Rate my duelist for 1.3

This is what i have come up with so far.

Anybody see more optimal paths with better results?

current summary of stats
+373 to Strength
+83 to Dexterity
+74 to Intelligence
+77 to maximum Mana
+330.5 to maximum Life
Evasion Rating: 56
+6 Maximum Endurance Charge
+3 Maximum Frenzy Charge
+3 Maximum Power Charge
4% Additional Elemental Resistance per Endurance Charge
4% Physical Damage Reduction per Endurance Charge
5% Attack Speed Increase per Frenzy Charge
5% Cast Speed Increase per Frenzy Charge
50% Critical Strike Chance Increase per Power Charge
43% increased Attack Speed
26% increased Physical Damage with Attacks
72% increased Evasion Rating
172% increased maximum Life
86% increased Armour
20% increased Accuracy Rating
Ignore all Movement Penalties from Armour
90% increased maximum Mana
180% increased Mana Regeneration Rate
7% of Life Regenerated per Second
46% increased Melee Physical Damage
+2 to Melee Weapon and Unarmed range
113% increased Physical Damage with Two Handed Melee Weapons
27% increased Attack Speed with Two Handed Melee Weapons
20% increased Accuracy Rating with Two Handed Melee Weapons
142% increased Physical Damage with Swords
22% increased Attack Speed with Swords
3% of Damage taken Gained as Mana when Hit
+20 Mana Gained on Kill
+2 Mana gained for each enemy hit by your Attacks
When Hit, 30% of Damage is taken from Mana before Life
10% increased maximum Energy Shield
+20 to Strength and Intelligence
Your hits can't be Evaded
Never deal Critical Strikes
12% reduced Mana Cost of Skills
18% increased Endurance Charge Duration
+6% to all Elemental Resistances
0.2% of maximum Life Regenerated per second per Endurance Charge
+1% to maximum Fire Resistance
+8% to Fire Resistance
5% increased Effect of Buffs on You
16% increased Spell Damage
16% increased Melee Damage
5% increased Attack and Cast Speed
20% increased Life Recovery from Flasks
16% increased Radius of Area Skills
8% increased Area Damage
32% increased Accuracy Rating with Swords
Melee Attacks have 5% chance to cause Bleeding
4% increased Melee Attack Speed
15% increased maximum Energy Shield from Intelligence
75% increased Melee Physical Damage from Strength
+166 Accuracy Rating
17% increased Evasion Rating from Dexterity



(yeah yeah, i know, melee2h + rt yada yada, can't be arsed to care <.o)
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Boem wrote:

(yeah yeah, i know, melee2h + rt yada yada, can't be arsed to care <.o)

How much mana you plan to have? You are not going to use any auras? Because you know, I would not take MoM planning less than ~900 free mana, waste of points...
Anticipation slowly dissipates...
Honestly, no clue mate :).

The tree has like 90% + 180% regen, which should suffice as a basis i think.

The rest will probably come from gear. (flat life + mana)

Planning on running clarity obviously and then depending on situation and actual play-experience i encounter.

hmm 900 mana should be feasible i imagine?

One thing to note, i will be using 7 endurance charges and hopefully AA to reduce further.(+ base ev/ar)

So i should be reducing quite some damage before it attacks my mana base pool?

I think it will be pretty fine vs physical encounters, the main reason i take it is because of spells and being 2h.

vs crema i have AA + mom then as a basis and can maybe load up PoF.

Vs merveil and dominus i would swap in other purity aura's + MoM.

(both situations with 7 endurance charges obviously)



(i have little experience with MoM btw, that's why this looks appealing + interesting, that and being a duelist that will actually try using the keystone near him :p)
Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes
Personally, I don't think 900 will be enough in comparison to your life pool and that the investiture into mana is probably a waste and would be better in just more straight up life and life regen.
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Build is smart, but it's vague if it'll work. You have to find a way to improve the mana pool, 900 unreserved won't work. And probably such an implicit
, but on an Atziri's foible will do the work, on top of Battle Rouse. It alone won't be enough, I guess.
Though well done.
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^yeah them corruptions look very attractive for a build like this :p, sad part is, this build will rely heavily on rare items so the corruptions will be hard to attain.

@chundra i have a pure life spec RT as-well, the thing is it only gains an aditional 25% life and 1.5% regen, meh you know what instead of typing it out, ill just recreate it in PoEbuilder and link it so you can watch for yourself :p.

edit :

As you can see, a tad more dps, minimal increase in life and regen do. Also unrealistic 120 points, so most likely the elemental stuff gets cut out.


Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes
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118 points build huh?

You should tone it down to 105-110, since that is realistic.

It's hard to rate a 118 points build, because i have no idea what your character would look at a lower level (85 for example), which is a realistic number when the build should be complete and all next points go towards extra stuff.

I would have to say, going MoM to negate elemental damage for a 2h sounds cool, thought without EB i do not think it's viable.
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^i consistently reach 90+ chars if i find them enjoyable so 110 points is realistic for me.

Obviously i will take what i require as i level up and how the game experience evolves while playing the char, not to mention item availability and success rate of the MoM mechanic for this build.

For a lower level iteration, cut out some attack speed and unnecessary fluff like the armor/hp/regen nodes cluster etc.



edit : about the MoM, its an initial draft and if it doesn't work out i can easily respec it to the other tree i linked and go a pure life based. I am hoping revelry + clarity + mana items + mana leach will sustain it. (but that's a lot of stuff just to make it work :p)

And like mentioned the damage takes as mana corruptions could be very chill for this build :), reducing the necessary investment by a lot.

The idea is to increase lifesteal/manasteal/liferegen and mana regen by spreading the damage over the two pools available. so they can both start kicking in, instead of only one.
Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes
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Yoff wrote:

lel, thx.

No crit i know, that's 5 points gone at least. Mom without EB, must be the other 3 points i imagine <.o


Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes

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