Level 28 PVP: Why it's doomed from the start.Even with perfect ballance.

Why will it fail?

Because they allow various year's of farmed gear to be eligible for a PvP torunament.

Until they make everyone create fresh 28's with all the same gear you won't have an actual PvP platform therefore no actual PvP.

Only people excited for this tournament are the people who have been essentially wasting time doing nothing but "Twinking" their 28 for the past few year's. Epeen contest, not PvP contest.
They chose PVP instead of Cutthroat. Get over it
Been waiting in queue for a half hour trying to complete a global daily mission. This doesn't seem promising.
Buy the ticket, take the ride.
You can try to spam Global and get muted or visit the empty PVP chat.

PVP != Trade/RMTfest

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