Level 28 PVP: Why it's doomed from the start.Even with perfect ballance.

Let's take D2 as an example.

Why was LLD in D2 successful?
The answer is because it was afforable.
All you needed was a 6 socket bow with 6 Perfect emeralds a 4 socket armor a 3 socket helm and 3/4 perfect rubies socketed(in classic without armor)

Many low level uniques/Sets were perfect for LLD. Sub 100ed Throwing spears could be bought in act 5, Death and Disguise set countered poison builds(yeah even the most common unique did), Twitchthroe was an excellent PVP item, which often dropped.

What does GGG do? They introduce a Master which does nothing but add a mod to move exalted/eternal ripoff crafting and mirroring services to level 28 including 6 links.

Enjoy many RBS because of RMT shaming.

Does it take into consideration that lower base items with higher level mods have reduced item level? Look at the Wicked receipe and a Mallet and a Woodsplitter.
The Vicious roll on level 23 items would still require level 28 but provide more damage.

There was a reason invalesco and others farmed Cruel Thicket or Cruel Merveil in CB. The reason was simple. If a lower level item drops it requires level 28.

What the master really should do is change the item level of the item. So level 28 items become ilevel 28 and lower items get higher levels to enable reduced levelreq rolls.
Crafting will be done by scourings, alchs and Chaos orbs, because everybody can afford it.

But no GGG thinks trading is so relevant to the game that everybody needs to run around with mirrored max 6link items....

Even if PVP wwere perfectly balanced it would fail because it only targets rich players aka traders/RMTers.

If you want to get rid of elitism in PoE you'll need to get rid of those elitist crafting/trading meta.
You don't PvP, haven't seen the new PvP season, and are already QQing?

You need 5-8 ex to make a competitive build, that isn't too restrictive mate.
Counter proof: Several uniques already cost several ex and don't get me started on Legacy uniques.

I am pretty sure you won't win anything.
Hi hilbert,i don't think you are right on that.in fact,most build cost less than 10ex and they can win matches.Of course you can spend more and get gg gear, but that doesn't mean u win more matches.Btw there aren't alot of legacy uniques that are actually used in lld and most don't use legacy uniques.
Uniques? Legacy Uniques? My claw build only uses 2 uniques (Meginord's Girdle and Crest of Perandus) and I'm definitely competitive. Not saying I'm anywhere near the best, but the build is set up enough for me to have fun.
The way the pvp damage formula works is that there are diminishing returns the more damage you get.
A 2-3 exalt build could get you 2k dps for a crit dagger char. A 50-70 ex crit dagger build might bump it up to 3.5k dps. 1.5k dps might sounds like a ton, but when the damage goes through the pvp formula, it really only adds like 10% more damage.

Spending more will get you a little more dps, but what really makes the difference about who wins is your smarts about gear swaps, countering, and gameplay/skill.

In the case where two melee builds just go at it and stupidly hold 1 attack till someone dies, small dps differences matter. But if you are smart and use other skills like: bear traps, curses, smoke mine, spectral throw...then you will easily destroy any melee build that just spams 1 attack.

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Dooming it to failure before it begins is pretty dumb in my opinion. I'm sure over time GGG will patch and fix problems that occur.
Another... Hilbert thread.

Can someone come cheer this thread up?
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Sounds like you've never LLD'd before. No one mirrors gear at level 28. The cost/benefit is too high. It's cheaper to just craft your own gg gear, via benches for a few ex.

What LLD legacy uniques are there? < 1000 Facebreakers... which no one uses anymore because they're outclassed. That's pretty much it.

Seeing as how you're talking about the closed beta/Invalesco days, you're probably a little out of the loop since PVP has evolved tremendously since then. And yes... I pvp'd back then as well, against Invalesco, Hexaste, Counterlogic, Robot, etc... which were some of the best at that time.
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If you want you can play games like quake3 for free, for some of us getting the pvp gear is half the fun. Imagine. ....

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