PvP Balance and Damage Scaling

UnDeaD_CyBorG wrote:
Thanks for that deep insight.
Though I'm kinda worried thgat things like the Acrobatics change will make those options less viable in PvE.
Because I sure don't make PvP viable builds, why would I.

Wow, I just noticed the Acrobatics change. FFFS! WTF?! DW block nodes all but removed, crit nodes removed, acrobatics destroying what little block there was left for dual wielders... Totally wrecked my build. Fine, to hell with block, it's fucked anyway, guess I'll grab more life nodes instead.

This is the first tree change I've been genuinely irritated about since open beta started. Sad face. Maybe the patch notes contains something to salvage my build...

Edit: Someone do the math for me, is armor going to be more useful now? I was under the impression armor did very little in pvp before because of how pvp damage was calculated.
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Hoping pvp gets a ladder for ranking envetually ! !!
Waffl3x wrote:
magpye wrote:

The formulas are in the upcoming patch, not now. Unless you and your friend are both playing alpha, your testing and finding the numbers doesn't match is irrelevant.

using a calculator.

But not I'm confused because before it spit out a lower number, now its spitting out a higher number.

Riot games take notes, this is complicated math.

Edit: Formula is passive aggressively bullying me. It's only reducing my damage per hit by .52 because it's so low. :(

Someone... hasn't taken calculus....

The formulas simplify to
D^.61 * 125^.39 * T^.39
for physical, and
D^.58 * 290^.42 * T^.42

If you were to graph these and understood multivariable calculus, then you'd see that there's a curve of inflection (similarly shaped but at a different location) for each of these equations. But let's not even consider something that complicated.

Let's say you have only one attack time to choose from, and want to only vary damage. Let's say that that attack time is .25 seconds, so your physical damage multiplier is ~3.828, and your elemental damage multiplier is ~6.044. Now, you still have to apply your exponential penalty to the base damage. By using the equations x^.58 * 6.044 = x for elemental and x^.61 * 3.828 = x for physical You will find that your damage actually *increases* at very low values, up to 31 damage per hit for physical and 72 or so for elemental. Then, the damage will slowly start to decrease at higher base values, then decrease faster and faster as you start getting into the kinds of combos that deal 2 mil DPS against atziri.
I would love to see a MOBA style map in Path of Exile.

Five versus five matches
Leveling starts from lvl 1 for all characters.
Totems could be used in place of towers.
Shop at the base sells fixed items / no items drops / gold auto-collects in account
Monsters can take the place of creeps.

You can change the meta by having a "Manager" class who primarily manages upgrades to non-player specific things like monster life, monster damage, etc

For anyone who stumbles upon this post somehow as they catch up on pvp formulas, do know that I've setup a calculator to help you easily and quickly see how much damage you may be able to output on another player in pvp using your pve numbers.

IGN: @GreenDude
Discharge: T overridden to 1.4 seconds.

Every lightning spell should have T = 0.2 because of mjolner.
Do you even test romira's + mjolner + voll's + molten strike?
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