melee removed from the game*

Who needed it?
RIP acuity :(
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Chris wrote:
Arctic Armour has had its physical and fire damage taken when hit reduced at high levels. By gem level 20 they are reduced from -189 to -161.

Awwwwwwwww :( RIP lots of Witches :((
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Would love to know the numbers behind the SRS nerf, so obscure..
Hah I'm usually quiet about this but this is a terrible fucking patch good god. I'll play for a bit likely in terms of the next league.

But you've lost my support truly.

And will likely be moving on to a new game when their one.

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